Holy Order of MANS Curriculum

Our curriculum begins with the Holy Order of MANS publication, The Golden Force, which serves as a general introduction to the Order’s spiritual work.

Along with The Golden Force, students begin a systematic study of the New Testament and the first three chapters of Genesis. We use the King James Version, but comparisons with other versions are welcome. We also teach our students concentration, meditation, and retrospection through a series of supervised exercises. In addition, we teach the Holy Order of MANS Tree of Life. These are the Order’s core curriculum, giving students the foundation and basic understanding they will need for their further training, which includes online classes, initiations, and preparation for the Priesthood.

We currently hold online classes via Zoom, which you can find on our website HolyOrderofMANS.com. Please Contact Us if you are interested in attending our classes, or have questions. All classes are free of charge.

holy order of mans tree of life study plan

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Our Beginning Study Plan

Second Level Study Plan

Preparation for Advanced Activity


History of the Holy Order of MANS