Tree of Life – Level 1, Lesson 6: Awakening 1

Tree of Life – Level 1, Lesson 6: Awakening 1

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“I am the way, the truth, and the life.” said Jesus.

All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree. The aspirations of every individual directed through his life basically are the ennobling of man regardless of his profession.

They lift him up to a better physical existence and experience and slowly but surely lead him toward the reality of what is so frequently said, “Man, know thyself.”

It is by no means a measure of chance that our present educational system in schools has developed out of the ancient mystery schools and that sciences were first known by the old mystics and teachers.

It would be much to man’s greater development if both churches and universities insofar as they might live up to their true function, should seek to prepare man to fit him to stand on his two feet as a counterpart of the great creative mind and power.

As man looks at his brother, he sees those special persons who stand out in the ranks of humanity as having something that the rest of the masses do not possess.

It is the calmness of this man that is the one thing that attracts people to them along with the possession of that firm but gentle attitude—they each one of them know themselves, and the power they possess.

Some of the teachers were called mystics and some were called just philosophers, but there was something these men had that seemed to endow them with spiritual abilities that other men did not have.

This apparent difference was not an inequality of God’s doing but they had earned this endowment by their working with the law and order of things, and abiding by the laws of creation.

Actually, these men were so close to nature and themselves that they were, in reality, natural scientists.

Then we have the lamas, the priests, the disciples, and let us not forget the Apostles of our Lord and Master. All were alike except they had made up their minds that the way of attaining and manifesting the perfection of their deity was of greater importance than anything else in their life.

They had come to the great realization that only when they were able to find God or the understanding of the great creative intelligence would they be able to help their one thousand and one brothers in the world which had not come to that point of awakening.

This School and its teachings takes the mystery out of the mysteries in this new age and have already added to it the sciences of the outer material world and the Christian mysteries taught by our Lord Jesus Christ, Buddha, and many others.

Thus it is that this School with its insight and direct revelation of our Master Jesus Christ, not only teaches but practices as esoteric brothers and have realized the reality of these teachings at a level or state of consciousness and vibration which brings to light the commandments in their reality and a consciousness of the one WAY or universality of all peoples’ soul growth.

The awakening to the reality of the “Way” makes it possible for them to function without dogma, without creed, regardless in what group, what church, or what mystical group in the body of Christ exists that they are working in, because they revert to the infinite information of the Self and the Law of God which directs one regardless of his position on the golden stairway.

It is through his becoming acquainted with and knowing how to use the tools God gave him that he is able to work with any and all people and he senses and sees existence of the greater light.

He is somehow conscious of the Way which is the ultimate path of attainment which you must travel to peace so that all the world may have peace.

This is the Way traveled by the great ones. On this path you find no differentiation in race, creed, or color. It is long and becomes very narrow the further one travels along it. It is also very satisfying; it brings the inner peace and security regardless of the turmoil and strife around you.

This School has no new philosophy, except to unite ourselves with all men as it is their only wish and striving to put these tools of the great Creator into the hands of each brother on earth and work with the great White Brotherhood in bringing the earth in its entirety into the light of the Christos.

To be a real brother in this School is to be under the direct guidance of the great teacher; its striving is to understand his brother, not just agreeing to be sociable or at peace with him.

One of the first commandments, if you wish to follow or put your foot on this Way, is don’t try to convert a man to your philosophy or religion, but try to understand his philosophy or religion; but to do, to do, all things in service for your brother that will help to raise him to your own level of appreciation of God.

Remember man only learns to know himself by knowing the Creator he lives in, working with It, walking the face of the earth and among all people without fear or want and in joy and gladness, thus only can we serve God and man alike

Remember that it takes a brave man to be an individual and work in the body of Christ to live his Way. Grow with him, grow with us in this Age of beauty and share the glory of the Christos returned to earth. It takes a brave heart to attain his Godhood.

For man consciously started on the path of involution into dense matter and is now evolving out of dense matter to attain his mastership and Godhood.

Set your face to the Sun
Never Run
Use spear of Mind
Which is thought
To stop what negativity has wrought
Be a “Brother”
Help another.

The most important thing that could ever come into a spiritual person’s life is the awakening of the Soul.

Let us before going on see what Webster’s New World Dictionary has to say about the meaning of the word “awakening”:

“A waking up, an arousing or reviving, as of impulses or religions.”

Since a revival is indicated, something must be there which was awake but now sleeps.

Let us search the scriptures on this subject: Mark 4:38. “They awoke Jesus and said unto him, Master, don’t you care that we are drowning?” This is the awaking of fear. Jesus rebuked them for their unbelief.

In Luke 9:32, we find the awaking to the Glory of God. “But Peter and his companions had been overcome by sleep, and it was as they struggled in wakefulness that they saw the Glory of Jesus and the two men standing with him.”

It is in awakening to the fact that all around mass mind is asleep, and that it has lulled us into sleep, that we are righteously angered into awaking enough to see the Glory of Jesus, which is the Glory of the Father. Jesus reflects the Father’s Glory.

In John 11:11 — Jesus states that he is going to awaken Lazarus. “Our friend Lazarus has fallen asleep, but I am going to wake him up.” We need to be awakened to the Christ.


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