Tree of Life – Level 2, Lesson 7: The Way 1

Tree of Life – Level 2, Lesson 7: The Way 1

Tree of Life Lessons – The Way

Jesus Christ, the great avatar and Master, who in our New Testament is spoken of as the Lord of earth, said: “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” This is probably one of the most profound and all encompassing statements of our time.

All religions and churches, orders, occult and mystic societies or schools lead to the same point of path of intersection, the Way, which is the path of initiation, something everyone does not subscribe to, but it matters little who ascribes to it. All eventually get there and at this point all find a new freedom and a new reality of life.

The branches of religions, sciences, and churches, or what we call the Tree of Life, regardless of what you believe, all of these aspirations, regardless of the approach, are directed toward the ennobling of man’s life, which lifts his life out of the realm of a purely physical existence, and as it ennobles man’s life, it is leading the individual toward freedom.

It is no mere chance that our older universities have been developed from clerical schools. Most churches and organizations have a philosophical background which may come within the framework of some group of tenets of dogmatic teachings, but in so far as they live up to their true function, they should seek to properly make man himself be felt, with regard to his beliefs.

But on the Way, all dogmas and philosophies feed into the realistic reality of the functioning Word of the Creator, and how the worlds of God both materially and physically function — therefore we have a handbook of material sciences: the teachings of Jesus; in other words, the solar initiations which man goes through due to his experiences in life.

When man seeks to put his foot onto the Way, he must stand on two feet, and he becomes the counterpart through which the Light of Christ does function, and to this great creative mind and power he becomes a channel.

Down through the ages man has always looked to find out what it was that made some men stand out. Some men were classified as mystics by the masses, some teachers, some priests, some just endeavorers, missionaries, and carriers of the Word. It was the calm of these men for one thing which attracted the people to them.

Was there really something which these mystics or the great men, Jesus or Buddha, were endowed with that other men did not have and did not seem to be able to get? No, the Creator endowed all people alike, each had the same opportunity to learn, to use their powers, each was provided with the same great reality of atonement, each had the same tools, some knew how to use them better than others.

These men were close to nature and themselves, so that they were natural, one might say, scientists.

Then we look to other far off lands of other places and there are the lamas and priests and disciples who were all alike except that they had made up their mind that the way of manifesting the deity was more important than any thing in life in the material world. They had decided that God the All Present Creator was the most important of all things or people, that they desired to experience.

It is the endeavor of this School to take the mystery out of the Mysteries so that the teachings of Jesus Christ will not be mysterious. It is true that in this School, we do know and understand the mysteries, but most of them can be taught the exceptions of a few which are taught to the priesthood, so that we may lift up the level of consciousness in this era of time to a higher one than that of the past age, not in an exotic practice but in those things that will not only guide the soul but guide the hand of man so that he may live a more joyous life.

The Way is truly a universality of the pattern of soul growth. It might be well to explain the reality of the Way in simple language. One might say that this was the ultimate path of attainment on which you can travel to peace, understanding, and fellowship with men and women of one mind. It does not matter whether you are Jewish, Catholic, Christian, or whatever denomination, this is the Way, the path all have to follow.

It is the underlying path described and directed by the Father in Creation. It is the thing by which Jesus Christ our Master demonstrated while here on earth when He took Himself through the initiation of crucifixion and resurrection. It is the path that all great ones have traveled on the earth.

Brothers of this School have no new philosophy except we unite the teachings of Jesus with the supporting wisdom teachings of the ancient Christianity and sciences. There are two outstanding differences between this School, and its teachings, and that of the conventional Christian religion, in that we are interested in the existing forces and powers in the universe and how they work. There are a number of schools that teach part of these things, but have not united them in the one cosmic pattern.

To be a real Brother in this School is the same as taught by many great teachers. It is the art of really accepting the Light, finding the Self, and understanding the Self, so you can understand your Brother, not just agreeing with him to be socially acceptable and peaceful, but truly understanding truly, and seeing the Self, working with the Self, and you will know that your Brother and you are two different people and will probably never agree wholly on different points due to different experiences, and according to what rung of Jacob’s ladder you are on.

When you agree to this, you have reached a point of understanding all things, and are able to accept the difference due to the different way in which they are manifesting the God force in their station in the life stream.

Even the man that does, or tries to do, you harm, if you try to understand what motivates his negative or evil act, (after all, he is the one who is going to pay for the act), if you know the power and force of nature which you possess, he cannot harm you bodily or spiritually.

We say, using an old cliché‚ don’t kick against the pricks, just flow along over them. Remember, no one is going to put anything over on you unless you think they can. And further, who can get away with anything?

Work toward the Way through this School, live with us, grow with us in this age of beauty, help us to share the great truths which have been so badly hidden, the truths that many young people and old are so hungry for.

For man, although knowingly starting his evolution into dense matter, is now starting his evolution out, to attain his God Order or as we call it, his Self mastery.


Set your face to the Son,
Never run.
Use the spear of Mind,
Which is thought,
To stop what negativity
Has been wrought.

Be a Brother;
Help one another.
Seek the Master Teacher
Of them all:
Listen closely
To God’s call.

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