Tree of Life – Level 1, Lesson 1: The Mediator 1

Tree of Life – Level 1, Lesson 1: The Mediator 1

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A mediator is a go-between, one who interposes between two parties in order to harmonize or reconcile them. The great Christ is the Mediator of this solar system. He diffuses unto all of creation the Light, Life and the Charity of the Father.

Here on the Earth, the Lord Jesus Christ is the Mediator between us and the Great Christ— for Jesus says: “Only through Me shall you see the Face of the Father.” Through Jesus’ consciousness and His mantle, men can reach the great reality of themselves and their Father.

The term go-between is a very realistic term. It points out the realness of our Lord Jesus and His great function for man, who has lost all consciousness of life and of the Great Creator of the life.

Man struggles along in life — straining with those things of the earth — striving to have two cars, two houses…to have a good-paying job, to have a nice-looking woman, and all other worldly goods.

The whole of a man’s existence today is wrapped up within himself. He no longer can reach out from himself to see the world as it truly is. For, even as he walks down the street, he sees the buildings and those passing by through his own thoughts and with all of his biasness and narrow-mindedness, he sees but not even a fourth of the material world.

The use of a go-between here is one who has reached and sees past the things of the world — the concepts and ideas of man — and reaches into the greatness of the Creator without opinion and without desire. Thus, he links the two together — being on earth but giving out the Truth and the Light and the Reality of the One World.

Jesus stated in the New Testament: “For, lo, I will be with you unto the end of the Age.”  He is ever-present and always at hand — unifying man and the Creator. He is a channel of the Great Light and Wisdom of the Father for the earth.

In prayer — when one reaches his mind and his Soul upward towards the Creator — he travels through this Great Master — for He has given Himself as a channel for the Word.

Man can no longer stand the Light, or the Truth of God, so there has been placed for him a Mediator, who brings things down to the level man can understand and cope with.

By man’s act of harmonizing himself with this Mediator, he then becomes in harmony with the One for whom the Mediator mediates for.

Jesus says, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Light.” Thus, He took on the greatness of God while here on earth that man could see it. After the ascension, His spiritual body diffused around the earth and thus, became the mystical body of Christ of which all men, whom receive the Light of Christ, become living, moving, active cells within this body of which the ruler of this body is the God head.

To get in tune with the Mediator, one must follow, implicitly, all of this Commandments which bring forth out of the depths of man the great love for his Creator.


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