Tree of Life – Level 1, Lesson 1: Creator 1

Tree of Life – Level 1, Lesson 1: Creator 1

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Tree of Life New Age Bible Course Introduction


In studying our work in this New Age school, when we use a word, we expect that you are going to take the literal meaning as defined by Webster, or any standard dictionary.

DO NOT try to attach some hidden meaning to the word, or words. Forget all the metaphysical meanings, religious interpretations, or any of the allegories which you might have studied.

If we should wish to express a Truth in allegory, then we will say so.

Remember that we do not teach a dogma, or set of rules, that we say you must follow. The only rules we use are nature’s own set of scientific laws, which we have nothing to do with. This is the way the Great Creator made this Universe, and we cannot change the rules.

For example, when we use the term “Holy Bible,” we are not inferring or implying by this name, or term, that this is the only book there is that has truth in it.

There have been many Avatars which have come to Earth, and have helped to raise the consciousness of Man. TRUTH is, and always will be, and that Truth is all within the Man himself.


There is nothing that we can teach you. We can only help you to remember. Most beings need only to have their thinking stimulated in order for them to bring back to their conscious mind the facts, for they have lived many lives.


We do not separate God from Matter. This must be true, or else God could not answer our material needs. There is a way in which these results must be obtained. They are received — for the WORD must be fulfilled.

In order to work in harmony with the laws of creation getting good results — it is first necessary to develop into our consciousness an idea of the nature of the God who created it. For who can LOVE so great a being, as our Creator, if we do not have some IDEA of His way of working and His nature.

First, we must bear in mind that Spirit, Soul, and Consciousness all demonstrate or manifest through matter.



Some people try to turn their back on matter by saying that matter is merely an illusion. That is not true; it is the way they use the word.

It is quite evident that it would be poor judgment to disregard the substance of the world, or the plane on which you are operating and functioning at this time. This would only be a half- reality.

The second thing to remember is that there was not matter, but that God created it. Man has no right to ignore God’s creation, but must become master of it. For HE, JESUS, is to become LORD OF EARTH. Man did not create matter originally.

For many centuries, mans has had his consciousness of the unseen dulled. He tuned his whole consciousness to what he could see with the physical eyes alone, and disregarded the Creator.


Man was a very unsanitary and evil, or negative acting person. He — the shedder of much blood — was not Godly in idea or mind. He killed not only for meat, but in wars and other murders. But now, man is improving. He is becoming cleaner — at least outwardly.


Man is learning that it does not pay to go against basic natural laws. He is getting rid of the dirt and negative part of his nature slowly, but surely. The overall level of man’s consciousness is raising and will now raise rapidly in this New Age. Those who refuse to adjust will not stay long but will pass beyond.

When the name “GOD” is used, it is always hard to understand as to whether the Absolute is meant, or the One existence, or the Supreme Being, who is the Great Architect of the Universe, or the GOD who is the Architect of our solar system.


So let it be understood that the word “GOD” means the GOD of this solar system. For honestly, I have been told that if we get across to man the understanding of this solar system, then we have done a real good job — and it will be a pretty swell place to live in.


The division of the GODHEAD into the FATHER, SON (SUN), and the HOLY SPIRIT is also confusing. Although the beings designated by names are immeasurable above the average man, and worthy of all reverence and worship, HE is capable of rendering to his highest conception of divinity. Yet, that they are all different from one another is actual fact.

They are all present in our world and are actually nearer than hands and feet.


It is a literal truth when we say: “In Him, we live and move and have our being,” for none of us could exist outside of these Great Intelligences, who pervade and sustain our world with all LIFE.

This will be shown from a scientific and material side later in the studies of the Law and Prayer.

In fact, this understanding of GOD is very essential in order to work with the forces of nature.

But, if you don’t grasp all at once the understanding of these realizations of the real GOD, and this solar system, be content at present to know that there is a Great Creator, or creative SENTIENT POWER that sustains us…that pervades all space and time.


Plato: In the words of Plato, the first expression of the idea is that GOD and nature, which manifest in all things — seen and unseen — are working together CONSTRUCTIVELY for good. That good is the only resultant that is indestructible. Plato says that Evil is but our own interpretation of the work, or process, of nature that does not appear constructive.

The keynote on this subject is “BEING IS ESSENTIALLY BENEVOLENT.”


Plato accepted the Soul of Man and the Soul of the World. He called this Kosmos — that the reasoning of Man, or the tool of Mind of Man, was composed of the same substance.

This realization gives Cosmic Divinity or Universal Power and intelligence — which is the Soul of God.


Think of the solar system as the space and expanse of the Mind of God, and that within that boundary exist the twelve planets of this system, and that this entire space is filled with THE ARCHITECT of the SOLAR SYSTEM.


The understanding of the Trinity is like all great mysteries of the ancients and their teachings. It is so simple, and yet, a reality. At that time, they felt that some would misuse them. This is the reason why they were called mysteries in this world.

Today, in this New Age, they are still Mysteries, because the mass of the people have been taught to think in a complicated way in anything they cannot feel, or see, or touch.

Let us remember that GOD, and the other Great Beings, are not far away in past ages of space, or time. 


The SUN is the visible manifestation of THE ARCHITECT of this solar system.

The supreme beauty and good of Man is the imitation of God, which finds its counterpart with the Christian in the “IMITATION OF CHRIST.”


In learning to do the thing that every Man must do in order to be a Man of God, the following is out of the first Commandment: “I AM THE LORD THY GOD, AND THOU SHALT HAVE NO OTHER GODS BEFORE ME.” There is a reason for this, for it is true that the Creator, which is the all that is in substance of “BEING”, is the one Mind and Self-less Creator.


The Creator is Self-less because alone, HE senses not; that is, not in the dense world or psychic world.

Only through the emotions and senses of His Creative Man can GOD attain the joy and sorrows of dense matter. You might ask: “Why would GOD want to experience these sensations after experiencing the bliss in the plane, or realm, of higher vibration, which is so much greater?”

Why is Man, then, concerned about Life if he is only a channel for GOD’s experiences?


In the old school of Delphi, there was an immortal bit of wisdom given. It was: “MAN, KNOW THYSELF.”

Another statement which comes out of the mist of antiquity is: “AS ABOVE, SO BELOW.”

If you will take these two statements, and sit quietly in thoughtful meditation, or just sit and think, you will learn much.


Again, remembering the above, the object of LIFE on the spiritual plane above (in vibration), in all lives, is a spiritual Man in a spiritual world of reality, with the objective of experiencing joy, and giving continuous joy, by and through GOD, the Creator.

The Bible says in Rev. 4:11: “Thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.” Phil. 4:4: “Rejoice in the Lord always and again say rejoice.”


The world we live in unfortunately appears so distrustfully reactive. The only hell man shall ever know is his own.

Therefore, our joy should start in this dense world by helping to relieve the apparent disorder of those around us.

Remember in Luke 11:52 — “Woe unto you, conventionalist, for you took away the sacred science; you did not go in and those who were about to go in you prevented.”

This is the real science of Man you are about to study.

PEACE and FULLNESS of LIFE abide with YOU.

I thank the Father
For this day,

I thank the Father
For this way,

I thank the Father
For a world so gay,

So tonight with moon
So bright
We rest in pure delight.

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