Tree of Life – Level 2, Lesson 3: Power 1

Tree of Life – Level 2, Lesson 3: Power 1

Tree of Life Lessons – Power

These are the factors which have to do with the unlimited power of man. Power is the capacity to act physically. Webster’s definition is “physical force, or energy.”

In electrical engineering, they attach the factor of time by saying the shorter time it takes in doing a piece of work, or something of this nature, the more power is manifest. In other words, the shorter the time, the more power is manifest in doing equal “foot pounds” of work.

In electrical terms, the symbol is “W”, or Watts. It is equal to the current “I” times “E” which is electrical force. Now, “I” is the current flow, and “R” is resistance. “E” as electro-motive force is equal to I x R.

This is interesting to a Christian because it demonstrates that these scientific laws are true even in Christianity and in the teachings of Jesus. In other words, if you do not resist, the Christ-Force will flow through you (energy: Light, Life, and Love.)

These laws hold true in the function of the Laws of Prayer for things you want in your life, or a prayer for healing — for all alike. The Master Jesus had no resistance to the God-Force, so therefore, a greater current flowed, and the fuller power was manifest. His healings took place right then. As He spoke to the individual, it was then manifest.

“I”, the current that flows, meets little or no resistance. Therefore, greater power will be manifest by you: I x R = E. Another interesting factor is that Webster says that power also means “authority.” So also does man have the authority from God — that the use of the power of God for the creation of all that man desires in his life is made possible.

It is manifest in the light; for light is matter in a less dense form. If matter sheds its mass and travels with the speed of light, we call it “radiation” or “energy.” We also call this a conversion of form. If the energy congeals and becomes inert, we can see it as mass and then it is matter.

It is an interesting thing — when we talk about electricity — that one of its later definitions by some of our noted men is that it is evident there is, in the universe, a certain definite amount of electricity.

Electricity can neither be created nor destroyed. Electrical energy – not electricity – can be generated and produced from the energy of some other form by forcing electrons to move in some certain path and pattern. Now these are strictly scientific facts. If you will remember, the less resistance you have, the more you will generate and demonstrate Power.

This goes right along with a very old saying: “Let go, and let God.” If we do not let go, the God-force cannot flow through us, and therefore, the Christ Life — the Spirit — cannot move to do the work and manifest.

This is very useful in the study of regeneration because regeneration takes an awful lot of power to rebuild, reorganize and bring back to the normal pattern the structure of the body.

Many people have an idea that regeneration is a figure of speech — that you just become stronger, and that nothing else has really ever happened. This is not true; for regeneration follows a definite path. If we are seeking Illumination, and initiation after this state of reality, we will find that a great deal of power has manifested itself in us and a very definite physical change has taken place.

Regeneration takes place during periods of initiation, and also during Illumination. Now, from three days to nine months, it happens upon the starting of the Light. Thus does Light in doing its work demonstrate its power.

The three phases of power from their basic use are the energies used in Prayer, Meditation, and Blessing.

The power of Word in the use of the basic cosmic energy, or God in action, demonstrates the use of the Life-Force — Cosmic Energy (God) — and the light of Christ in the power of prayer.

The Power of Meditation is demonstrated in the use of the Mind of God and Law of God.

The Power of Blessing is demonstrated in the use of the Christ Light and Spirit.

In the Holy Bible, we have a few good demonstrations of the use of the Word and the meaning of the Word Power. In I Chronicles 29:11, we read: “For thine, O Lord, is the greatness and power and glory and the beauty and the majesty and the honor.” This shows the nature of the power of God — its characteristics.

In Psalms 62:11, we see: “God has said this once; twice have I heard this; that power belongs unto God.” This shows that all energy and force originates in the Father — that there is but one basic power or source of energy.

In St. Matthew 28:18-20: “And Jesus came up and spoke with them and said to them, all power in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Just as my Father has sent me, I am also sending you.” This shows the extent of the power given to us who go into the field to work for Jesus; for He compared His sending of the disciples to that of the Father sending Him.

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