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201 “Sermon to Rev. Cohen, S.J.”, 9/20/70, 17 minutes, (CD 25), and
“Christmas, 1972”, 12/24/72, 17 minutes, (CD 28)

Father Paul (Life-vowed)

Father dedicates this sermon to a chaplain who had written him. Tells about the Order in relation to the Church and Christianity. Christmas ’72 deals with the reality of this particular Holy day and the birth of our Lord, and our experience and realization of it, etc.


202: “I Peter 4”, 8/23/70, 13 minutes, (CD 24) and
“This is My Body”, 7/19/70, 12 minutes, (CD 23)

Father Paul (Novices)

I Peter 4 goes into etymology of the word ‘suffer’ and how man seeks to realize his own divinity within. Includes way for man and woman to do this. “This is My Body” focuses on the reality of Communion and the Lord’s Body in us.


203 “The Mystical Life of Jesus vs. Logic”, 11/2/69, 22 min., (CD 20) and
“Become as a Little Child” 1/20/74, 16 minutes, (CD 28)

Father Paul (Novices)

Presents the true spiritual/mystical side of the realities of Christ including the virgin birth, some world history showing worship of Christ before time of Jesus, indestructibility of the truth, etc, all showing the limitations of material logic alone. “Child” shows simplicity as key to spiritual attainment.


204 “Already Given” — Galatians 3:1-5, 1/25/70, 18 minutes, (CD 22) and
“Acceptance of Reality” — Luke 16:13-14, 7/26/70, 19 min. (CD 24)

Father Paul (Novices)

“Galatians 3” describes our use of the Law, Word and Faith, and how this ties in with the gift of Jesus Christ. “Acceptance” tells of the Christ’s coming to the earth, some of the effects of that, and the job of the New Age Christian in helping with this.


205 “Endurance” — Romans 5:1-5, 8/12/70, 17 minutes (CD 24) and
“Omniscience of God in Man” — Ephesians 1:3, 6/28/70, 16 min. (CD 23)

Father Paul (Novices)

“Endurance” thoroughly covers Jesus’ saying of “In my Father’s house are many mansions”. Also puts ‘suffering’ in place as tool for spiritual growth. “Omniscience” describes man’s nature as part of God’s omniscience, but shows how man needs Jesus Christ to reach that point.


206 “Service, Key to Spiritual Attainment” — John 16-17, 9/6/70 (CD 25) and
“Veneration and Use of the Light” — Col. 3:1-5, 11/1/70 (CD 25)

Father Paul 34 minutes (Novices)

Shows how Jesus exemplified giving in service. Goes into thought control and seeing good in all. “Veneration is an exhortation on the receiving of the Light and working with it fully in order to manifest it and appreciate it to the greatest degree.


207 “True Knowledge/True Action” — I Cor, 8:1-7 7/20/69, 20 min (CD 20) and
Overcoming the Emotions” — Rev. 20:1-5, 9/14/69, 20 min (CD 20) [poor audio]

Father Paul (Novices)

“True Knowledge”: The impact our actions having in setting a Christian example and in obtaining the real knowledge of God. “Overcoming” brings out the truth of this chapter in Revelations as it applies to man’s spiritual development now. Also points out error of interpretations.


208 “The Bitter Cup” 12/13/70, 17 minutes, (CD 25) and
Live in One World” — Acts 11:1-10, 12/20/70, 20 minutes, (CD 26)

Father Paul (Novices)

“Bitter Cup” speaks of Jesus having acted out the Way and the real suffering he had to go through for us. “One World” tells some of what a Master Teacher is, the spiritual office of the Brotherhood and the responsibility of living a Holy life – spiritually and physically.


209 “Be Born Again” — John 3:1-3, 1/4/70, 18 minutes (CD 21) and
“The Kingdom of God” — Luke 12:32-34, 1/11/70, 22 min., (CD 21)

Father Paul (Novices)

“Born Again” brings out the reality of the rebirth in the Light of Christ and how to live a true Christian life. “Kingdom” takes mystery out of the reality of Heaven and how we go about getting there.


210 “Blessed Mother” — John 2: 1-6, 1/18/70, 20 minutes (CD 22) and
Second Sunday in Advent — Pearl of Great Price (Advent II)” — Matthew 3:1-4 12/7/69, 11 minutes, (CD 20)

Father Paul (Novices)

“Blessed Mother” gives a picture of the work of the Virgin Mary and what true womanhood is. “Advent II” reveals the coming of Christ again and our recognition of the reality of the unseen reality we’ve been given.


