Tree of Life – Level 1, Lesson 2: Prayer 4

Tree of Life – Level 1, Lesson 2: Prayer 4

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“Blessed is the Light. Shower on me Thy Ray. For as I travel in the darkness of this world of mine, I beseech Thee to illuminate my path.

I petition Thee, O Christ, to lead me into Thy midst and that I may be filled with Light.

For unto my light, I ask that my brothers may add their light, under the Holy Order of the Cross, and with the help of the ancient Brothers and Masters. O Christ, may I be filled with Light so that I may find my way to God.

I, the mortal body, need this Divine strength that I may face in reality sins of the past.

That when I am ready to look upon the God of my Being, and see the glory of all Creation, I will then have the strength to turn my back on the world and accept the eternal divinity.

I hail the symbol of our Order knowing the use of and accepting the responsibility of the elements of Creation—the power of the Word and Law.

Thus I offer myself on the fire-cross of the Spirit of God, surrounded by His Omnipotence with Life, Love and Light with the strength of the experience of my Soul.

Now that I pass through the crucifixion, I now seek the resurrection through regeneration. Thus, comes peace and freedom eternal.”

I now realize:

  1. Oh Mortal, thou art the densest form and vehicle of God-Self.
  2. Oh Mortal Body, thou art transitory.
  3. Thou canst deceive me no longer, for thou art only what the real SELF makes of thee.
  4. My Soul, I am only what thou art. All else is a passing fancy like the image in the mirror.
  5. Therefore, I command my outer Being to humble its ego, and cast aside the veil and permit me to express from within, for God is within, and without. We are inseparable.


O Soul of me, do reveal in retrospection as I am in the eyes of the Cosmic.
Let man sit alone and keep silence. Amen.


(as given in the Assyrian Services at 3939 Lawton)

Abon dbashmaya                                                      Our Father in Heaven,

Nith qadash shmakh;                                               Hallowed be Thy Name.

Tete malkuthakh; nehbe suya                                 Thy kingdom come, Thy will be

-nakh; aykana dbashmaya ap                                  done, as in heaven, so on earth.

Barah; holan lakhma dson                                       Give us the bread of our

qanan yomana                                                           Need this day.

Washboqlan Khobain                                              And forgive us our offenses,

Aykana dapkhnan shbaqan                                     As we have also forgiven

Ikhayabane                                                                those who have offended us;

ola talan nisyuna                                                       and bring us not to trial

ela passan min bisha;                                               but deliver us from the

mittul dilakhe malkotha                                           evil one. For Thine

okhaila otishbukhta                                                  is the kingdom, and the power,

lalam almen.                                                              and the glory for ever and ever.

Amen.                                                                        Amen
(pronounced ameen)

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