The Holy Order of MANS published several books beginning in the 1960’s. These books are currently out of print, but a few are available, spiral bound, at the website, in their Books section. We are once again publishing paperback and Kindle versions of the Holy Order of MANS books, lessons, and Tarot cards. As each book is republished, we will add it to the Holy Order of MANS list below with a link to where you may purchase it.

Holy Order of MANS – Paperback – Spiral Bound & Kindle

  • Jewels of the Wise (Tarot)
  • Tarot Meditations
  • Stars of Heaven (Astrology)
  • Story of the Master Jesus (3-volume set, Mother Ruth edition)
  • Heavenly 2 (children’s coloring book)
  • Pondering by Helen Blighton – Hard Bound and Paperback

  • The Middle Path by E.W. Blighton (formerly The Golden Words) – Tarot Cards

  • Tarot Cards, with Coloring Instructions