Tree of Life – Level 1, Lesson 5: Word 2

Tree of Life – Level 1, Lesson 5: Word 2

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In the beginning was God, and we are not interested, of course, where God began, or when. But we are interested in God, for it was the Word He gave that is the creative Cause, first started in function.

And this also is the beginning of any created thing, either of God, the Hierarchy, or man.

Perhaps one might say that in the beginning, then, we have the springtime of the planting of the Seed of Causation, before any objective is created. This reality, to which we have given the name God, is an ever-present fact in every mans experience.

The Word as spoken of by the Father, the infinite and universal Creative Spirit, is the activation of a symbolism, in reality, which contains imagination, knowingness, and intelligence, coupled with what you will learn of as the Law, in the second level of the tools of man.

This Law is the format which is the self-exacting intelligence of the Spirit. This is why we said that the Spirit was the personality of the Father in action.

Within this intelligence and its symbolic format exists the potentiality of the function of everything which exists. This is but saying that God is absolute intelligence, limitless imagination, with the all-encompassing consciousness of complete self-expression.

For the Spirit makes things out of itself, through the inner act upon itself, which is the act of God’s Word, being acted on in consciousness.

In other words, it is the inner consciousness of the Father acting upon itself, thus releasing the power into a given form or symbolism

Within the nature of this spirit, its own nature, there is a law obeying the will of God.

Since we speak a great deal about self-contemplation, it is well to analyze exactly what we mean by it. Self-contemplation is an awareness of the core of Self, being conscious of its duality as absolute nothing, and absolute everything. An inner sense of being, thus is the Word of the Father transmitted through us, and His Word must therefore be completed. For this is the original Cause working through the sound of our mind and voice.

Therefore God must forever be expressing. God’s expression must always be harmonious and perfect. And perfect are our answers, and they will be, that is self-evident, as they come from the Self in proportion to the original creative Cause. Were it to be anything but perfect, it would be self-destructive.

All words are symbolism, and when we use the word, the First Cause becomes evident in the absolute intelligence of God, and the Spirit motivates, and thus reality starts its process through the vehicles, conveying the meaning back of the words. And in this instant, the meaning is and must be for the Universal Creative Intelligence, which was never completely form, and which never came completely into being, continues to create.

Jesus simplified this in his words, “For the words that I speak unto you, I speak not of myself, but the Father that dwelleth in me, He doeth the works.”

For this is the Mind of God working in us, and through us, for God can work for us only by working through us.

The power of God, Creative power in the universe, that manifests itself through imagination, will, and feeling. As the Creative Mind of the Universe operates upon itself through its will, imagination, and feeling, it creates forms which are subject to it, and its law, but which have no reality apart from the Mind which creates them.

It is the creative Mind that Jesus used, and that we may all use for conscious purposes, as man as we know him, and have the consciousness of self-knowingness.


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