Tree of Life – Level 2, Lesson 7: The Way 5

Tree of Life – Level 2, Lesson 7: The Way 5

Tree of Life Lessons – The Way

Heaven and Hell

Due to the myriad of teachings of what is generally called the afterlife of man, which in reality is only the continuance of life and the fact that we do not wish to take issue with anybody’s dogma. We are going to approach this subject of Heaven and Hell by giving to you the various schools of thought in saying they are right or wrong and then on the final lessons of this subject, we will teach you what our experience has taught us, and in certain things make positive declarations in accordance with the Christian way.

The whole Christian system of religion is based on the life hereafter. For it is very evident when one reads the Holy Bible that your way of life here, your conduct, your thoughts and words here in this life on earth are your passport for the life hereafter, and the state or level at which you will function in that life to be prepared for your return to earth. This will also determine the joy and glories you will receive in heaven while you are there. Do not be misled by the term “state of consciousness,” because heaven is a real place.

The elaborate preparations which we have made for the development of the Brother — many revelations were received to prepare them — even after the knowledge of the Illumination and the God Realization of man, these initiations are a way that man can have all the tools which our Lord has told us of.

These tools are for use here on Earth to bring others into the Light and Illumination, which is the principle objective of this School. By and in the process of attaining these initiations the Light serves as a purification agent of the Soul, which has a tremendous effect on the Brother’s life after transition and his next cycle of life on a higher level than the past one just finished.

Our Lord Jesus Christ preached repentance from the start of his ministry, and did so insistently all through His ministry.

It is an interesting fact that it has always been said that the eyes were the windows of the Soul. This is why it has always been found if something is amiss in the body, the eyes will not clear until the body is well again; this is the reason why Christians should always be interested in Soul purification.

The purity of the Soul will allow the gleaming Light of the SELF to show through and is especially good in the gaining of repentance, which makes Soul purity an indispensable tool.

As it was in the testament, so it is today in the matter of Soul function. In our endeavor to bring Brothers into the Light of Christ, we are paving the way in the finest way possible for their salvation.

This receiving of the real Light is also the manifesting of the greatest care for the Human Soul and its work is a functional way in the preparing for the next cycle of life and its evolutionary work.

Let us refer to the Testament which definitely states that a Soul has a personal friend and this is a guardian who is a member of God’s court — which have the duty to guard Souls — as it said that the Son of Man came to save every Soul or Being as a shepherd rescues the lost sheep. So it is in this School; we seek to bring the Light of Christ to each man, thus purifying the body.

The purpose of this effort to purify the Soul is so that when the body passes through transition and the Soul and the SELF go on, rise up in other words, this, the Being, may rise to a higher level with a fuller consciousness of what you are in the act of doing, than if you had not been prepared and the Soul purification had not been attended to by the Teacher or the Priest.

People in this day of our modern times seem to feel that it is very unscientific to talk about heaven or hell, and yet all of this may be put on a distinctly scientific basis, which, of course, would lack somewhat the warmth of love which faith has for us.

Let us refer back to the words of Jesus when he said, “I go to prepare a place for you. For in my Father’s house are many mansions, and if it were not so I would have told you.”

I personally could not imagine our Master and the Master of this School, which has for so many proven His reality through revelation, trying to feed us some hocus-pocus to make us feel good and buoy us up for that day of transition if it were not so.

Since I was a little fellow, which I guess was not very long — in the act of being a little fellow — but not the act of being a youth in the Spirit, was a long time ago — I have been listening to the theologians, the priests and ministers destroy or avoid the reality of the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ in two different ways.

Number one, by totally avoiding the subject, which, of course, puts the individual on a path which leads to the edge of a precipice of total darkness and total void, at the point of transition — no, I am wrong in using this word, because you could not go through transition unless you believe in heaven and what is worded as “hell.” You would have to say that when he comes to the end of the path of life that he dies and is finished with great finality.

