Tree of Life – Level 1, Lesson 6: Return 1

Tree of Life – Level 1, Lesson 6: Return 1

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All the great teachings of the earth have taught the way of man, the controlling of his mind and his desires that he may cut away the outer to reach the inner, reaching into his true being, that eternal part of man which is free of all negation and which knows the whole creation as the Creator created it.

The return is the return of man to his real being, the return to his original state of being in all the power and the glory of the great One.

Cutting away the dross gets rid of the desires which holds man to the binds and confines of the earth.  When one breaks free of these limitations he then becomes a free being, a son who has returned.

In the New Testament it talks about the son that was lost who returned.  He sold all of his inheritance.  He’s become a slave to the world, to the worldly desires.  Then he saw just the servants of his Father and their good life and he turned his face from all the muck and mire and started walking back to his Father’s house.  When he was almost there his Father reached out and brought him the rest of the way giving him all the treasure of his kingdom.

Jesus, the first of many who have returned, he showed man this inner road and how to rid himself of his own blocks.

Many of the religions have taught of the outward appearances but have failed to teach the great path within, the eternal path of man raising himself through his service to his Creator.

This return isn’t an abnormal state of being for once the son has returned to the Father he is then living a normal life that which has been since the beginning and is now and ever shall be.

When man looks away from this world and from his own opinions and from his likes and dislikes and from his beliefs and his dislikes and begins to accept the things just the way they are without dogma or creeds or interpretations, he is then returning to the realness of himself and of his Creator.

The teachings of Jesus Christ are within a man in their totality.  This is why Jesus says ‘the return’ which points out man was there to begin with, for you cannot return to a place you have never been so the process of returning is remembering that which you already are.

The return has no labels or that is to say, no “isms”.  The return isn’t a religion but is a return of man to his original greatness.

Many people on this return have hung themselves up with beautiful words and catchy phrases, calling themselves Yogis, Buddhists, Christians, and what not, but when a great Nameless Being created you in His own image what could your name be but just a nameless wanderer, moving from one existence to another, seeking to find a place where you fit, but when you have returned you find that place is within you being the Self, or being just what you are.

As man travels through this world he clings to it and to all the shiny things of the world trying to grab for himself something to call his own.  He winds up losing it all when its time to leave.  The only thing he leaves with is himself, that which he has tried to run away from for so long.

The return is a great reality for Jesus didn’t come to the earth spouting theology but he told man just what is, for he had been there and he knew and he experienced it and he lived in it every day of his life, but he was no freak, he was just like you and I except he let go of everything including himself.

When man takes God seriously and not as beautiful idealism or a beautiful concept but really seeks to find the truth then shall he return.  But until man accepts the reality of what Jesus taught he’ll roll in the muck and mire of his own making and his own avoidance of himself.


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