Tree of Life – Fire & Level 2 Introduction

Tree of Life – Fire & Level 2 Introduction

tree of life fire and level 2

The Element Fire Introduction

Without the existence of fire there would be no material composition in the universe. To appreciate this statement thoroughly we must first analyze and agree upon what we mean by the term fire. We do not necessarily mean the violent chemical action that attends the combustion of the ingredients of fuel with the oxygen in the air, for this only happens when a primary state of heat already exists.

We know that heat is caused by the increased agitation of molecules and atoms.  In the beginning, the vibrations which emanated from the Divine Source generated heat and motion before they manifested as a physical world or material form.

One source has defined Fire as the deity which presides over Time, ether in its purest form, and hence, not matter, but the unity of Ether, the second manifest deity in its universality. The same source gives the exoteric definition of fire as the most perfect and unadulterated reflection, in Heaven as on earth, as the One Flame. It is life and death. It is divine substance.

There is just one lesson concerning the element fire.

Level 2 Introduction

The Tree of Life Second Level lessons are for those who have had conventional church teachings and have studied some of the teachings of the New Thought Movement. In these lessons, we treat these teachings as a science, not as a philosophy or a religion.  They do, however, conform with the teachings of the basic world religions.  They are the word and essence of all the Great Religious teachings.

You might ask, how could this be? Well, at the bottom of all of the world’s basic religions are only a few, simple laws that the Great Creator used when It created this universe. The Holy Order of MANS uses a scientific approach to these teachings, meaning that they can be used in business and Soul growth alike. This possibly makes these teachings different from anything you have studied before.

Science is the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical world through observation and experiment. It studies the seen and unseen movement of energy and vibration, which enables us to control material substance and energy, both in the spiritual and the material planes of life. We say (and know it to be true) that the Great Creative Power is the basic substance of the universe, which means that all things are one. Spirit and matter are one, but matter is denser.

Therefore, this is a living science, one you can use in your everyday life.  It is not a dead science.  It gives you the living, moving, pulsating freedom of life.  It gives you the dynamic force of creation at your fingertips, while at the same time, also gives your neighbor the freedom to live and love.

There are seven sections to the Second Level lessons. Please refer to the Tree of Life Study Plan diagram. The topics we’ll be covering are Symbolism, Communication, Power, Universal Vehicle, the Law, Epigenesis, and The Way.

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