Tree of Life – Level 2, Lesson 2: Communication 2

Tree of Life – Level 2, Lesson 2: Communication 2

Tree of Life Lessons Communication

In this world and between Worlds, we have a problem of communication. If there exists a problem of communication, it makes it doubly hard to have peace, because people who do not understand their neighbor certainly do not feel safe to relay their thoughts and know they agree.

Certainly you will agree that without peace within you personally, it is doubtful if there will be peace on a neighbor level, and without it all other Science, Philosophy, Religion, and art are a waste of time and effort. Peace within the country is reactionary in international affairs; likewise, where there is Peace between people they are having good communication, for without fear, there is peace. It is always fear of one thing or another that brings about, or should we say, makes it possible to have war.

Man, in his perfect form, also has two parts, the same as we are shown about triangles. As man speaks or thinks, his brain, his part of Mind, and physical body are sending off electrical impulses, not only brain waves, but body field impulses of electro-magnetic waves. This is also a form of communication, whether we are conscious of it or not.

The thing that most of us do not realize, is that as we think, and we are thinking in all our waking moments, we are sending out live, dynamic electrical waves, or impulses, which, when picked up by other people (and they are picked up by others unconsciously), produce their effect on the thinking, unless a person is a conscious thinker, and has set a certain kind, brand, or thought fact, he will accept. Of course, he may consciously tune in a person broadcasting, or thoughts, any time he wishes to. This is a form of telepathy. This, too, is the New Age form of Communication and has already started to manifest.

Then we have a very odd, but very powerful influence on people as a whole. This is what we call Mass Mind. By this, we mean, that the thinking of all people in a city, or congested area, are giving off electrical impulses, by their thinking, the feeling of the city, the customs and general social acceptance of ideas will be governed by what people put into the atmosphere around the city. The nature of its reaction, is a case of the predominating acceptances. It is not necessary that the individual be affected, if He or She are persistent in keeping their own personal thinking straight.

But in the case of the masses, it is a case of who has the clearest concepts and the most people thinking that way, which produces the densest, most powerful thoughts, good, or not so good, thus determining the pattern which affects the masses as a whole.

Thus we, all people, are forming a pattern of thinking which determines our living conditions.

This again, is another form of communication, though we know it or not. This is a scientific fact.

Psychic Sense

Now Man has what he calls his five senses — tasting, feeling, hearing, smelling, seeing. These are all well understood, or are they? At least we call these the physical senses. Now the same as we have a Triangle, we also have a negative (-) Triangle.

So, likewise, man has another set of five senses — which register the things he does not see, or hear physically. These are what we call the psychic senses, and are just as important as the others. These are our means of spanning the dimension of time, and what we call space. It is a question whether they exist, but we will talk of this later.

These include the telepathic communication, which is now an acknowledged part of Science. These are also related to the female intuition, and the many incidents which have been told you for years.

The extrasensory function of man also includes the detection and telepathic communication with those people who have passed through transition, or what you call death.

We are not going to refer to any existing faith or religions. This we do not do, because it is all a part of the Great Creative Mind’s Creation, and, therefore, not related to another Church. It is a part of the True Science of Man, and the tools involved in the New Age Living.

There is no question that there is continuous life, ever evolving and ever moving, for where there is no movement, there is no life. The motivating multiplication of cells, the very Physical existence of Man is dependent on the psychic force to operate the automatic nerve system of man’s physical body.

Therefore, it is absolutely impossible to disregard the psychic world. If you denounce it, you may deny its existence, and cut off its life.

“Deny me not, and I’ll remember you.”

This is a natural Law.


Sit quietly with eyes shut and visualize any one part of your body at a time, for a few minutes, and open your eyes. Note how different that part or parts feel. Continue this exercise for a week and see, by daily application, the change in your body vitality.

May God bless you as you open the new doors to wisdom,
Your teacher – Earl W Blighton


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