Tree of Life – Level 1, Lesson 5: Word 4

Tree of Life – Level 1, Lesson 5: Word 4

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The Spoken Word

The tongue, the two-edged sword, with its vibration and the sounding box of the roof of the mouth, produces radiation, or waves of sound, so when words are spoken, there is actual energy going out from it, and emits into the atmosphere as the mouth moves and forms the opening which permits the wave vibrations to go out, but are neither positive nor negative.

Power travels along the sound track of the voice, and no other way. For the Word of God was sound-less, because it was within Him. The same place, but another dimension within which we live.

Thus it is that the Word of God was left with man, for it echoes eternally with the Being of the Creator. The Spirit of God gives it Life. For this was God’s feeling. The movement within God brings breath. The Great Self develops the form.

There are two ways of speaking. One through the lips, and the other is through the solar plexus, where it takes on dimension. Because the solar plexus is taking the life force from the Self, for it is from the Self that we can gain God-consciousness.

The ability to make sounds is taken from the breath. The palate is vibrated, the muscle tissues vibrate, the entrance of the breath from the throat has two channels, and the sounds are both negative and positive.

They act as a modulator in radio receptors; all spoken sounds are nearly-rounded tops to the waves. The breath with its life force forms a carrier. The voice wave travels over it. The sound is consistent; words without feeling are flat, not creative.

shapes of sound waves

Words of anger with adrenaline motivation have feeling which vibrates. These create temporarily and this creative word has impact, but it returns to you, because it is not male—it is all feeling.

The true creative word must have balance, both male and female. The first must be expressed.


  1. Any of a class of waves consisting of mechanical disturbances, which may be of varying pressure, or alternating movement in an elastic field, such as air.
  2. The auditory stimulation produced by waves of this type having frequencies between 20 and 20,000 cycles, or waves, per second.

sound and spirituality

This is way down on the red side. Below 20 you could not hear it—it would not be sound. (Six cycles per second with volume is lethal.)

  1. An instance of this stimulation: the sound as a car, a speech sound. Normal hearing has a range of about 30 to 13,000 cycles per second.


Measurement of Sound

A science is a series of investigations in a specific field. The resultant of these investigations, and their numerical values are summed together, and the root of the mean is evaluated.

Sound is not measured by angstroms, but by decibels, strength of impulses (a graph of intensity volume), a unit of sound, like the volt in electricity. Its pressure is measured by water, because water is the best conductor of sound.

Spiritual Facts of Sound

Sound in the Spirit is entirely reversed, as everything is reversed on the spirit plane, polarity and direction-wise, as to what it is on the material plane.

The speed of sound is about 741 miles per hour. The state in which the illumined man works is neutral as nature.

There is an interesting interrelation of sound, light, power, force, and energy.

The ability to make sound is taken from the breath. Also through the voice of the spirit, in deep contemplation.

Control of sound coming from mouth is also controlled by adrenals and mind—the negative forms called the cries, and due to shock impulses.

When you speak, you use the same energy as when you create a child. Remember, the gas through which the Kundalini fire of the spine of man moves, the stuff spoken of in the 23rd Psalm, which is the creative energy used by the brain, and sex forces, are the same forces used in speech.

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