Audio and Transcriptions Catalog

Audio and Transcriptions Catalog


During the course of developing of the Holy Order of MANS Media Library, the need was seen to make the information contained within it more readily accessible.  As each lecture was being recorded, an attempt was made to make up a sort of thumbnail sketch in order to give a general idea of what each lesson was about. When a specific subject was discussed, it was listed and the index grew out of that. The emphasis was on making the speaker’s own words rather than making implications; so most of the references are taken from direct quotes.

Class Lectures and Sermons were originally recorded to cassette tapes which were then converted to CDs. We now offer digital files that can be downloaded or listened to online.

Recordings are organized by their original tape numbers. Each topic corresponds to a number series.


The subjects listed in the index are based on the Tree of Life – Levels I, II, and III. These will be very useful for those of you doing science reports or general research in various areas. We have here a very reliable source. There is also an extensive section on the Bible. An effective way of using this Catalog and Media Library is to think of it as a regular library with a card catalog.

A big thank you to Ronald Swetnam for cataloging and indexing such a large amount of audio recordings, and to Gary Roberts for providing newer, cleaner copies of the recordings.


Some of the Audio Recordings have been transcribed. You can access the transcriptions from the Audio Catalog Index pages below.

Please note that these lectures were given orally to students. They consisted of both genders and those ordained are also of both genders. When reference is made to man or the pronoun “he” is used it was understood by those listening that this was inclusive unless referring to a specific person. Inclusive language was just beginning when these lectures/classes were given. In order to preserve the “oral transmission” the transcripts are intact as they were spoken.

Audio Catalog Index

Subjects (click link to go to a list of recordings about that topic)

  1. Life of Jesus and Mary (000 series)
  2. Revelations (100 series)
  3. Sermons (200 series)
  4. Priesthood: Function and Sacraments (300 series)
  5. Life in the Brotherhood and Missionaries (400 series)
  6. The Tree of Life; Symbolism (500 series)
  7. Soul and Spirit (600 series)
  8. The Law: Prayer, Mind, and Word (700 series)
  9. The Way: Light, Illumination, and Initiation (800 series)
  10. Man and Healing (900 series)
  11. The Order (1000 series)
  12. Other (Miscellaneous) (1200 series)
  13. Book of Activity (1300 series)
  14. Tarot

Chronological Listings of  Tape Library

One of the beneficial aspects of this list is that it tends to reflect the growth and development of the Order. Classes given in 1968 are often very different than those given in 1974. One very interesting way to study these would be to listen to the lessons in the order they were given.

In some instances, you’ll find that during a Minister’s class, for instance, there were several lectures given on consecutive days. Sometimes there are things carried over from one to the other. Then there are several series of lectures that were given: Old and New Cosmic Consciousness, Tree of Life, Corporation Class, Dr. Sam’s Lecture Series and many others.


This is simply where the speaker took some material from a book and either specified which book it was or else we knew which one they were referring to. This is very useful for outside study or reference.

  • The Cosmic Christ, by George Maloney, S.J., Tapes #009, 025
  • The Life of Christ, by Guiseppe Ricciotti, Tape #001
  • Paul on Preaching, by Murphy O’Connor, Tape #322
  • Cosmic Consciousness, by Dr. William Buck, Tape #601h

** Compact discs were created for all of the available tapes in 2000. Every effort was made to preserve the original tape contents. The lectures are now available as digital files rather than cassette tapes or CDs. Lectures can be listened to online or downloaded.