211 “Arise and Take the Child” — Matthew 20:2, 12/21/69 (CD 21) and
Stewards of the Mysteries of God” — I Corinthians 4 12/28/69 (CD 21)

Father Paul 22 minutes (Novices)

“Arise” shows the birth of Christ in us and the attempt of the world to stop this. “Stewards” tells the sacredness of the Truths we’ve been given and our responsibility in using them properly.


212 “Jesus: Gift Unto Us” — Mark 10:1-6, 3/4/70, 20 minutes, (CD 22) and
“Teaching How” — John 6:1-7, 3/18/70, 16 minutes, (CD 23)

Father Paul Lent I and IV (Novices)

In “Gift Unto Us” Father tells of the great gift of Jesus. “Teaching How” shows how, through the miracle of the loaves and fishes, the principle in this applies to these modern times.


213 “True Inner Peace” — Matthew 21:1-12, 4/5/70, 19 min. (CD 23) and
“Your Body or Our Lord Jesus Christ?”, Easter 4/11/71, 30 min., (CD 26)

Father Paul (Novices)

In This Palm Sunday service, the sermon reveals the truth behind Jesus’ riding into Jerusalem and how real peace is to be attained. “Your Body” includes an entire Easter Service with Master Andrew assisting Father Paul. The sermon is about serving the Master Jesus Christ.


214 “Be Sanctified by the Word of God” — I Timothy 4, 6/6/71 (CD 27) and
“Going to Sleep” — Mark Chapter 14, 9/29/71 (CD 27)

Father Paul 39 minutes (Novices)

“Be Sanctified” Gives our responsibility to serve man. Warns against seducing spirits; others who would mislead us, etc. “Sleep” shows how we sleep sometimes instead of seek and brings out the reality of faith in Jesus Christ.


215 “Service in Joy” — Romans 2:1-3 (undated), 18 minutes, (CD 29) and
“Stand in His Shadow” — 9/19/71, 18 minutes, (CD 27)

Father Paul (Novices)

“Service” portrays the aspect of the joy that is in this life through Jesus’ example. “His Shadow” points out that the earth is alive and so is the reality of Jesus Christ working through us.


216 “Lest a Grain of Corn Falls” — John 12:24-26, 2/1/70, 12 min., (CD 22) and
“Dedication to the Light” — I Peter 2:1-4, 5/2/71, 16 min., (CD 26)

Father Paul (Novices)

“Grain of Corn” reveals teaching of the Master’s parable by same name and how it works through the faith in him. “Dedication” exhorts us to look to the spiritual life and the rebirth through the Christ Light along with the Path of Initiation.


217 “He That Saveth His Life” — Luke 9:24, 22 min., 5/6/72 (CD 28) and
“Giving What’s Needed” — Mark 8:1-8, 2/24/74, 16 min., (CD 29)

Father Paul (Novices)

“Saveth His Life” tells about selflessly serving, how to get rid of problems, real love and the example of Mary. “Giving” teaches how we should bring people to Christ through Jesus’ example in the miracle of the loaves and fishes.


218 “Christ Jesus” — 9/2/73, 13 minutes, (CD 28) and
“Hebrews 8:9-13” — 8/9/70, 19 minutes, (CD 24)

Father Paul (Novices)

“Christ Jesus” speaks of Jesus’ preparation for his mission and takes away the mystery of the teachings. “Hebrews 8” lays open the true life of the Priest, the reality of their function and the Priests in relation to the Order.


219 “Easter Services 1974” — 4/17/74, 29 minutes, (CD 29)

Mother Ruth and Master Raeson (Novices)

This is the service for the Easter just following Father Paul’s transition. Mother Ruth gives an opening dedication and Master Raeson gives a sermon telling of Father Paul and his great love for all drawing upon Chapter 13 of I Corinthians.


220 “Memorial Service for Father Paul” 4/16/74 (unavailable)

Masters Philip and Marthelia McCaffery and Master Elonia 27 minutes (Novices)

Includes reading from I Corinthians 2 by Master Elonia, a spiritual eulogy for Father Paul given by Master Marthelia, and a statement by Master Philip reaffirming Jesus Christ as head of the Order and the Order’s commitment to serve him.


Photo by Stephen Radford/Unsplash