Tree of Life – Level 2, Lesson 1: Symbolism 4

Tree of Life – Level 2, Lesson 1: Symbolism 4

Tree of Life Lessons Symbolism

Level II of instructions is for those acquainted with a church and some New Age techniques. These are scientific teachings based upon proven facts taught by many great teachers and masters. These teachings encompass — in word and essence — the teachings of the Holy Bible, the Cabala (or Kabbalah), the Talmud, and the Essenes.

You may ask: “How could this be?” It is because at the bottom of all things are the simple, but few, laws which the Great Creator, or Creative Force and Mind, used in the creating of this Solar System.

Life Science states that Law is not a Law unless it works in our Soul-life and our material-life alike.

Any rule or guidance must be approached as you would approach any problem in science or business because it must be good for Soul growth just as business is also good for Soul growth.  This makes the difference from a dogmatic religion.


A science, which controls all substance in a vast universe like this Solar System, must control both seen and unseen substance. In order to control both seen and unseen substance, this science must control energy in all forms.

This science is the fact and Law by which God created this Solar System and all that it contains — worlds, plants, animals, minerals, and MAN. This is the science of how One Basic Power and Energy is the basic substance of all things. Spiritual and material are One; therefore, this is a living science — a science to live by. It gives you a living, moving, pulsating FREEDOM in LIFE; for life never ceases to exist.

With the understanding and use of this science, you have at your finger tips the dynamic force of creation. With the use of this science, you will give to your neighbor, and you will gain the FREEDOM to LIVE and LOVE.


We are interested in symbolism because it is and does represent to man a universal language of all creation in this Solar System. It is a mathematical language describing action no matter in what era or time the action took place. Symbolism describes the structure and patterns of this universe — how it functions — as well as all things in it.

Symbolism describes the Law of the Word — how it operates. This Law is the one with which we determine what is going to happen in our life. This is the Law with which we bring into the material world all the spiritual and material things we need — shown through symbolism.

Symbolism is also a record of how men thought; their concepts of the Creator. It also shows how they worked with these laws (MAN). This subject gives man an understanding of the rituals in the Ancient Temples and Modern Temples as well as churches.

Symbology is a picture story of the events of history — telling us how far man was advanced at different ages in time. This allows man to gain by the experience of his forefathers no matter how long ago.

Symbols describe the action of God working through the Law into dense matter to fulfill our demands. Let us examine the circle:

symbolism of the circle

This symbol is one of the oldest and most universal symbols known to man. It has been used for at least 12,000 years. It is used as the Godhead, or Creative Force, of the universe. So we learn as a lesson from this about those that came before us. The lesson is that no matter how primitive or advanced, man has acknowledged the One Source of supply of all things.

The One Source of Power.

The One Source of Life.

The One Source of Creation.

The One unified God.

The symbol is a scientific tool to help us understand SELF and mechanics, metals, chemistry, aero-dynamics, etc.

The circle was used, and is used, for many things.

uses of the circle

NOTE: In Fig. 9, it is the small axle that carries the weight. It is also through the center of God’s universe — His SUN — which carries the weight and responsibility of supplying the Life Force to all things — man, animal, and plant — so that the Father may manifest on all planets.

symbolism of yin yang

Figure 10

This symbol depicts the Father / Mother God showing the positive and negative qualities.

serpent symbol of creation

Figure 11

This symbol is one of the early mystical symbols based upon the symbol of Creation – the Serpent. This Serpent represents creation made manifest with the ability to perpetuate its own body and existence.

symbol of the dot

Figure 12


symbol of gods word

Figure 13

God’s extension of the WORD – thus developing the LAW


Figure 14

The continuation of movement in accordance to LAW – according to Epigenesis.

the law holds the force from the center

Figure 15

The LAW holds the force from the Center. The periphery will be equal distance from the center point. Also, the force is gradually expanding itself into the creation of the orb.

symbolism of circle

Figure 16

Thus, the extended curve forms a Circle, and another world is formed because the form of all radiating energy is in all four dimensions and fills the sphere.


This form — the circle and the sphere — is a universal form and can be made small, or larger, at will.  This is a part of the construction devices of their solar system.


In the whole universe, there are only three forms. They are:

These basic forms are the ones that may be enlarged or made smaller.

In Fig. 1, we see the circle and square combined. In Fig. 2, we see just an enlarged circle. In Fig. 3, we see a smaller circle. In Fig. 4, we see a combination of circles brought into a pattern to form “Yang”.

All things in this physical world are made of these three patterns. The pattern, of course, is formed in the Mind first. Then, through the Law, it comes into the physical world.

There is a Law by which Man — all mankind — may control matter and what is allowed to come into his own life.

One of the first things to remember is that before any one thing can exist on the earth plane, it must first exist in the Mind — in your mind — and the Mind of the Great Creator in which we have the world of Archetypes, or patterns. This is also called the world of Thought forms.




Photo by James Lii/Unsplash

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