The time has come. The people need to know, and I am no longer going to speak in pleasant terms, for there are thousands of books written by the theologians, the churches and the famous authors which do nothing but pacify and deter, or cast down to a lower level and destroy the real Reality of the Creation of the Father which our Lord was talking about before the ascension.

I wish to make on real statement here, a very positive unconditional statement. AND THAT IS THAT HEAVEN IS REAL. You may call it anything you want to. It is another realm, another place, another level of vibration — it is another world just as real as the world we live in. When you are there, use what words you will, it is less dense than that of the earth level, but it still is real and you are there when you leave the earth plane, and your Soul and SELF and your experience is such, and clean enough — in other words your vibration is high enough — you will go there. And when you are there it is just as dense as your present existing world is to you today, and just as real as doughnuts and coffee.

I am not saying that you are going to have to pave the streets with macadam or use picks and shovels, but perhaps a little more difficult than that — you are going to have to use your mind to control your vehicle, and your work which you do in concentration, contemplation and other spiritual exercises will be an asset when you start to function with the reality of the Soul and SELF. In other words — YOU. In other words, you become conscious and desire its function in the heaven world. You will find those simple exercises you did on Earth will bring you great comfort in the world hereafter.

One of the most destroying and deterring of all states of thinking is the use of the word “consciousness”, from one standpoint of view. Do not call heaven a state of consciousness.

For the word “consciousness” has been colloquially used to dispel the realness of reality. I know I have used it myself, but most people, laymen or students, do not understand the word “vibration” really, so that they learn nothing from it. It only helps to keep them from seeing the proof of the reality. Although science in the optical field, light field, and electronics, talks constantly of vibration, this is all right for them, but when you are speaking of earth or this solar system, do not refer to vibration on heaven because they will deny you — that is an unscientific approach.

Many of the Priests have picked up fragmentary parts of the teachings of other worlds, but seem to fail in obtaining the clarity of their thinking, and are unable to pass or communicate their understanding of heaven to their students.

It is a very difficult thing usually for Christian people to go into any state of contemplation or to reach out and pass through the barrier between this world and the next so that they might understand and gain firsthand information of the reality of the world of God in its totality of this solar system and the seven worlds above us, meaning above in the sense of vibration and less density.

It is through many false statements or implication that they gain a false state of mind or consciousness to a point where we have become so technologically inaccurate with the scientific structure of Creation that we have ruled out all which is called familiarly the unseen. Remember the old cliche: There is more to the unseen world than that of the seen. Therefore, it would seem that it would be of paramount importance that we learn something about the place that we are traveling to and doing all this work to prepare ourselves for.

Then I ask the question, how do I see? And I find according to the complicated science that man has projected that I really don’t see anything and never have. At this point of my discourse I ask you the question:

Are the theologians correct, or those queer and strange people that seem to know heaven, the mystics and occultists, that were so strange that they were called before the courts of heresy in the past by the Christian churches, and only because these people, the ones who were judging, were so far from God in reality that they could neither experience God nor Jesus Christ, that they branded these who could as heretics and spreaders of evil and tools of the devil’s work. And isn’t it quite true that they are only looking in the mirror? The time has come to forget Christianity and remember God and Jesus Christ and how they have built this Creation. This is what this series of lessons are about — the heresy of God!

Heaven is a state of conscious-ness? WHEN YOU CAN RAISE YOUR VIBRATION SO THAT YOU CAN PARTICIPATE ON THAT HIGHER LEVEL, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO GO TO HEAVEN. And according to the level on which you have raised your consciousness, accordingly, will you move up to higher spheres and a higher form of life.

