Tree of Life – Level 1, Lesson 7: The All-Around Christian

Tree of Life – Level 1, Lesson 7: The All-Around Christian

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In our attempt to attain a higher initiation we are following the ancient teachings with the hope that during our daily living we will pass the tests necessary to rise up one more rung in the ladder of initiation, to eventually reach a place that we will freed from the cycle of reincarnation and join that glorious throng of the evolved brothers who have attained self-mastery and thus gained their freedom. Of course, that is not even near the level of what the Brothers in White have accomplished and been guided into, as this is one degree of spiritual elevation which can’t be attained through direct striving.

As you read these wise words which have many times been written before, you too have read them in the Testament in the teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ. They are the key to attainment and this key will unlock the innermost chambers of the great mysteries. The statement made by Our Lord Jesus that we have been referring to is in St. Matthew 6:22, “The light of the body is the eye; if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.”

Let us look at this carefully for all the great truths are summarized in the simplicity of this statement of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

If thine eye is single, your concentration, that is the ability to concentrate, has been attained.

If thy concentration has been attained, then you need only to look within and concentrate on the light and it will start to become manifest within you and the fact that you are following the Master and his teaching will most assuredly bring you aid, if from no other place, from the Brothers above. And with their help you can come into a greater light. If your eye is single and centered on reaching one of the great ones and Our Lord Jesus Christ, you will surely not be thinking of how you are going to do it but will have been concentrating your entire attention upon coming into the light of the Christ and you will draw to yourself the greater light.

With the greater light there, it will start the action in the physical body of regeneration which will draw your attention to the physical body more closely and as the light starts to transform your physical imperfections into perfection those imperfections in the physical will start to show up in your consciousness of the body.

If thine eye be single then thou canst use the Word in healing. The Law and the imperfections of the physical body will be made perfect as the healing powers of Christ, through the light, start to manifest. Also at that time as you are concentrated on the needs of the physical body, you will become more conscious of the magnetic forces of the Earth which will then unite with the Christ forces, the light, and you will become a living temple of healing because both the forces of heaven and those of the Earth will be united in their efforts within you.

If thine eye be single, thou hast dedicated thyself to becoming a follower of the Christ. Then with all patience and humility you will begin by the focusing of your consciousness on the perfections of the Brothers in White. Your regeneration will have been sped up till you are truly confident of the power and force with which you are living.

If you have done this, you have accomplished the statement our Lord made unto us of “Physician, heal thyself.” As you have healed yourself through being concentrated, and of one particular point of view, so have you raised your vibration because you have accepted the Christ consciously and have brought about one of the other promises which our Lord gave us in this age when he said, “I write my law upon their hearts.”

Let us look backward over the first part of this lesson and see how we have repeated time and time again one statement which has become a part of our soul consciousness, and how we have used the Law of the Holy Trinity many times until at last we noticed that all we had to do was almost just think about what we wanted to heal and it was healed. Because the Law was written in our heart and soul.

About this time we might have taken a look within and found we had considerably more light and life. If we now keep our eye single and will truly love life, live life, pray because we feel life, look at transition because it is a part of life, love our wife or husband or sweetheart because they are life, love our children because they are the extensions of our life and ourselves that is the Father and Mother. If we can feel life in the flower too, we will then have become life as God created it.

At this point, we will begin to, in some small way, understand why we as men and women are in some way a parallel and are a reflection of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Our Lord Jesus Christ. If we will hold this in a state of beautification, we will begin to see, we will be conscious of the great ones as they move to and fro on the earth plane in their spiritual vehicles.

Now, now it is possible for us to appreciate how loving, how glorious this precious life given unto us to use by the Father through the Holy Family which has placed us on the ladder of attainment. We become vital, pulsing, radiating beings who are able to lift ourselves and our consciousness above the level of the masses and still look upon them with compassion and feel the joy and the glory of glorifying our Father in heaven.


Father Paul

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