Tree of Life – Level 1, Lesson 1: Creator 3

Tree of Life – Level 1, Lesson 1: Creator 3

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Let us first off realize the greatest in line of importance of all facts. When we deal with Life, we are dealing with the Power of God flowing through His Son. I could write all day, and if you would, you could read all year on the subject of this dynamic force, which is real, which is everywhere, which is all that is, which is all we can hope to be.

In the religious teachings of most organizations, little is said about God — a great deal is said about what GOD said in the Holy Bible, the Jewish Book of the Law, then there is the Prayer in the Siddur to God.

In other Faiths of the Eastern religions, GOD is called Allah, and the interesting thing here is that the people of the East which the Christian church has sent so many missionaries to, in an effort to convert them — they are very concerned about GOD, even though they call him by another name. They will sit for hours in meditation, in an attempt to gain greater wisdom.

For your GOD may manifest as sunlight, the song of the birds, as the new-born baby in its mother’s arms. But it is one and the same GOD.

In this age we must learn to feel GOD’S presence — the presence of the GOD Force moving through us. Know — know — know that it is right here, not in some far-off distant heaven.

The ancients considered this as of the first importance, because if you do not feel the presence of the teacher, how can you communicate?

As yet, few people in the New Age really understand today what the ancient Greek philosopher Plotinus tried to give to the world, nor did many realize it in that day, but now the sands of time of that age have run out, and this is the new age, Today, the thinking of the “mass mind” is still trying to blot out the light of wisdom that Plotinus gave to the world, the same as the words of Jesus.

Plotinus says there exists nothing in this universe or this Solar System but God. We know the ego will not like this, but whether it does or not does not change the fact. If you speak of the subject of God, then you are always thought to be speaking of some external and personal God; this is absurd, because there is no place in nature for such a God.

To Plotinus nothing has any real existence but God; this is when we use the word really on the level of God-existence. That all the things, forces, energies, and laws in this universe are creations, created by the internal activity of God, of his consciousness. These creative phenomena is best explained as follows. No man can see his own face without the use of a mirror of some kind.

Thus likewise God when starting a cycle of activity, cannot himself see without some substance to reflect in.

There is no other substance except that which belongs to the God consciousness to serve as a mirror, thus it steps out of itself, out of its own center, for self-examination, and looks within. Thus an intellectual is created, by GOD perceiving the images existing within its own substance, so the activity which is at the periphery toward the center — its radiant field — has created the Universal Mind. This is a demonstration of “As above, so below,” for this is the way man prays, by direction of his own thoughts to his own center, the center of his consciousness, the Heart.

In the Holy Bible in Ezekiel 18: 4, “Behold, all souls are mine, the soul of the father as well as the soul of the son is mine, the soul that sins shall die.”

External objects present us only with appearances of these, therefore, we may say we possess opinion rather than knowledge. We are interested in appearances, only because they are reflections of the patterns in the unseen world. Our question lies with the ideals in the Mind of God that exists behind appearances.

Are they without us, and is the reason, like sensation, occupied with objects external to itself? What assurance that our perception is infallible? The object perceived would be something different from the mind perceiving it.

We should have then an image instead of the true picture in the Mind of the Father. It would be out of all proportions with Nature, to believe for a moment that the mind was unable to perceive ideal truth exactly as it is. We do not have a certainty of God Knowledge concerning the world of intelligence. It follows therefore that this region of truth is not to be investigated as a thing external to us, thus only imperfectly known. It is within us. Here the objects we contemplate, and that which contemplates are identical — both are thought. The subject cannot surely know an object different from itself.

The world of ideas lies within our intelligence. Truth, therefore, is not the agreement of our apprehension of an external object with the object itself. It is the agreement of mind with itself. Consciousness, therefore, is the sole basis of certainty.

The mind is its own witness. Reason sees in itself that which is above itself as its source and again that which is below itself once more.

Therefore it is a fact that God does exist, as we only know it because we can only know what God knows in His mind, as our mind is only an individualized part of God’s mind.


This Week’s Meditation

MONDAY: In God’s Mind do we (God and I) create all things in my life.

TUESDAY: In God I rest.

WEDNESDAY: With God all things are possible.

THURSDAY: In God I rest.

FRIDAY: This is the way; I accept my supply and good this day from God.

SATURDAY: I love, through action, my fellow man.


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