Tree of Life – Level 2, Lesson 2: Communication 3

Tree of Life – Level 2, Lesson 2: Communication 3

Tree of Life Lessons Communication

In last weeks lesson, we were able to see a few of the many ways of Communication that are a natural part of Man, in order for him to gain balance and harmony — with freedom of movement.

Also, last weeks exercise should have taught us that we do have considerable communication with even the flesh of the body.

This week we are going to see that there is yet another kind of communication and that this is a method of reaching the Great Creative Force of the World, or This Solar System. This is really Cosmic Telepathy of Scientific Prayer.

Here, man is actually able to communicate intelligently with the Great Creative Power that Created this Universe, and this is known as Universal Law. This we will learn more of later, in using the Law of the Triangle in order to control what we are going to accept in our life.

Mans ability through this Law or process of what we call “The Law” which is a heritage of Man from the Creator, and the one thing that only man has the ability to choose — that which will be accepted by him in his Life, or His Personal Universe — if he knows how to communicate and that the Father will fulfill what he accepts.

Psychic Tools of Man

The Psychic tools of man, when scientifically used and developed, can put him in communication with anyone, any place, in the material world, or less dense world, of what is commonly known as the world of spirit. With this type of power in your consciousness, one is free to travel at will, and is no longer confined to the physical body.

There are no miracles in this World, or any other of the Great Creator. There is just LAW and ORDER! How much of the Physical World do YOU really see with your eyes?

To sum up this chapter, or lesson, on Communication let us say that we are uncovering lines or wires for you to transmit messages. The wires have been there since the beginning of time. You have always had them, but you did not have your instrument properly connected and knew not how to use it.

There is always a way, and if one can do it, all can do it. Anyone can do it if they will but work at it, with it. This we will go into later in detail.

In Psalm 145:16, we find, “Thou openest thing hand and satisfiest the desire of every living thing.”

The Bible, as well as other great books, are Handbooks, which have the keys to all the secrets of Nature, if we will but stop and think.

Luke 12:31: “Seek ye the Kingdom of God; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Here we have another form of communication, another tool to use in glorifying the Creator!

There is one more way of communication. This is the art of projection. Let us say we wish to see what has happened to a student or friend who was in a foreign land, or away from us, and we had a premonition about them that they might need help.

It is a fact that we can sit in our own house and project ourselves, locate, and see the friend we are anxious about. We can give help if needed. It is also possible for us to have the other person see us, even though He may not be fully developed psychically — this reassures Him.

Here we have covered the various forms of communication. We are outlining only, in order to give you a thumbnail sketch of the vastness of the freedom of the individual — in the use of the tools which are a part of this School — not an organization — but the real Science, which relates to the life of Man.


I thank the Father
For this day;
I thank the Father
For this Way
I thank the Father
For a World so Gay
So tonight with Moon
So bright
We rest in pure delight!

May you abide in Thy World in Peace and Joy –

Your teacher,
Earl W Blighton


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