As man moves closer to the reality of the Christos, or to Christ, the more he takes on the consciousness and greater reality of life of the whole of this solar system, both the seen and the unseen. Here is where the statement come very often thought, but never understood when it is said or talked about — the “worlds within worlds,” or another one, the expression is ‘wheels within wheels.’ Again, let me draw your attention back to what I have just previously stated: Do not take the term “state of consciousness” as being an unreality, for this is the true world from which all things are created. And the closer he gets to the Christos the higher will rise his vibration and the purer will he become. For God and His Son may only experience through man’s action — his action prayer, and that’s to gain their joy of the denser action world.

Many people call this a state of Cosmic Consciousness and there are many — should we say — levels of this. No man is totally devoid of this and no man in an earth body is totally conscious of this, except perhaps Jesus Christ. I am using this as the scale of the totality of God.

In other words as you let go of what the churchman calls iniquities — sins, errors, as you raise the totality of your life pattern and function, as you grow more close again to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of Earth, the higher you will be able to move up on the heaven world when you leave the dense body behind.

The reason for the initiation of Illumination is so that, as the Master said, “If thine eye be single, thy body will be full of Light.” And as the physical body fills with Light and what we call the regeneration starts to see you through, then also we will move toward a point of complete Illumination where the dense body is no longer dense and you may experience the ascension as our Lord Jesus did. We will then have conquered death and it will no longer be a part of us. We will have become a Universal Soul and know our Lord in a more personal way.

This you see gives us a great deal of freedom in the continued life in other worlds and we may then become the eternal servants of the Father Most High and we will not have to return into incarnation on this earthly orb unless we so desire to in order to perform a mission on this Earth or some other orb to aid the Father in His work amongst the people of some world.

I am going to draw a parallel in order to demonstrate where heaven and hell really exist in our life cycle. Which may also demonstrate why in this School it is necessary for you to skip the psychic and not pay too much attention to it except to guard against its influence — or should I say, against those out of the psychic.

When you come into this School or in training in other words, you are told to let go and let God. You are instructed to forget the past and look just to the present and now.

Then sometimes we try to hang on to little things that we like or little habits that we like or someone or something in this respect, or we can’t quite make up our mind to take final vows and give all to the Master, or one of a number of human frailties.

Then I as your Teacher instruct you to get on one side of the fence or the other — that you can’t stay on the fence and attain the initiations of Illumination and God Realization while you are on the fence — you have got to make up your mind.

Now let us go back and draw the real parallel to what we have just stated. The seeker is on earth and he is preparing himself for service and initiation, and if he is a true seeker of the path of our Lord Jesus Christ he is looking forward to life in the heaven world where he will be truly close to the Host and can be taught by them and can enjoy life without the load and barrier of a physical body — or should I say encumbrance? No, not encumbrance, just a different form of life.

The initiate by keeping his eye on the Master and the heaven world and not giving cognizance to the things in between, will not affect him. The in-between is the psychic.

But if he becomes too dense and is not able to function at all in the heaven world — even in the lower heaven world or upper psychic — then he will find himself at the time he goes through transition, in the borderland where he may not see the face of the Father or our Lord Jesus Christ.

The lower part of this level of vibration — or should I say the lack of the level of vibration — is the borderland. If he is too densely steeped in material life he may be earthbound. If he has committed heinous crimes — according to Creation — or such, he may find himself in a vibrationlessness non-existence, or hell.

The much talked-of fires of hell are his desires for the multitude of things which he has previously experienced or the desire for communication with others, the wanting to be known, the desire for food and drink, and many others, which create a terrific flame of hell.

Let us explain hell this way also, from another side of the story: Hell is the negative side of the Sun, the absence of Light and complete resistance to it experienced often on earth as one is being purged of error.

For as the dross is being burned away and is ignited, it causes the fire because it can’t stay under the influences of the Light, and the pain is from the intense heat. If there are impurities left on the Soul after coming into Illumination or passing over, there is a constant burning.

That territory or level that the church calls purgatory covers the psychic and the desire world, you might say, or the lower levels of the heaven world. As psychic stuff is the meat and flesh of the spiritual body, with impurities you will feel the psychic world when you pass through it.

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