Tree of Life – Level 1, Lesson 6: Awakening 3

Tree of Life – Level 1, Lesson 6: Awakening 3

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Once, when my alarm clock had accidentally not been set, at the precise hour of the early morning when it should have rung, a soft voice whispered my name, and I awoke, in time to get to a new job. There was no one else in the house, physically. Perhaps a friendly entity decided to give a helping hand, or perhaps my own inner Self took a hand.

When it is time for the spiritual awakening, no alarm has been set, but in the realm of God consciousness it is known that this soul has slept long enough. There is work to be done, and unless he wakes to the realization of this, some Brothers in the higher realm of Spirit may gently nudge the person into awakening.

His Spirit was born of God originally. As it became more and more engrossed in physical activity, and worldly interests, God seemed farther and farther away, until many even have claimed not to believe there was a God at all. Else why all the suffering and sin of the earthly plane?

God made man in His own image. Surely God never sleeps. Yet man has spent one third of his life physically asleep, and most all of it asleep spiritually. He wakes up a little on Sunday, if he goes to church. He lifts up his heart to God when he sees the stars, or hears a bird, or finds a blossom in spring.

He glimpses God in a baby’s eyes, and assumes some of His quality in an act of selfless love. Otherwise, most of the time he sleeps, except when he gets a serious problem—then he wakes up to the hope that God may, and must, hear him, and help him.

Man slept first in the Bible, when God caused a deep sleep to fall on man while he removed a rib in order to create his mate from his own flesh, so that they might truly be one, and not separate entities in nature. Man woke to find himself with a beautiful wife, and she must have given him great joy, but she also diverted him from his one-pointed attention to God.

Attention can only serve one master at a time, and if people are giving whole-hearted attention to providing all the things needed to pre-serve, (and to serve) their bodies, how can they be thinking of God?

Our spiritual awakening must be first of all to the realization of God as a reality. We must acknowledge Him in all we do. We must keep in remembrance the first Commandment—Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and soul, and mind, and thou shalt have no other gods before Him.

We awaken to the fact that He really IS, and always has been, and always will be—that He is more than a Being Who once created the earth and everything else, and talked with people for awhile, then got discouraged with that, and finally sent down His only Son in a last great gesture to salvage whomever would listen to him, and believe he came from God. And then went into retirement, letting men learn of His history from books.

When spiritual awakening comes, we know without being told, that not only does God live NOW, continuously, everywhere, but that He loves us, almost beyond imagining—even to the point where He is willing to accept us as His sons (by adoption, as Paul said). He chooses us, when He feels we are ready.

When we are reborn to a new consciousness of Him, and a certainty that we have been given a chance to dwell with Him forevermore, we know He expects us to measure up as His children, as inheritors of His Grace. That we must accept the commission to represent Him.

God is Mind, the totality of Mind, where all things are created. To reach Him, we must elevate our own minds to something approaching His consciousness, else how can He reach us? We must move very close, dropping away the earthly attentions, the concentration on those things which are below us in the sphere of creation.

We have to reach above, as high as we can reach—and that means within as far as we can go, paradoxically. Within, to the point of absolute zero, past all that can be seen or imagined. There God is.

In all action, refer first to God. GO to sleep thinking of Him, and on awakening in the morning, present Him with Your mind, letting Him take it over, and thus become cooperative with Him in all you do.

You know that when you think mean or ugly thoughts, you are separating yourself from His presence, and heading for trouble on a downward path. If you can give up concentration of that meanness, and surrender to Him all your thinking, you will eventually become worthy, as He yearns for you to be, worthy to become a co-creator with Him, having conquered your own mind.

To start out all things with God is like starting at the top of the ladder, but we have to place our mind at the top of the ladder, or our feet would never know enough to start climbing, much less reach the top.

We are gods of our own universe. Until we awake, within our minds and inmost beings, how can we wake up the dormant faculties within us? How can we move inert matter, or stir the consciousness of lower stages of life from their comparative stupor, into living function?

Psalm 139:18—”When I awake, I am still with Thee.”

The night is gone, and the new Day is almost dawned.

We must awake to the fact we are living in a new age—one that has never appeared on the earth plane before.

The new Jerusalem is coming down from God today, not tomorrow.

The words of John the Baptist ring true today:

“Prepare ye the way of the Lord. Make straight his Path.”

The great Preparation can only take place after the awakening of the Self into full realization.


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