Tree of Life – Level 2, Lesson 1: Symbolism 1

Tree of Life – Level 2, Lesson 1: Symbolism 1

Tree of Life Lessons Symbolism

This Second Level of instructions is for those people who have had conventional church teachings, and have studied some of the New Thought teachings. For, it is meant to be a science, and not a philosophical religion as is commonly called religion. It is, and does, conform with the teachings of the basic world religions. It is the word and essence of all the Great Religious teachings.

How could it be, you might say? It is because at the bottom of all are the simple, but few, laws, which the Great Creator used when he created this universe. The science of man is a scientific approach. It may be used in business and Soul growth alike. This makes it different from anything you have studied before.

A science is a systematized collection of natural facts and reactions which have to do with — and govern — the seen and unseen movement, and the control of material substance and energy which covers — what you would call spiritual and material — or, as we say and know it to be true, that if God, or the Great Creative Power is the basic substance of the universe, all things are one, and so spirit and matter are one, except that one is denser than the other.

Therefore, this is a living science — a science you may live by. It is not a dead science. It gives you the living, moving, pulsating FREEDOM of life. It gives you the dynamic force of creation at your fingertips, and at the same time, giving to your neighbor the freedom to live and love.


We are interested in symbolism because it is, and does, represent to Man a language of creation in this solar system. It is the mathematical language of the way in which the force, and power, of all things work here. It is the language of the basic operation of the universe, and the patterns through which they work to bring through the material, or spiritual, things we need in our everyday life into manifestation.

Symbolism is also a record of how Men thought — their concepts of the Creator, how the Law of Creation works, how they worked the Law, and how they worked with it. There is but one basic set of Laws. But, these Laws will work through most any form, or ritual, with the provision that they are not violated. For example, the Law of Cause and Effect cannot be set aside.

Symbology is also a picture story of the events of history. This, we are not so interested in except that we are able to know what Man learned to be true. In this way, we do not need to start over again, but start where they left off. Thus, we can begin at that stage of development of the world and progress from where earlier men have left off, thereby gaining time by their experience.

Symbology is a language of signs, like those of mathematics, or the signs the scientists use. They depict action, and how the Laws work through a certain pattern, bringing the Creative Force, GOD, of the Solar System into the dense world.

Man, until now and more than anything else, has been interested in his own personal self than in the world or the solar system in which he is now living. This is because he started from his point of manifestation, or reference, LIFE. In a way of speaking, he started in mid-air.

This is so because he knew nothing of what was in heaven — as it is called — nor did he understand about himself. Therefore, he did not have a foundation, or solid premise, for the working out of his life, and a way to plan his future — both here on earth and after he had passed through the gate of what most people call death.

He should have been able to start with the knowing of men which had gone on before him. He then could take the ball of evolution from them and their experiences, thereby, going on with the development of his own inner being.

In many instances, it is not a case of development, or developing himself, so much as it is remembering what he already KNOWS within and progressing from there.

Let us take the circle with its center point:

symbolism circle center dot

The Symbol of the circle is one of the oldest and  most universal known to man. It has been used for at least 12,000 years—always interpreted to relate to the center of power, or God.

It has always been used to symbolize the Godhead, Creator, the Sun God, etc. So, we learn a lesson from those that went on before. No matter how seemingly primitive, or advanced, the acknowledgment of one source, of one power, a unified God, has been recognized. It is a scientific symbol upon which to understand SELF, mechanics, metals, drugs, aero-dynamics, etc.

This circle — with the center point — has represented the following through the many eras of Mans progression:

  1. God with the central creative center.
  2. The atom.
  3. The cell, or human cell, such as muscle tissue, and all the tissue is composed of.
  4. RA, Sun God worshipped by the Egyptians.
  5. Solar system – that is, Sun, Earth, Mars, Saturn, etc.
  6. The completed cycle of action.
  7. The unity of all – God and Man; that is, undividedness of this universe.
  8. The Earth – the shape of the body itself.
  9. The top part of Venus as in Astrology.
  10. The Zodiac.
  11. The Sun, with Mind as the center.
  12. Three of these circles are the three parts of Man.
  13. The wheel and hub, or vortex.


There are ONLY three forms in the whole universe. They are the circle, the square, and the triangle. These forms may be enlarged or made smaller. They may move in one dimension and not in another. But always, there are just three basic forms, or portions of them.

All things in the physical world are made in these three patterns so that matter may fill them.

You will learn later that there is a Law by which Man — all mankind — may control matter, and what is allowed to come into his own life.

symbolism positive negative in action

The electrical cycle — the two halves of the circle — shows the positive and negative in action.

One of the first things to remember is that before any one thing can exist on the earth plane, it must first exist in the Mind, or the Great Mind of GOD in which we have the world of Archetypes; thus, the world of the thought forms.

Like all things, the world of thought is divided into two main divisions. These are the Concrete Thought, which is the denser part of the thought world, and the Abstract Thought.

The world of Abstract Thought might be likened to the things in the physical world of dense matter. In light — that which we see by, or that which radiates from any object — some wave lengths we may see with our eyes, or see the reaction of them, or their color. There are also those we cannot see. In fact, we see only about 1/80 part of the actual light existing in the material world. Nevertheless, they still exist and have considerable effect on our everyday life.

The world of thought is like this — it is there but we do not see it. Yet, the world of the Law of Christ proves its existence.

The world of thought in the lower region is where the spirit and the chemical body of a thing meet. This is the world from which Man obtains his physical vehicle.

This is not an abstract and useless discussion, but a tying together of the heretofore mystery of real prayer as the Master Jesus taught it. What could be more essential?

Its function will be more fully explained in the next lesson.




Photo by James Lii/Unsplash

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