Tree of Life – Level 1, Lesson 5: Word 1

Tree of Life – Level 1, Lesson 5: Word 1

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The Word is ever present—ever misunderstood and ever in action and in rest, and gives, when understood, Life unto the Dead—Strength unto the Weak. Pronounce it not, for it is worthless unto any who know not its correct pronunciation or manner of such, or when and how it should be used.

It is worthless unto any who know it not as the finest ruby which is so overlaid with incrustations that its Light cannot be seen. In Egypt that word was known, and its action joined hands with others and they—one—invested earth and other with its Sound and its Perfume.

Stand in awe in its presence—one humbles the heart when seen—gaze upon its Ineffableness and ask that The Highest may assist thee.

Held within the Hidden Universe is all this. And the Peace which comes through the Enlightenment is the Great. Slowly unfolds the Rose—in Color seen—the Perfume sensed, and the properties held within each when seen—known and understood, the Soul becomes as its Origin.

Silence then becomes known—the red Ruby shines in its Might—the Right encircles the Inspiring, and the Love comprehends. As Dawn in its Radiance; The Color of the Ruby sheds its roseate over the falling and rising of all things. Hast thou, O reader, comprehended? All writing is far from plain, for language conceals more than it reveals.

The heart throb is unknown unto any but the one—a smile may linger on the lips and the pain be concealed from any and all except the one!

The tragedies of Life are but moments along the mighty Way—each and all serving as lessons, and they who make their Mark when passing down the Mountain will see them on their return—then hast thy accomplishment begun for Recognition is first when in the ascendant.

Ere we pass from this we do so with all kindness for those who see not nor know. The Voice of a God may be so great as to deafen some and awaken others; then it becomes necessary to use other means than the Voice, although they are the same but appear different.

When considering anything repugnant to the reader the first consideration to have settled is the accuracy of the statement made. It is impossible in some cases to demonstrate the accuracy to anyone who presupposes that he is receptive to some extent; and what to one is folly is logic to another.

In such a condition as has so far been set forth, proof is only such when the mind and all its faculties are receptive to Truth, and that means that all preconceptions are placed in abeyance at least.

We now enter into another point which briefly is this: the passions of mind are not always demonstrable to the reader. Mind attempting to fathom mind is often an impossibility.

It can only be conceived through control. To conceive of anything there must be a lower and a higher. The lower cannot be expected to receive the higher in its completeness, but the higher can and does conceive of the lower in its many parts.

Any lesson of any height will necessarily be found to be hard to grasp by brain, for brain is a falling Force and not an ascending one. Mind—the attribute of Soul, debased by the Fall, cannot completely conceive of Soul—its parent.

It has become so enmeshed in this lower that to see and to conceive it must be penetrated by Higher.

As we look at mind, there comes to view its progenitor, SELF, that part which has been abolished from the House of its Origin and has become a wanderer. Wandering to find its plane of action it has taken refuge in many kinds; one of which is mankind—using the physical organs of expression known as brain in mankind with accessory organs in other parts of the body.

Between the mind of man and that of other kinds there is of necessity a link—strong in some—weak in others.

We take up for consideration mind in mankind, Mind saying unto the brain: “I have taken refuge in thee, O physical organ of expression, for to me thou art capable of much. And I tarry along the Way, and thou art now my instrument of expression, but at some time I will leave thee and go unto another which will suit me the better, for I cannot remain with thee longer.”

The physical organ responds: “I accept thee as thy home for a time for I, too, am not to be without a tenant, for the blankness of non-occupancy is very hard on me; as to thee thou must make of me as thou canst, for I am very finite.”

The two are not at all times in harmony, for the brain often fails to register and transmit what mind wishes; then comes a conflict which disorders both physical and mind, and the many organs having relation with them; then thou has so-called insanity, which is but discordant impulses, due to faulty registering and transmission.

Between them there is induced a condition strong in effects on the many organs forming the kind called mankind. This faulty registering is sometimes due to a poorly evolved brain—poorly conducting apparatus, and poorly receiving, in its more peripheral parts; then add to this the confusion in higher ethereal parts which causes the many impulses to be faultily impacted upon the brain.

These are not all the elements to be taken into account in such cases. Within mind there is a small element in ascent—this affects mankind but little until that one of the kind is well enough evolved to receive, and these are few indeed.

With this as our basis we proceed to demonstrate how mankind struggles against such adversity and passes upward in spite of such drawbacks. The many inequalities lead to traits of character, all of which play their parts.

Some are called good—some bad—the differences cause many actions which are judged by those of others of the same kind as crime, and many others by whatever name may be appropriated to them. When the philanthropic and aggressive instincts meet, you have genius.

When the level is effected and on a high plane you have one no longer reincarnating. These are the ones who become Masters, for their plane is so high that they function evenly—the balance is maintained.

Such a one passes to higher Heights and soon becomes emancipated from earth’s thrall. Such are rapidly elevated for they have overcome the inertia and are passing swiftly into such Heights as are beyond the ken of mind.

Mind has then ceased to be the great functioning part and occupies a subordinate position, and is required to do but few of the acts, and they but the ordinary ones to meet the requirements of life as known on earth. The receptive being non-homogenous, the acts of the receiving, or caused by it, are also such.

We deal not so much with the brain as we do with the factors influencing it. As we proceed with this subject, let us, for a moment, pause and visualize the many whose organ of reception and propelling function is not so highly evolved as the brain of mankind.

There is at the present nothing in the lower creations, such as plant life, which in any way approximates the brain of mankind, yet they perform the same functions.

The hand reaching out to take a glass of water is equaled by the plant reaching out to follow a course which leads it to the same object.

Within the leaves and other parts of plant life there exists a center, or more exactly, centers of reception and perception which perform the same function as in the body of mankind. Mind acts in each in the same manner.

There is the same difference and similarity in both species. Each acts and reacts in accordance with the selectivity accorded to each. The higher acting through the lower can only give as to the selectivity of the transmitting, which is also the receiving.

This also applies to all kinds irrespective of their origin and course. Every kind on earth are but parts of such and can and do and will change as the evolution of earth changes, which is continual.

Mankind in form is but a conglomerate of the many kinds. Being such he is but a part of the many kinds and they of him. He who can reach and find and know this consciously and not by rote or repetition of words, is, and has become, part of the University of Nature.

Having mastered he is a Master, and as a Master he is one conscious part of the Whole and needs not to remain on earth except as a sacrifice to do the acts of greatness. These are seldom known, and little appreciated by those of earth whose standards are different.


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