Tree of Life – Level 2, Lesson 5: The Law 6

Tree of Life – Level 2, Lesson 5: The Law 6

Tree of Life Lessons — The Law

Mental Healing

In healing another or yourself, repeat this: “God is All. There is only One Power, Intelligence and Consciousness in the Universe — only One Presence. Now, that One Presence cannot change. There is nothing for It to change into but Itself. It is changeless and It is my Life now. It is in me now.”

Seldom, if ever is any sensation felt by either the patient or practitioner in healing. Correct thought is planted, and it grows like a seed to replace the incorrect thought, which is disease. In the release of the Holy Spirit, you can feel this.

A person does not heal. The Law — the Truth heals, and there is no such thing as “Not being good enough to heal.” To heal, you must recognize the Law — the Truth — and know that you can heal by understanding that the Truth demonstrates Itself.

A patient cannot be healed if his trouble is the result of some mental attitude, unknown to the practitioner — which he will not surrender. But if the practitioner can find out what that mental attitude is, he can remove it and thus remove the disease.

Although only one treatment should be required to eradicate any disease, a practitioner or patient may not always recognize immediate effect. Thus, harmful thoughts, or parts of them, remain. So in many cases, treatment must be repeated. A healing takes place only when the patient no longer is sick.

Those who say continually that everything in the world is all wrong, people are wrong, things are wrong, conditions are wrong, everyone is sick, everyone is unhappy and nothing is worthwhile, create conditions in themselves that cause them to be sick. If many people talk like this (as many people do), they create conditions that cause a great deal of trouble in the world. Such harmful thoughts are straightened out by clear thinking.

In treating a disease, you must recognize what kind of wrong thinking has caused that disease and then let your positive thoughts be the exact opposite of the harmful thought. For example, if a disease is caused by confusion, think of poise and peace.

Following are the causes of many major diseases and other ailments. Each disease may result from only one of the causes, or several causes in combination, or all of the causes combined.

Headache: Confusion, worry, anxiety, tension, suppressed emotions — the opposite of peace.

Insanity: Delusion that one has lost his self-consciousness, loss of belief in One Mind, which Mind is God and is perfect.

Lung trouble: A consuming passion; an unexpressed emotion, a strong desire.

Defective sight: Belief in limited or separated vision; thoughts of dishonesty; suspicion; fear; desolation; unhappiness.

Constipation: Belief in limitation; burden, bondage, and fear.

Trouble with arms & hands: Unwillingness to grasp Divine ideas; to grasp Reality.

Trouble with feet & legs: Unwillingness to be guided into all Truth; to be led by the ever-present Mind.

Asthma: hay fever: Thoughts of anxiety, strain, indecision, deep-seated worry, or concern.

Paralysis: Thoughts of restriction.

False growth (tumors, cancer, gallstones, etc.): Destructive emotions, desires, or ideas; depression; misunderstanding; maladjustment; frustration.

Heart trouble: Sudden shock; terrific loss (particularly loss of love); fear; thoughts of strain and disharmony; disappointment in or by a loved one; financial reverses.

Nervousness: Strain; disharmony; worry; remorse over past actions and fear of the future.

Blood problems & skin diseases: Lack of consciousness of love; a break in the rhythmic harmony of life; sensitivity; mental irritation; inability to adjust to and live with other people and (with hardening of the arteries) fear of growing old.

Fevers: Fear and discord — opposite of PEACE.

Colds, congestion, influenza, etc.: Confusion; fear; susceptibility to mass-mind thinking about drafts, chills, wet feet, etc.

Obesity: Gluttony caused by unexpressed longings and fear of food.

Kidney, bladder, liver disturbances: Worry; anxiety; fear; criticism; sudden shock and grief (kidneys); mental irritation and agitation (bladder); memory of unpleasant experiences; hard and tense thoughts (liver); thoughts of greed, selfishness, and jealousy (all three organs).

Stomach, bowel troubles: Worry; distrust; anxiety, hurt feelings; discouragement; disappointment — supersensitiveness which actually is, unbeknownst to the patient, an expression of selfishness — opposite of LOVE & JOY.

INSOMNIA: Sometimes shock, grief or anxiety; often the inability to let go of the affairs of the day — opposite of perfect trust in God.

INDIGESTION: Condemnation of food; overeating and eating the wrong things (although very few, if any, generally accepted foods can be wrong for anybody who recognizes that food is a spiritual idea of Substance).

RHEUMATISM: Thought and fear of bondage.


HOW TO HAVE PEACE OF MIND: We cannot be in peace until we know that the Spirit is the only cause, medium, and effect in our lives. There is no past, present, and future to it. Evil has no history and has never entered into the being or the experience of Reality. The mind must come to know and to realize all these truths if it is to have real and lasting peace.

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