Tree of Life – Level 1, Lesson 1: Creation 3

Tree of Life – Level 1, Lesson 1: Creation 3

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Occult teachings give a dual explanation concerning the emanation and constitution of the Universe. They state that in Nature, there exists a directive Intelligence, plus a Sustaining Life and a Creative Will. Secondly, they inform us concerning the existence, nature, and function of certain individual embodiments of these three powers in Nature. In Egypt and Greece, they are called “gods”; in the East, “devas”; and in the West, “Angelic Hosts”.

Occult Philosophy agrees with modern science that the universe consists not of matter, but of energy — that the universe of force is the Kingdom of the gods. For these Beings are fundamentally directors of universal forces, and power agents of the Logos — His engineers in the great and continuous creative process.

Creative energy is perpetually being poured out. On the way from its source to a material manifestation as physical substance and form, it passed through the bodies and auras of the gods. In this process, it is transformed, or “stepped down,” from its primordial potency. Thus the creative gods are also “transformers” of power.

The super-physical worlds, which are the abodes of the gods, consist of matter of increasing tenuity of substance ranging from the density of the finest ether up to the rarest and most spiritual condition.

Highest among the objective “gods”, or those aspects of God fully manifested, are the seven solar Archangels — the Seven Mighty Spirits — which include the well-known Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael.

The ministry of angels has been an accepted teaching of many faiths, and a living reality to a great number of people. Occult research supports this doctrine revealing that during such ministrations, certain Orders of Angels at once appear as the natural agents of those forces being used.

Their function is to converse and direct the forces generated by ceremonial action, prayer and adoration, and to serve as channels for the power and the blessing which descend in response. This ministration is far more effectively carried out when recognized by both ministrants and congregation.

Other aspects of the subject worth considering are what is the effect upon the evolving life in Nature of the church services, such as the Celebration of the Holy Eucharist, and the participation of the nature spirits and the Angelic Hosts in human worship?

While ceremonies intelligently performed are one of the most effective means of cooperation between angels and men, these are not required. For the human mind is, itself, a powerful broadcasting and receiving station. Given the power of a strong will with training in concentration and illumined by intuitive knowledge of the unity of life, the mind becomes an extremely potent instrument.

Whenever a human thought is strongly directed toward one particular Order of angels, the mental signal being dispatched is received by members of that Order. If the person sending the message has attained to a definite universality of consciousness, and his motive is in consequence entirely selfless, the angels will unfailingly respond. Man may then direct his thought power into his chosen field of work, assured of angelic cooperation, that he may enter therein.

Their active cooperation may involve such ministrations to others as spiritual healing, inspiration, protection, or helping to overcome a weakness of character. Collaboration may also be sought in order to gain inspiration required in the performance of certain altruistic work.

Angels can be powerful allies in such ministrations, having the ability to open up the channels of inspiration between the higher consciousness and the brain, and to convey telepathically a train of illuminating ideas to minds which are receptive.

Continued practice of invoking the help of the angels has been found to produce a change in the human aura — the link thus formed being visible as an area of brilliant light vibrating at the higher frequencies which characterize the auras of angels.

When this “devic seal” — as it is called — has been enlivened by ceremonial action, or by thought and will alone, it “transmits” a signal on the wavelengths of the particular Order of Angels whose aid is being invoked. This call is then “picked up” by the corresponding angels in terms of vibratory frequency. Their attention being gained, they are at once ready to help.

Clairvoyance is useful in this process, but not necessary. Regular practice, based upon intuitive recognition of the truth of these ideas, will quickly provide convincing evidence of the reality and effectiveness of cooperation between angels and men. This cooperation is constantly occurring in the realm of man’s higher SELF, however unaware of this fact the lower self may be.

The Archangels, which in Christian terminology are called “Thrones,” find it their special mission to inspire nations through their Higher Selves.

Under these conditions of angelic inspiration, the statesman becomes possessed of powers not previously suspected in him. As long as he selflessly serves his nation, this power will grow. But, should selfish interests interpose, the angelic and other inspiration would be withdrawn, and power soon decline.


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