Tree of Life – Level 1, Lesson 6: Return 2

Tree of Life – Level 1, Lesson 6: Return 2

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The Prodigal Son:

Ever since our entrance into life, we have been preparing to return to the Father.

St. Paul says in Romans that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Since the fall of Adam and Eve, man has lost his control over the universe, given to him by the Father at the beginning of His Creation. It is this power and authority, this Sonship, that we are returning to.

In St. Luke’s gospel, this is referred to as “the inheritance.” St. Luke 15:12, begins our story.

We are told in this particular Bible reference that a man had two sons, the younger one said to his father that he wanted a share of all his property, and the father complied with his request.  It was not long before the child went off to a foreign land, and squandered all he had.  And when he had run through all his inheritance a famine broke out in the land, and the son began to feel it.

He hired himself out to a citizen of that land who put him in charge of feeding the pigs.  He began to feed himself upon the things that were fit for pigs alone.  He came to a great awakening and found out that his father’s servants had a better existence than this.

In deep humility he returned home and made a plea before his father to accept him back as a servant only.  The father welcomed him back with open arms, and restored unto him his sonship, by placing upon his finger the ring of authority.  His brother was extremely jealous, and complained to his father about his younger brother.  The rich man replied that the other brother he had with him always, and for this he was grateful, but that the younger brother was like a dead man who had come to life, and that the  father thought he had lost him, but that the son had returned.  With great festivity and music, the father had accepted the wayward son.

One of the great lessons that we learn when we go through the great awakening is that we have been separated from our Creator through subjecting ourselves to the Father’s Creation, and wasting our Divine Inheritance as sons of the Creator.  We lost this inheritance through misuse of the power, and lack of understanding of the Law, and stubbornness towards our Father’s will. This is the way man has sinned.

Man has been made to be an heir of God, and a joint heir with Christ, to have dominion over the things of this world.  The things of the world are to be fully under man’s control.  Today we are living in an age which is divided into two, symbolized by the two sons of the father.  An old order, and a new order. The old order has been with the Father from the beginning.  The New order is coming alive and into fulfillment.

The old order refused to die out and make way for that which is coming into full manifestation.  The old order is controlled completely by mass mind, which speaks to it of its own self-righteousness in keeping the former laws and regulations established by the Creator for a time and a season.

Mass mind refuses to allow the old order to realize the time is at hand for a transition of time, a complete change.  Therefore mans mind is compelling the old order to transgress the law of God.  The sons of God, symbolized by the prodigal son, have come through this order, and are defying it.  At one time they had defied the very will of the Father.  Now they are returning to the Father’s house in order to fulfill their mission as lords of this earth under Christ, the Lord.

The purpose of this School, through verses of the Bible, the sciences, and the tools, is to place the Father’s ring upon the restored Son’s finger. We are returning to the Father in a humbler state than when we left, but all shall be restored to us in greater measure than when we left.  There shall be much rejoicing by God and his angels over one sinner that repents.  Repentance is turning away and going forward.

Illumination and Realization bring us to this point and we attain through these two sources.

When we come to the Great Return from dabbling in the lower nature, to achieving the higher nature, we shall have no fear, and have the ability to exercise our authority as sons of God.


Through many lands I have wandered
Over trackless sand and trackless moons.
I’ve climbed mountains, vast and rugged,
To see the setting Sun.

In other worlds I searched for Gold,
And found it here and there—
Felt the arms of loved ones around me,
Knew of the presence of others everywhere.

Felt the Great Force flowing through me,
Known its ecstasy sublime.
But of these none has so much moved me,
As the little arms of my First Born Son.

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