Tree of Life – Level 1, Lesson 4: Soul 4

Tree of Life – Level 1, Lesson 4: Soul 4

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Down through the years and in the course of our striving to attain initiation, in other words, obtain illumination by the Light of Christ and the divine Christos through our Lord Jesus Christ, we have heard many instructions about letting go and letting God, about our killing the ego, and many other things of this nature on illuminating the ego. This would be a very sad thing because we would not be worth very much to Jesus Christ or the glorious Creator, the Nameless One.

That which is real and within this body — this physical body of mine, an inseparable part of my infinite soul, and is in attune with the mind of God and part of it, and which is in all men, a great oversoul which is the bridge to all space and time — this is the soul which is the sheath of the Self and which is a cell in the body of our Lord Jesus Christ, and, therefore, is a part of the body of God, His Mind as we call it, or Akasha. Because if we are part of the body of Christ, we cannot help but be a part of our Nameless Creator.

The earth has helped and aided, and the intelligence of its substance has helped me in producing this physical body, sometimes called a body of clay because of the way we have used it, and we have allowed it to hamper us and master us rather than we master it. This is the temple in which I, the soul and Self, reside. And it is in this soul and Self that dwells the record of our many lifetimes and our attainment which is the attunement with the pure consciousness of our God and our Master Jesus.

It is the temple which we, as we take on and attain the illumination of the Light of Christ and that Light becomes so infused into the physical substance that this substance of the body becomes transmuted or partially so. The degree to which this is transmuted is determined by the amount of light we receive and the degree in which we permit it to take over that body. In other words, the degree to which we get ourselves our of the way.

What I am saying in the words of the old masters would be to the degree that I become or you become and attain self-mastery, this will determine to what degree will the transmutation from the normal density of the masses of people’s bodies be to the transmuted physical body where that body is partially light, which is the extent that we can see it, anyone can see it with our physical eyes, what we call physical eyes.

In the holy testament when Jesus had prepared himself after the resurrection, he ascended. And it was in a pretty completely transmuted body because the physical had been rebuilt when he returned and arose after the crucifixion.

The soul in you or me will express itself differently in my body than it would in another body through habit, education and temperament through the effect of many lifetimes of learning, and I may through habit and education prevent that soul from demonstrating to the same degree the purity of understanding of our Father’s creation and our Father’s word.

The soul will receive the same words, the same facts, the same educational material in Christianity but due to the fact of my experience, you may not be able to pick them up and receive them in the same way. This in reality is my personality. It expresses my soul and makes up my personality. It does not have anything to do directly and with itself in a sense with my individuality, which is a material — a passing thing that I can change at any time.

This individuality is something that I can leave behind when I pass through transition into the other worlds.

That which is a part of God really is infinite and is not separated but a unified part. It is not independent, but dependent. Here is the foundation and basis for the term unity, brotherhood, fellowship, and so forth of God and man, or man and man. For the individuality you might say, are the forces which I set in action which I determine the nature of and are totally of my own creation. This is a term used by many of the churches which we call the sins of the flesh.

Both the personality and character are ever in the making. And in this evolution we find the true purpose of the existence of the soul. The spiritual reflection and light of the soul of man, his personality slowly evolves. In other words that which is recorded in the soul slowly evolves within him and that evolution which manifests itself not only in the spiritual sphere of the unmaterial to which the soul belongs, but right here on the earth plane while the soul is within the body. If the eternal light of man when it is unhampered is a pure and radiant light of God — God’s first born Son, the Lord of the Sun, and in us the Light of Christ.

If all colors are vibrations of the same white light but appear different in the personality when filtered through an earthly medium, so too the soul remains distinct with its personality which it never loses, while the essence of the soul is always a part of the cosmic soul, the essence of which manifests in millions of expressions which separates and represents a part of a personality. Each of these expressions represent another person — another personality.

It cannot be lost because the essence of these personalities blend into one complete cosmic soul. Just as the many colors of the spectrum cannot be lost when they are again assembled and passed through a prism, they blend into pure white light.

Man studies the cosmic arts and very often as he reads and studies what he calls their mysteries, he gets so complicated that he loses the simplicity of God’s great creation and starts to separate what he calls one art from the other, like astrology; he separates it from the testament and philosophy. This we know is a fallacy because it is only one God and one creation, and it has basic truth. It has to be part and parcel of the same truth totally united with all other facets of truth and creation and that the basic patterns and symbols must be the same.

