Tree of Life – Level 2, Lesson 3: Power 3

Tree of Life – Level 2, Lesson 3: Power 3

Tree of Life Lessons – Power

Man – in his seeking for greater power, a higher life, and the guarantee of infinite knowledge – goes through many books and legends in his quest.

On the other hand, the greater part of the outer world – the material world – feels that it has the source of all power in the release of atoms and electrons by their control. But all these things are minute compared to the power and force contained in the invisible atom.

If we could but release this power as easily as we release the power in explosives and as systematically, we would accomplish a great feat; for the force and power within man – the human being and his vitality or magnetism – is far greater than any force produced by any engine that man has ever devised.

We have power and energy manifesting through the human mind. The brain would not have any power of its own but for the mind. The directing brain contains all the forces of the universe which may be released – both seen and unseen, known and unknown.

For this day is the day for man and woman (we generally use the term “man” as a collective term including woman) to learn the use of these wondrous forces which God has put at our disposal. The knowledge of these forces gives man the control and the use of all the powers in the universe.

This School was formed specifically to bring man the correlated wisdom of the ages. With this wisdom, he should have an understanding of all men in this Age under a universal banner.

First of all, man must learn to know himself. He must learn of the vehicle – the human body – and the source of its energy and the vital forces of life. Some have called this electrical energy “nerve energy.” It is vibratory in nature like electricity, but we must not think that because an energy vibrates, it is all electrical energy; for there are forces in our body which vibrate, but are not electrical energy as we know it in our house currents. Some of these are used to convey other vibrations from one area to another in our human body.

There are certain locations in the body where this vibratory nerve energy manifests more strongly. There are nerve energies which work on the muscular structure in the blood, in certain blood vessels, and in nerves around certain arteries. The energy flows through the principal trunk nerves, and the two principal nerve terminals of our hands and feet.

The hand receives great power. Thus, we may run this power through the tips of our fingers at the end of very important nerves which constitute the terminals.

This is why we have so-called magnetic healers. They have discovered that there is power in the hands – the greater power being in the thumb, and the first and second fingers.

The tips of these fingers are reached by the radial nerve. This force – registerable on an instrument as to its potentiality – may be used for many purposes.

The right hand is the most effective in power, and can be used along certain places along the spine in certain conditions. If a person is suffering from pain of any kind, they must become as quiet and relaxed as possible for about a minute. Then locate the pain and work according to the following:

  1. For pains in the head, face and neck, apply the tips of the fingers of the right hand to the neck just behind and beneath the left ear – about the level of the mouth, and below what is known as the mastoid bone.
  2. For pains of the chest, upper parts of the back, and arms, apply the fingers of the right hand to the back of the neck on the left side of the spine.
  3. For pains in the abdomen, back sides, and hips, apply the finger tips to the left side of the spine between the shoulder blades.
  4. For pains in the limbs, feet, and groin, apply the tips of the fingers to any point on the left side of the spine between five and ten inches below the collar bone, or about the center of the back.

When using the finger tips, do not apply pressure. Pressure means nothing. Place the two fingers and the thumb of the right hand firmly to the flesh, and concentrate your mind to that part of the body or organ to where pain or difficulty exists.

We are not trying to cure pain; for pain is nature’s way of warning us that something is not working properly, but it relieves the condition or disturbance which is causing the pain. Within about three minutes, the person suffering will begin to feel vibrations, or a tingling sensation, out of his own finger tips. At that point, treatment may cease.

Usually, in five to ten minutes after this application, the pain will begin to subside, or, the condition of the body will go back to normality. Because you have sent curative vibrations of electrical energy, which have re-balanced forces, into the vital and physical body, you have furnished energy so that nature can do its own work and perform its own cure.

Do not think that knowing these few little things makes you a doctor. You are not permitted to practice under the license of this School in healing. You may help your family, or a friend, but these applications are very primitive compared to what you would have to know if you were to be a spiritual physician.

It is well to remember that there is something good in every school if it has existed a number of years. But remember this! This School has gleaned much information from many great schools and is giving it to you in a fool-proof scientific way in conjunction with the Bible teachings; for a good Christian should be a good physician. Jesus Christ said that the Word of God would deliver unto us those things which we ask.

Keep in mind that regardless of how much knowledge we have, we should always remember: the first thing that makes a good healer is the obeying of the First Commandment, “Love the Lord, thy God, with all thy heart, with all thy mind, and with all thy Soul.” With this, all gifts, such as healing, spiritual sight, etc., will be given unto us.

The Eyes of Man

The eyes of man are peculiar in many ways. They play an important part in man’s vision – both physical and spiritual. When we compare the eyes of man with those of animals, we find that the eyes of animals are more efficient – especially those of some insects.

Man sees out of both eyes and receives two pictures, but they are brought to a focal point in the brain through optic nerves. Thus, the two pictures become as one. This method of seeing gives us the impression of a third dimensional roundness.

Man’s duplicate seeing into one field of focus gives a picture life and depth (or what might be called “relief”) which gives us the sense of distance and proportion.

We must remember that when we see an object, it is produced by light reflecting from the object – directly or indirectly. The purpose of the eye ball is to bring the light rays to focus in the eye ball which collects the pencils of light. It conducts them to the retina which is a screen of light sensitive cells at the back of the inside of the eye ball. These are called rods and cones.

At this point – through energy in back of the retina – impulses and vibrations are conducted through the optic nerves to the brain, and we see an object through two eyes in one image.

If you are interested, the science of sight will be found in our work in detail on the physical vehicle on our thesis of healing.

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