Tree of Life – Level 1, Lesson 4: Spiritual Body 2

Tree of Life – Level 1, Lesson 4: Spiritual Body 2

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Let us approach the understanding of the Spiritual Body by putting together a series of parts, so to speak, different phases of life that will manifest the vehicle and its reality. Basically let us understand that when we use the word “spiritual body” we are talking about an electrical matrix which really exists, even though most people do not see it with their physical eyes. But there are many things in science of medicine and the experience of surgeons, which go to show the existing function and manifestation of the spiritual body and its work through the physical.

One of the things which is quite evident in various forms of healing such as medicine and electro-therapy is that the physical body often-times makes its greatest recovery after therapy has been stopped. Which shows that there is some agent other than the applied therapy functioning in order to bring this about, and not only a potent but an intelligent force and pattern working upon the diseased or depraved part needing the healing.

First let us relate to the SELF for first and foremost is the SELF which lays within the spiritual body itself, but whose form reflects through the physical. We begin with the SELF in trying to bring about the reality and knowledge of the spiritual body because the SELF, around it carries the Soul and it is through the record of the Soul and its memory that man in his travels from life to life is able to know how to improve and change the physical archetype of the physical body so that it may be adapted to the conditions of the world he is incarnating in.

This SELF and Soul is the eternal which we are and always will be from century to century to the ends of time — now.

We must necessarily begin here at this point because it is the infinite relationship of man to God Who is our Creator and when we have attained and acquired the divine rights and gained those rights, raised ourselves and our vehicles to that level of reality, we will be both at and of it. This is our conformance with the first commandment to love the Lord God with all thy heart, with all thy Soul, with all thy being.

As we mentioned, the Soul or the sheath around the SELF, so-worded, actually it is the collective impressions of energy from the blood or its vibration which will fill in with our emotions, our acts and our deeds and leave their karmic record in the Soul.

The Soul is that which brings to this the form and pattern which we must follow in our future life and is impinged on the negative pole of the SELF. For the SELF is a cell in the body of the Father and shines forth into the physical vehicle and to everything around us. Thus it is that every organ that we find manifest in the physical body or physical vehicle, and in accordance of the strength, and perfection of its function, tells us of the closeness we are manifesting with the rhythm of the universe and the basic form of the body which God created.

Therefore when we manifest a weakness or imperfection in a physical organ, or the human body, it tells us that in some way, in the past we have broken down through misuse of this organ or perhaps we never have gained mastery over the body or even have tried to separate ourselves from the basic form of the Creation or God, cutting off the life force and the reality from our spiritual body or what is sometimes called the vital body because from this flows the vital life force into the material world of the physical body, giving it impetus and manifesting life, movement, creation, function. And when an organ is not functioning properly you have broken down the potential normal strength, the electrical strength of the spiritual body and thus the molecular structure and cells are not functioning intelligently according to the intelligence of the form of the spiritual body.

For example, if the liver is functioning poorly and we are not assimilating food properly, then this means that the liver in the spiritual body and the psychic stuff from which it is made does not have the electrical strength to cause the physical organ to take care of its normal functions.

When a person receives the Light of Christ or Illumination, really, the spiritual body of man becomes charged up and this is why if when he receives this, he has any physical infirmities they will show up. This is also why you will call down the Light or the spirit upon the student when he has physical infirmities and they will increase the potential of the physical body where it is, one might say, UNDER-CHARGED, and when these organs in the spiritual body are brought up to charge, then any foreign pathology, infection, growth, so forth, will immediately start to be drawn out and destroyed because they are not part of the basic pattern of the spiritual body, in other words, broken up into electron particles and radiated out, and the cellular structure of the physical body will reorganize itself to reflect the perfect pattern of the spiritual body and re- absorb the spiritual body’s intelligence which of course consists of the nature of the attraction, repulsion, or adhesion and cohesion of its molecular parts. Some writers cover these various functional parts of healing force as being sentient energy because of the intelligence reflected from the spiritual body as to how an organ functions, and this works through the reflex systems of nerves in the physical body, which of course are merely the reflection of those in the spiritual body and due to the fact that the true memory and operation of the physical being as a whole is in the mind of the Soul, it is re-associated to its perfect function, and thus a healing is perfected.

On the other hand, those things which the Bible terms as evil, not good, materialistic, destructive, selfish, and the violations of the 10 commandments, or the two great commandments which the Master Jesus gave us, these create a lower frequency of vibration and thus crystallize to a certain degree the density of the Soul energy and thus do not permit the passing of the power, Light and cosmic vibration of the SELF which is of God. Some Light passes, but not in its pure state. This is the aging process.

Jesus Christ, our Lord and Master, promised us eternal life. This means that we must have perpetual life regardless whether we are thinking of a physical or spiritual state. It would not be in one state and not in another.

When we try to divide this world on the physical level from that of the next level, then we are not having eternal life and due to the fact that all vibration and energy received passes through our atmosphere, not all comes through in a pure state, this emanates into the body and is not correctly in harmony with the perfect creation of the spiritual body of man. Thus we have dis-ease.

We will talk about dis-ease not just alone from the medical scientific nomenclature such as chicken pox, arthritis, etc., but as a basic cause, and how your fears and other things cause illness, which is a manifestation in the physical part of man which works into the being of man and becomes part of our individuality.

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