So let us now look at the ten planets of this solar system to which we attribute certain functions or personalities. For instance, to the planet Mars we say that it has effect upon the red blood cells. We say that it has an effect upon the temper or disposition — the volatile disposition of that individual, of a person. Therefore, it is a force in action.

We say that Venus is the planet of love. Here is a perfect example of personality and individuality. For the planet Venus when it is rightly aspected, meaning that it has a good relationship to our sun sign or some aspect, it brings an adorable nature. It has the tendency to give us a great deal of love for humanity. It increases the potentials of our physical love, whatever sex we may be. But when it is badly aspected or influenced by another planet, we would find that our love influence was not as pure and as selfless as it was when it was well aspected.

Here in this explanation of the aspect of planets we have the demonstration of personality and individuality. For the Planet Venus is the planet of love. That is its personality. But the way we use it or the way it is aspected in accordance with the other heavenly bodies, what their electro- magnetic influence is on that planet in their birth chart, this and the pattern of it denotes our individuality. It is the individuality of the planet Venus at the time of their birth.

Therefore, souls on the cosmic plane never leave it except to reincarnate here in an earthly body, but they can and do project their personalities to other personalities on the earth plane. They do this in an effort to help those whom they are able to reach here. And assuming they are highly enough evolved or attuned enough to receive the help constructively.

Let us take this from another standpoint. The personality is to the soul as the psychic body is to the physical body. For the psychic body is the effluent material which fills the spiritual body and gives effervescence through the physical. In fact, the personality is the psychic body, one might say, of the physical.

The soul does not lose its personality through the change called death or transition. Neither does the being, in communicating with those on the earth plane when the personality is extended, does it have any change. One does not take or extend the soul with it in that extension or image.

Even as two earth beings in separate locations communicate by extending the personality through mind while the soul and the body and spirit remain where they are. Even as one projects his personality over the television screen or telephone while remaining physically where he is.

The dictionary defines personality as the habitual patterns and qualities of behavior of an individual as expressed by physical and mental activity and attitudes. Also the quality or fact of being a person, not an animal, not a demon, not a stone, that which constitutes a person. Here is a very interesting fact that in the Latin word “persona,” the meaning is given as “mask,” so you might say that the personality of the soul was its mask.

Let us take the individuality for instance as that which distinguishes one person or thing from another, and that the personality is really the naked body under the changeable cloak of individuality, which sort of reverses in sense the Latin origin of the meaning since the latter originated from the Latin word meaning not to divide, and indivisible, but when you look at this carefully you will see that the individuality is not divisible because it will not move from this plane to another world and still be intact.

For the personality of man goes with him the same as the self and the soul. This is why Jesus said, “He who saveth his life shall lose it, but he who loseth his life shall save it.” For when we let go of what we see in the mirror of our memory or what we think we are and our actions, which is the individuality, then and then only may the pure being through our personality show forth, and those things of the greater realization may become a real part of not only our physical being, but may be taken on by the personality. Our personality will then and then only may we be reborn.

Within the personality of man is the storehouse of memory, and it is the combination of these impressions which have accrued through many lifetimes with the purity which we have been able to accept of the great mind and that of our Lord Jesus Christ. This constitutes the existence of the personality of a human being, a human — being — being — being, existing within the mind and body of Christ.

Here we have a picture of cosmic forces in action, personality forces in action blending together creating an atmosphere, the atmosphere of our own personal universe. Be it sunshiny weather, rain, or cyclone depends upon our approach and our acceptance of what Jesus said, “I am the way.” For you are traveling this way, you will have no individuality except that of his personality which will be the total overshadowing mask of your life.

YOU are not the outer physical form or color or size. This will help you in identifying you to others on the physical level. Because no longer will you bother to judge, no longer will you bother to be heard or to listen to others’ comments for you still have a greater realization, and this realization is of your-SELF as different from every other individual. Therefore, there is no comparison. Nothing to be drawn alike. This is because everything you see and experience is filtered through and experienced. And it is, therefore, colored differently for you.

If you become dominated by any one or two major emotions or sentiments, the personality will reflect these, especially if they are untrue. Take on these reflections for it is the aggregate of them through the individuality. Therefore, the finer and more delicate the thoughts, the more attractive and harmonious the personality. The more that person devotes time to thinking that which arouses the gentler emotions, he will experience a most beautiful transformation of the personality and will be able to take on the mask of the Lord Jesus in a brief time.

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