Tree of Life – Level 2, Lesson 6: Epigenesis 1

Tree of Life – Level 2, Lesson 6: Epigenesis 1

Tree of Life Lessons – Epienesis

Epigenesis is a word which covers a great group of things which play a tremendous part in our life, but many of these things happen and are not observed.

In the Christian Bible, it is called the work of faith and knowing. It is the twin forces of action working through epigenesis.

In Nature, we see it in the progressive growth and development of plants as it cycles seasonally.

We see it in the increasing speed of movement in a tornado and its reappearance in another place.

As people pass through one life cycle after another, through incarnation, almost always, regardless of the type of experience, the person starts the new cycle in a little higher level of life. Then we can remember that saying, “There is a little good in all people,” and also the saying, “There are no bad boys.” Well, this is quite true.

Epigenesis is what we would call in the mechanical world “momentum.” In other words, we move mentally and spiritually at a certain rate of development and we do not have to make a certain directed effort to do this, but due to the Law of Epigenesis, we accomplish a little more than what we make the effort to do.

Our Faith in the “Knowing” that the LAW works, sets up a mental momentum which carries us along.

Let us like our life and actions to that of a business man. He deposits so much money in a checking account and a certain amount in a reserve account, which draws interest. His checking account does not.

So it is with a man Living in accordance with the Law and Order. He watches his thinking and his speech every day. He uses scientific prayer every day to develop his consciousness and also get rid of any negative conditions or illnesses. And he receives the money, supply, or other things he needs in his life.

Now the daily prayer, for daily needs, is a thing which balances out and leaves no force to evoke the Law of Epigenesis.

The training of one’s thinking, keeping your thought positive and watching the words one uses, this is a thing that builds up a reserve balance and invokes the Law of Epigenesis. It is the one and eternal means of making a permanent contact with the Father, the thing that builds a perpetual subconsciousness function.

The person then has complied with the first Commandment of “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”

The Laws of nature are so easy to work with, if we do one thing: Get your bloated egos out of the way!

Then the Life here becomes a simple and beautiful thing.

You always get more from God than you put in.

Why? Well, let us take the incident of a woman using the Law to get rid of a pain in the leg. It might be arthritis or muscular. Regardless, when she works from the basic premise of the Law, she is bound to get rid of other minor imperfections along with the arthritis.

Thus we have our interest on our Bank Account with God.

Now let us see if this has any scientific basis because, if there is a process, system or force which we talk of as a part of Universal teaching for our personal use in our lives, it must appear in the world of Science or else it is not a fact.

Let me remind you that we have nothing but the Science of Life. This is what the great teachers taught.

In Nature we have the evolving nucleus of Force always evolving; in Mathematics the logarithmic curve, the trajectory curve of a projectile. All things are in accordance with Law and Order.

Polarity, or action and reaction, we meet in every part of Nature: in darkness and light; in heat and cold; in the ebb and flow of water; in male and female; in the inspiration and expiration of plants and animals; in the systole and diastole of the heart; in the undulations of fluids and of sound; in centrifugal and centripetal gravity; in electricity, galvanism, and chemical affinity.

Superinduce magnetism at one end of a needle: the opposite magnetism takes place at the other end.

Forces ordained by the Great Creator are in operation, although you know it or not.

That star up there, many millions of miles away, is influencing your cells in your physical body.


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