Tree of Life – Level 1, Lesson 5: Mind 6

Tree of Life – Level 1, Lesson 5: Mind 6

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Mind — What Is It?

Our mind is part of the Mind of God into which the sentience of the soul and memories of the soul arise. The absorption depends on the level of the consciousness of the individual. This will determine the sharpness and the purity of reason and logic with which the individual operates. And the individual, as he grows from childhood, does not reach the full consciousness of his level of purity in the Mind of the Father until he is 28 years of age.

The Subconscious Mind is that portion of the mind which acts below the level of conscious awareness. It is that part of mind which is constantly active and never sleeps but continues unfailingly in its operations. Subconscious mind has perfect connection with all points of the interims of time and space and this perfect connection is the basis of telepathy.

It is also the Law and the way through which we are put in touch with our spiritual teachers. When the soul has become spiritually effervescent from the activity of the Light and the Life of Christ within us, then we are ready for instruction by the teachers on the higher level.

Through this medium of mind we are drawn to other persons and material, which come into the outer manifestation once the call has been sent out in prayer or meditation and you know of their present existence. We are not alone, for our souls and our minds are not isolated. In the inner realm, or the Mind of God, all are connected to the one great reality: the One Great Sentient Mind of God. It is thus that our intuitions reach us from the great super-subconscious. passing into the conscious, out into the thinking or conscious realm. Instinct, on the other hand, comes out of the subconscious itself from the memory of nature and the past memories of the soul.

Because of its retentive nature in the sense of the holding of vibration and the relative relationship of all that has been or exists now, the Cosmic Subconscious or what is usually termed Akashic Records — can be contacted and read by those who have developed it, those who have the aspect of the spiritual sight, or have had the veil removed from the Self. Thus it is that the individual’s past life and experience may be read, even for the many previous lifetimes. This is difficult for most people because it requires complete removal of the mind itself when one is receiving the impressions.

In the human body we have what is called the pituitary body, or gland, which acts as a sub-transmitting station through which cosmic thoughts are relayed to the centers low in the frame that they may be correlated with other experiences and things. We are conscious of similar things. It is considered that the moon symbolizes the pituitary body because of its reflective nature and is sometimes pictured as a rolled-up scroll of all that has been written, and it is associated with the element of water because of its psychic reaction.

One of the most useful ways of picturing our own subconscious mind is to think of it as a tilled and fertile field which is every moment receiving seeds dropped from the conscious mind. As you think, speak and visualize, so do you sow and so shall you reap. If you have feeling and desire attached to the thought here, the law of Karma works as surely as the function of cause and effect in action but more subtly. The out-pictured world in which you live and move is the result of many combined words and thoughts and imaged pictures with you carelessly or knowingly drop into the soil of the past.

It is like an orchard being harvested; some fruit is good and some, perhaps, is not. Dwell on the good and joyful — emphasize and magnify it and give thanks to God continually, not just because the past produced good fruit but so that each thought of thanksgiving…though it brings each kind word…though it brings a rebuff today…will bear in time, unless the weeds of resentment of the rebuff outnumber or outweigh the good.

The subjective mind of man, unlike the objective mind, is the reasoning mind and reasons only deductively. It has ability to reason in no other way. There is a good purpose behind this for it has one mission in life, that mission is to obey orders and to do as it is told or inspired to do by the soul, for it has charge of involuntary actions.

The law of suggestion works through the subconscious, for suggestion is a very subtle command, request, a wish or action of law of the subjective mind transmitted to the objective mind. The subjective mind has perfect memory — it is a complete storehouse of facts and experiences, well protected yet easily reached by the objective. It is like a vault with separate entrances for every field of knowledge. Each fact enters and leaves by the same door — let out, as taught in psychology, by a thought that plows a pathway of discharge through the mind by which it ever after tends to escape.

The subconscious mind actually is more impressed with the personality of the individual in his last life than by the personality in his new body in this incarnation, because the personality of this life is being formed now and much of it is in the blood and the flesh.

As for the term Akasha or Akashic Records: The word Akasha is taken from the Sanskrit word meaning, “primary substance” or “that out of which all things were and are formed.” They are the records maintained in the Universal Mind and are the forces of the Spirit or Universal Intelligence which is directing the Spirit.

Therefore, we can say the Akashic Records are the indelible or eternal record of the delicate or Divine Mind, containing the knowledge of the past, present and future. They are not material records or written accounts, but they are the divine consciousness of past or future events.


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