Tree of Life – Level 1: Introduction

Tree of Life – Level 1: Introduction

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Level 1 Introduction

The Holy Order of MANS Tree of Life lessons were originally created for the Order’s students. They were the Order’s core curriculum, giving students the foundation and basic understanding they would need for their further training, which included literature, lectures, and ministerial practicum.

When you study these Tree of Life lessons, keep in mind that when we use a word, we expect that you are going to take its literal meaning as defined by Webster, or any standard dictionary. Please do not try to attach some hidden meaning to it. Forget all the metaphysical meanings, religious interpretations and allegories that you may have studied. If we express a Truth allegorically, we will indicate it as such.

We do not teach a dogma that we say you must believe, nor do we impose rules that you must follow. The only rules we use are nature’s own set of scientific laws, which we have nothing to do with.  This is the way the Great Creator made this Universe, and we cannot change the rules. For example, when we use the term “Holy Bible,” we are not inferring or implying by this name, or term, that this is the only book there is that has truth in it. There have been many Avatars that have come to Earth and have helped to raise the consciousness of Humanity. Truth is, and always will be. And that Truth is within each person.

There is nothing that we can teach you — we can only help you to remember. Most beings need only to have their thinking stimulated in order for them to bring back to their conscious mind the facts, for they have lived many lives.

We do not separate God, the Supreme Being, or the Creator from Matter. Otherwise, God could not answer our material needs. There is a way in which these results are obtained. In order to work in harmony with the laws of creation and get good results, it is first necessary to develop in our consciousness an idea of the nature of the God who created this creation.  For who can love so great a being — our Creator — if we do not have some idea of Its way of working and Its nature. The first thing we must realize is that Spirit, Soul, and Consciousness all demonstrate and manifest through matter.

There are seven sections to the Level 1 lessons. Please refer to the Tree of Life Study Plan diagram. The lessons are in groups of three. There are 23 lessons in the Basic Religions section.

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