Tree of Life – Level 2, Lesson 1: Symbolism 3

Tree of Life – Level 2, Lesson 1: Symbolism 3

Tree of Life Lessons Symbolism

energy the great creative force

We have been able (through our past lessons in symbolism) to see and know that all things which manifest have two principles, or two different polarities. Like the poles of a magnet, there is a positive and a negative pole. In form, we see this literally. Therefore, when you consider the two parts of the triangle, we then have two right angle triangles.

In science, we then know that all the formulas of force, energy, and its action, whether it be in the electrical, chemical, or mechanical field, have the right triangle as the basis of scientific calculations.

This right triangle is the basis of the science of life in ACTION, and is demonstrated by the movement of itself about the central point — the GOD point. The thought we are conveying to you is that ENERGY IS THE GREAT CREATIVE FORCE.

It does not make any difference whether we are using the term GOD, ALLAH, YHVH — because they are all one and the same. They represent the same basic power we learn to know as the God of our universe. It is the all-oneness that is with us everywhere, in everything, and that has to do with the making up of our world. We are talking about the Science of Life — the power which works through these scientific processes.

four elements of material manifestation

The Square is the four elements of material manifestation.
Here we see opposites work together.

Fire and air are the working elements in combustion. Water and earth are components of solids of the creation. Man’s body is also made up in this way.

Water and earth form the negative poles of earth life. Fire and air form the positive poles or spiritual part of earth life.

In man, himself — his physical body, his universe — the earth furnishes minerals and denser material. Water completes the physical body by more than 90%. Water attracts the psychic and spiritual forces. Thus, we have the attraction of the spiritual or electrical body of man to the denser matter of the material body.

Air conveys the Life Force, or Christ Force, into the lungs. This is picked up by the blood. The Life Force functions in the processing of food coming into the body.

When a great deal of dross or toxins accumulate in the body, a disease manifests (or what the doctor would call a disease). Here, then, the fire element creates a fever to turn out the disease. This action strikes a balance and we have good health again.

three primary shapes

We have what is known as the three basic forms. We call them the “Master Forms.” All designs, machines, buildings, the bodies of men, and the things of nature have the same forms in some variation or base of line. These Master Forms are also the ABC’s of Symbolism.

Any symbol always conveys a functional picture in the thinking of man.

  • Step 1.  A person first must become conscious of God, the Great Creative Power. This is the circle in symbolism. Therefore, man may realize that God is a part of every cell in his body. Both forms are the same.
  • Step 2.  The triangle represents the three steps of the Law — the process of creation. This entire step — the triangle — is KNOWING the power of the Word left with us by the Master Jesus from God, or the Great Creative Power. Even so, this power existed from the beginning, but was retaught by the Master Jesus.
  • Step 3.  When we have learned to KNOW the Law of the Triangle and how it works, we form a pattern of what we want and let go of the pattern — accepting it as finished. Then, the elements of the Square will filter down into the dense world — into our world. Thus, man can create any and all things


Symbolism was and is a means of a universal science of life. It is not a case of one word as we know them in English, French, or German. It is a sign which is all encompassing — which conveys a picture of a thing, or force, and the feeling about it.

Regardless of your religion, or creed, this School is not here to convince you that what you have been taught is wrong, but it is to teach you what you have not been taught about your faith. This enables you to be a free man to manifest your God and Mind in peace and happiness without fearing anything. Why? Because we teach you the science of Man.

It is a channel through which you can receive the knowledge and tools to work out your own personal life which no one else (no matter how much wisdom he has obtained) can do for you.

You, and you alone, can manage your own life!

ONE: By the Universe you live in.

TWO: By knowing the Tools you have to work with.

THREE: By knowing Yourself and your BROTHER.


Out of the Deeps of the sea,
Out of the Black Vault of Space,
Man looks to improve his race.
Man trying to know God’s Face.



Photo by James Lii/Unsplash

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