Tree of Life – Level 1, Lesson 4: Spiritual Body 4

Tree of Life – Level 1, Lesson 4: Spiritual Body 4

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This vital body we have given a number of names to. One of my favorites was the electrical structure. Another is the spiritual body and of course the one we have just used, vital body. Each of these terms describe the nature of certain things about this body. It is the vital body because of the energy and vitality that is sent through it into the physical structure; it is the spiritual body because much of the higher frequency-activated spiritual forces feed this body; it is the electrical body because of its energy and the energy that comes through it and the fact that it is invisible the same as electricity to the physical eye, but yet has a distinct structure which determines the physical form.

Certain scientists formulate quite lengthy investigations of this, the nature of the radiation of this body or the human body. The inventor of the new term “Bio-radioactivity” called it this because the human body contains an average of 40 grains of Potassium, causing the emitting of some 80,000, so they claim, body particles per second, and this radiation of particles of course contains electrons moving with considerable high velocity more than 100,000 miles per second.

It is at this point that I ask a question: I wonder, are we talking about fourth dimension? Possibly.

These tiny body particles go down through all parts of our body at this tremendous speed but of course the length of their flight is all but infinitesimal because the spaces between — presumed to be — solid objects is very short. Such is the component parts of tissues and so forth.

The occasion of every encounter or encountered object of this flight of body particles incidentally gives rise to a minute flash which proclaims the formation of an x-ray or, one might say, package of x-rays.

Most of their experiments on the physical body that study with nerves in connection with electrical impulses which travel over them have been made by the aid of galvanic currents of consider able potential in comparison with the actual electrical potential of the human systems.

Both the current and the action of these currents are entirely different. We learn that every electrical current will produce a stimulus along the nerve trunk and will produce certain muscular contractions or reactions which of course are very incomplete and are entirely unlike what takes place in the human organism during life. It is not a smooth action.

Let us have a clearer view of this complex action both chemically and thermo action and its radiation. The metabolic reaction also comes into this field. We must take into consideration the electrolysis and the electro-chemical action. This of course in the final analysis forms the fundamental factors the presence, quantities, and kinds of electricity which perform all of the changes.

It is a fact that one of the great forces in the human body is what is now called nerve energy. Its source is in the vital force of life. Science has recently tried to rename this energy and now call it electrical nerve energy because it is found to be vibratory in nature like electricity.

It is entirely foolish to think that every energy that is vibratory is electrical simply because electrical energy is vibratory. Nerve energy is a wonderful force vibrating from place to place just as an electrical wire is used in a building to convey the current or power from one place to another — so do the nerves conduct this energy.

There are certain spots in the body where electrical or vibratory nerve energy manifests its strength. The energy flows hard and passes or escapes at what might be called the terminals of the nerve trunks.

We can now find this at the two principal nerve terminals of the body—the hands and head. In fact the tips of the fingers have been long used by the mystics as terminal points of radiation.

* * *

Adaptation in evolution
Water, Exercise, Breathing

The ability to comprehend, reason, and think. Thinking of man in the past has been unconscious and unguarded.

Those in the tropics developed dark skin. Those in the woods grew taller and stronger.
Those living on vegetables grew differently from those who ate meat alone.

Man’s body changed in accordance with his use of feet, hands, and limbs.

Man physically is a water animal, conceived and born in water, and has a natural liking for water.

His admiration for mountainous country is a subconscious remembrance of the necessity to seek protection and hunt in them.

Man is essentially a water and air creature – water adapting to air. This should be remembered in connection with healing or analyzing man’s health.

Man is renewing his every cell, as well as the whole skin, hour by hour. (50,000,000 explosions inside the human body.)

He throws off water and perspiration through skin, urine, and breath.

Water is the main essential element of man in health. (In some things use psychic force in healing.)

Exercise is needed for balance. It relaxes the physical and lets the spiritual express itself, regulates glandular functions.

The three phases of elimination are needed for kidneys, bladder and bowel treatment. (Dissolved tissue thrown off through bowel tract. Triangle of elimination of body.)

We question, and through the question we give a guidance rule. Why have we invented so many diseases, as most all, in fact all, can be traced to faulty thinking?

Proper breathing:

  1. It affects the flow of spirit.
  2. It affects the cosmic body. Ethereal stuff.
  3. It affects the electrical structure, the spiritual body itself.


God took the body out of which He built up man from those things which He created from nothingness into something. That mass was the extract of all creatures in heaven and earth, just as if one should extract soul or spirit, and should take that spirit or that body.

For example, man consists of flesh and blood, and besides that of a soul, which is the man, much more subtle than the former. In this manner, from all creatures, all elements, all stars in heaven and earth, all properties, essences, and natures, that was extracted which was most subtle and most excellent in all, and this was united into one mass. From this mass man was afterwards made.

Second Day

Hence, man is now a microcosm or a little world, because he is an extract from all the stars and planets of the whole firmament, from the earth and the elements; and so he is their quintessence. The four elements are the universal world, and from these men is constituted. In number, therefore, he is fifth, that is, fifth or quintessence, beyond the four elements out of which he has been extracted as a nucleus.

But between the macrocosm and the microcosm this difference occurs, that the form, image, species, and substance of man are diverse therefrom. In man the earth is the flesh, the water is blood, fire is the heat thereof, and air is the balsam. These properties have not been changed, but only the substance of the body. So man is man, not a world, yet made from the world, made in the likeness, not of the world, but of God. Yet man comprises in himself all the qualities of the world.

Whence the Scripture rightly says we are dust and ashes, and into ashes we shall return; that is although man, indeed is made in the image of god, and has flesh and blood, and is not like the world, but more than the world, still, nevertheless, he is earth and dust and ashes. And he should lay this well to heart lest from his figure he should suffer himself to be led astray; but he should think what he has been, what he now is, and what hereafter he shall be.

Matter is not limited to the inorganic, however, since it manifests in the organic as well. But what differentiates the inorganic from the organic matter and how does this matter manifest?


Without a great deal of research it is plainly seen that inorganic matter is lifeless; that is, it cannot assimilate, grow, and reproduce itself. On the other hand, the organic is the same matter, either in simple or complex combinations, infused with the force of life, i.e., animal and vegetable — and this matter continually assimilates, grows, and reproduces itself.

In other words, the mass of one is increased by external action almost entirely, while the other assimilates matter within and grows or evolves externally from the single cell to the complex organism of the human body.

MATTER CANNOT MAKE MATTER AND LIFE CANNOT MAKE LIFE, for MATTER EXISTS AND LIFE EXISTS. Life utilizes matter in making the proper vehicles for itself, but it never uses crystals in body building if it can avoid them. Organic matter, which is constructed and used by the force of life, follows a definite law which is based upon the point and curve constituting the center and circumference of a circle. THUS MATTER MANIFESTS ACCORDING TO THE TRIANGLE, AND LIFE ACCORDING TO THE IDEAL OF THE CIRCLE.

* * *
Let us remember one thing Brothers — that this was working that way — that is the spiritual body functioned the same way — 20,000 years ago; 10,000 years ago; 5,000 years ago. And when we think of it in this connotation and from the foregoing lesson, I wonder if we adore our Creator enough?

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