Tree of Life – Level 1, Lesson 3: Light 1

Tree of Life – Level 1, Lesson 3: Light 1

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Many people have written reams and reams of words about this subject; yet they have failed to even begin to delve into it.

Man has based all his work in studying the workings of the mind from a purely selfish way;  meaning that he has had the nerve to think that the mind within him is his personal possession.  However, we of this age know better.

In studying the mind we are studying the working out of the creative forces and energies of the universe, existent in man because it is man.  This is what man has for generations called God.  The empirical mind out of which all things come and to which all things return.

To try and study the entire workings of this mind, would, to say the least, take a lifetime and then you would only learn how much you in reality don’t know.

In this lesson we will endeavor to study how man uses or misuses this mind in relationship to himself.  This, of course, opens the first point of conjecture.  Man, who are you?  Where do you come from? And what is your function in this plane of manifestation?

The first thing to take into consideration is that until you’ve seen the SELF or the God Being within you, you don’t know your SELF.

Man has, for over millions of years, lived in this plane.  Although the earliest forms of man were not as functional as this particular form is.  But then it was not as necessary as it is now.  For, in the beginning, man lived very simply.  He used the earth to its fullest by living off the plants and animals put there for that purpose.  He was very joyous and lived a long lifetime in peace.  There was at this time no dis-ease.  For man, in the simplicity of his own nature did not then nor does he now need to think.  He needs only to listen and follow the guidance of the inner man.

But man is the problem child of the universe.  He was given the power to create and to think.  For in reality, your every thought is a creation in its own right.  Man, once he began to think, found out that he could no longer live in peace with those around him for he began to think himself better than his neighbor.  This was then against his own nature.

Because, in the beginning he did live in peace within his own being and with the Creator. There is an easy way to say this in saying that he knew God and lived in complete faith and his every need would be filled.  This man can and should use today in this time of turmoil and havoc. For it is logical to assume that if man’s thinking caused all this dis-ease in the world, it should be simple enough to clean it up by having man stop thinking.

This, of course, is proved scientifically by men who have for prolonged periods of time studied man when he is resting comfortably. The metabolism of the body smoothes out and a calm and peaceful air falls upon the room. Now mind you, I did not say asleep but in a state of relaxation. In the finding of one’s own inner being, this is of primary importance. The ability to sit in a state of refined relaxation or rest. This allows the functions of the body to slow down.  In doing this you will find, if you are interested in trying it, that you will stop the process of thinking.

When you have really stopped the thinking process, look within. You’ve given up enough to let the light shine in. Then you can answer the age old question of, “Who am I?”

Man is a cell in the mind of God. That means that man has the opportunity and the access to all the intelligence in the mind from which he was created.

You see by the grace of God all things of this or any other plane to which you wish to look to. In order to accomplish this, you must first find the inner man.  This is accomplished by seeking the LIGHT.  By this, I don’t mean the light of understanding, or other various things that man in his own hypocrisy has called this light. I mean just what is stated here, LIGHT!! It is very simple—before you can see something you must first have light. This is the presence made manifest in your own being of the power of God.  Then, by consciously using this light or power (whichever you prefer) you can see the SELF.  That part of God that dwells within you.

Science calls this a pipe dream and refuses to acknowledge this as true.  But they agree that when a man is still, there is an increase of light around the body.  They know that there is a field of electrical impulse around the body.

Schools of enlightenment have known and taught for years that an aura exists around the human body.  This, in reality, is light.

You can, by using your brain, control this flow of energy and light so that rather than it being continually cast out it is turned in.   But only by the silencing of the mind because that way you have created a vacuum which this light can fill. There is a law existent in the universe that is stated like this:  Nature abhors a vacuum—thus it is filled.

To assure that you fill this vacuum with the pure light of Christ, it is necessary to cleanse the field of energy around the body of the dark and/or evil thoughts which emanate from within you.  To accomplish this it takes one who can see the field and know what it is within you that needs to come out in order that this can take place.

For, as was stated in the beginning of this lesson, man came from the mind of the Creator.  Therefore, man in his essence is but a part of this mind made manifest.  This being so, he is but a thought pattern in that mind.  When man will use that energy, he is endowed with to cleanse this pattern of all impurity that it acquired by his not controlling what filled that pattern, he will be in a constant state of illumination.

To attain this state of being, it is necessary to renounce the thinking or not thinking of those around you and to take conscious control of your atmosphere.  To keep out thoughts that are not in accordance with the workings of your being.

We advise that a man not try this on his own for the simple reason that he does not know himself yet; nor does he know what his function is yet with regard to creation.  This is not made known to him until he has begun to work with God in peace and in understanding of the world around him by becoming that Self.

Therefore, it is advisable for a man to take a Master Teacher.  This means one who does know and has absolute control of his being and of the world around him.  These beings are more of God than of flesh for they are in continual communion with the inner man and with the forces of the universe.  This is not to say that they are not in a flesh body, for some of them are.  It is possible to receive instruction from the higher mind or rather from a higher plane of existence, through continual prayer and a conscientious striving to know.  Though often they will merely guide you to a teacher on this plane for they have their function on that plane to attend to also.

Man’s first duty is to find this teacher and then to be obedient to whatever this teacher asks him to do, bearing in mind at all times if he knew he would not be seeking a teacher to guide him to his Illumination.  For all the things that you are asked to do are not always something that one considers pertaining to his illumination at all.   But then the teacher will merely smile and say to you, “Just who the hell are you to tell me what is best for you.” Remember, he does not need you as much as you need him.  In fact, most of the time these beings could find other means of service to be doing.

Now that we have taken the first step in starting our road toward the Illumination, we are ready to take another step.  Once you have cleansed the mind of thinking what the other guy is thinking, you must cleanse the body of the results of all that thinking.  This is accomplished by eating a well-balanced diet and by the continuance of sound thinking.

The most valuable thing in this cleansing process is to keep the mind only on that which you are doing.  Therefore you must be doing something.  Work!  Working on jobs of almost anything that will tear your mind off what you are learning and thereby letting them manifest in your being to replace that which you were thinking that caused you to need this teacher.

Once you have done this you are then ready to begin the process of looking within for the light.  During all the preceding time you have been learning to relax.   Now you must learn to meditate.  Most teachers will tell you to meditate when you first go into training; but if you’re honest with yourself now you will know that you are merely relaxing and often fall asleep instead of meditating.

After a while of actual meditating you will feel the influx of power that comes each time.  What you are actually doing is letting go of your thinking entirely thereby making yourself accessible to be filled with the LIGHT and the peace of God.

When you feel that power within you and you cannot find a way to get away from it as most people try to do and then finally just let go you will see that light.  Then you will begin to know where you come from.  As you begin to work with the power of you, that is the inner you, you will know why you are here and what your function is.


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