Tree of Life – Level 1, Lesson 4: Spiritual Body 3

Tree of Life – Level 1, Lesson 4: Spiritual Body 3

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We have been talking about the vital body or spiritual body of man, or prime body of man, and relating to the function which the Soul or second part of the SELF actually plays in the maintaining or functioning or control of the physical body. It is the resultant of the collective energy from the blood stream or its vibration which are filled with our emotions and the emotions of our acts and our deeds which help to cloud and crystallize to a certain extent the peripheral area of the Soul.

As we have said before in the previous lesson, the Soul is that which brings to us and determines our future life pattern. It is the negative pole, so to speak, of the SELF. And the clarity with which the God Force shines forth from the SELF is determined by the density and vibration of the Soul. In other words, these patterns of life are impinged on the negative pole of the SELF and they determine what shines forth and comes through them — the good, positive things give a more even flow to the perfect harmony that is manifest in the physical body.

The spiritual body of man, really his prime body or prime form, is never affected by any disease in any way, or accident or problem of man. With the exceptions that the potential God Force and Life Force of the Sun which is stored up manifests in the physical vehicle (the reactions which we see in the physical body) and we refer to these actions for natural healing. In other words, the spiritual body has every organ, cell and tissue in it, in a colorless perfect form, that is in the physical body.

When an individual has disease, which the medical physician might term arthritis, and so forth, it is because of the negation or state of mind of the individual which is blocking the radiation from the SELF — the SELF is primarily seated in the spiritual body. And thus the spiritual body spends its force in trying to maintain health in the organ affected or the process impaired so that it cannot maintain the chemical balance in the physical.

Thus it is then, at this time, that the medical physician says “Yes, Mr. Jones, you have arthritis,” — or you have a cancer, you have — etc. And it is then that the physical, chemical structure of man — it is at this time that what the physician calls a pathological deposit, this forms in the physical body and the perfect physical form is distorted.

We have previously stated that the SELF lies in the spiritual body but it is also dimensionally seeable in the physical. Now there is no such thing as a diseased Christian or a sick Christian.

The reason for this is that the Christ-man has assumed AND TAKEN ON THE ASPECTS OF THE LORD OF THE SUN and he does not impair in any way the perfect flow of the life force and healing forces of the Christos.

There are many people who believe in Christ Jesus, many who believe in Jesus, and there are many more who believe only in God. These people who believe and are seeking to become — they are followers of the Christian doctrine and faith, and they may be good people, and may manifest many righteous things.

Perhaps through ignorance they have not sought the fullness of the Christ and therefore have ills in the process of living and paying off their karmic debt.

The existence and manifestation in the physical body of a pathological deposit manifests sometimes as an eliminative or cold process. It is not necessarily disease and in these days it should not be recognized as such always. But it does show one thing — it manifests the existence of a powerful healing force of the Christ that is eliminating negative material and forces from the body. And also eliminating some foreign things which you pick up in foods which are not adaptable to the body but clog the eliminating processes — for instance water which is filled with pollution elements and extreme poisonous elements in the air which we breath are being thrown off.

It is true that once we have been exposed to the basic laws and basic principles of Creation and how the tools of man may be used which have been given to us by the Creator — through this knowledge we may perfect our own universe and may detect and screen out all derogatory substances.

As we become more like the Christ, or Christ Jesus, we will not need as great a quantity of food and thus will be exposed to much less impurity. This contact will have taken control of our Minds and thus minimized the flow of negative forces into our bodies. We will have reached the condition of what is expressed in one of the olden-time hymns: “resting in the arms of God.” Then we will have reached the stage of letting go and letting God.

Let us pass on to what has been known or expressed as the psychic body — because it is not a true body, not a distinct physical substance — it is highly effluvious and reactive to emotion and sound.

Light has a great effect upon this substance as it causes it to become more one and less reactive because the Light of the Sun is uniform and not different in any substance whether it be here or somewhere else or in one organ of the body or another.

This substance is a mediator between the physical world and the so-called psychic, and the borderline, which is termed by our Catholic Brothers, as the soul, in limbo. The psychic world is an intermediary state between the dense world and the lower heaven world. These lower states of vibration are part of God’s Creation and it is the substance which motivates and gives to a Being in the physical form the flesh of the spiritual body in its lower form.

It is the thing which can be used as a reflecting substance or teleports, so to speak, the images and figures of a higher state to earth and man’s other five senses, and it is mostly a negative force, potentially. As I word it — the flesh also of the vital body.

Its formation and its construction, and its relationship to the spiritual life will be related a little later in these lessons, but let us note here that man is and can be master of the elements in his body, and thus becomes the master of spiritual attainment, through the power of God manifest in the Light of Christ in the being.

Let us not sell short the spiritual function and control of the psychic body, and the magnificence of its creation, and the absolute enthralling simplicity in operation of what appears to be a most mysterious miracle of creation.

And yet without drugs or knife can the science physician perform the healings and the surgery to himself and his brother man as a servant of God.

Man, in this age, now becomes in reality a brother in Christ.

Man has been living in this age with a vastly different problem from 100 years ago. He is walking down the street with masses of wires around him, breathes air full of atomic energy, drinks water full of atomic energy or fluorides, eats food that has phosphorous poisoning in it, and works at high pitch all the time. Therefore, he is under great stress.

The normal tension level of nature by evolution to change its natural cell functions takes about 150 – 200 years. We are striking a new cell cycle, and it is necessary to break down the tension level. Sometimes, it is necessary to take the meat away for a few days, or to fast. Some students react differently to different foods, and you watch their chemical balance, to see whether he should set aside some foods temporarily. Until he has accepted himself as a perfect being, he cannot keep his own body in balance.

You will notice changes in the time of new moons and full moons. You need not set up charts as astrologers, but it is good roughly to know the stellar forces or influences in the background of this individual.

Let us finish by saying that if you will use these thoughts in observing daily your life you will come to a more comprehensive understanding of the reality that you control and thus feel less like a ship in the ocean tossed about by the ravaging waves.

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