Audio Catalog: Priesthood: Function and Sacraments

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Priesthood: Function and Sacraments

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301 Ordination (CD 30)
Father Paul 5/25/71, 56 minutes (Priest / Minister)
This is a Priest class using part of the ordination ceremony itself as a text. Covers subjects of Word, Alchemy, Symbolism, Sacraments. etc.


302 Ordination (CD 30 and 31)
Father Paul 5/26/71, 85 minutes (Priest / Minister)
This class follows the previous one and finishes going over the ordination ceremony with material on the vows. Word, and more on symbolism, etc.


303 Ordination: Power over the Life and Death of Creation (CD 32)
Father Paul 4/2/70, 51 minutes (Priest / Minister)
Tells of principles of creative mind, cause of problems, and gives a picture of what being a Priest is like. Also tells about principles of healing.


304 Ordination (CD 32 and 33)
Father Paul 2/19/70, 96 minutes (Priest / Minister)
Goes over some points of the ordination ceremony. Speaks about the Priesthood, reality of Self, talks about the veil, giving up mind to God, music, electricity and much more – law, symbolism, etc.


305 Ordination (CD 34 and 35)
Father Paul 2/20/70, 89 minutes (Priest / Minister)
Goes over various parts of the ordination ceremony. Includes material dealing with the sacraments, symbolism, vows, Word, etc.


306 Communion (CD 36)
Father Paul 8/4/69, 71 minutes (Priest / Minister)
This class gives a complete look at the Communion. It covers every angle possible, from the form of the service itself, to the symbolism in the sanctuary, etc.


307 Communion (CD 34)
Father Paul 2/23/70, 58 minutes (Priest / Minister)
Goes through Communion Service step-by-step with in-depth spiritual insight as to the Priest’s performance of this sacrament. Covers topics ranging from alchemy to transmutation, etc.


308 Communion (CD 37)
Father Paul 2/24/70, 67 minutes (Minister / Priest)
Discussion on laws of creation. Continues the step-by-step study of the Communion Service, its effects, administering Communion, true alchemy, symbolism involved, and a discussion including the evolution of the blue race.


309 Baptism (CD 38)
Father Paul 2/26/70, 37 minutes (Life-vowed)
Gives the history of Baptism from its origins to that of Jesus Christ and the reality of the initiation through the form step by step.


310 Baptism (CD 39)
Father Paul 2/27/70, 72 minutes (Life-vowed)
Continues with more on the Baptism and the Christ. Goes into mechanics of administering the Baptism, gives distinction between the Christ force and the Holy Spirit.


311 The True Priesthood (CD 38)
Father Paul 6/2/70, 34 minutes (Priest / Minister)
Tells of Father’s expectations from the Priests, how they should function in the Order. Includes some things as to the power of the Priesthood, the responsibility of it, etc.


312 Rules for the Priesthood (CD 40)
Father Paul 3/20/70, 33 minutes (Life-vowed)
Gives some serious points in the spiritual work of both the Priest and Brothers of the Order and their responsibility to that work. Tells the reality of Jesus Christ and our Order, etc. Also working with the Light.


313 The Priest and His Reality (CD 41)
Father Paul 9/18/70, 55 minutes (Priest / Minister)
Reveals the reality of the Order of Melchisedec and the ‘Parentless State’. Goes into the higher truths in the Cosmic and how these apply to the life of the Priest.


314 The True Minister-Priest (CD 43)
Father Paul 52 minutes (Priest / Minister)
Reveals the reality of ascension with a true-story account of one. Gets down to the fundamental principles in ministering to the needs of man. Seeing the perfection in creation and some things on mathematics.


315 Special Priest’s Meeting (CD 44-1 and CD 44-2)
Father Paul 12/16/69, 147 minutes (Priest / Minister)
Talks about the responsibilities of the Priesthood and its function, functions and powers of the Esoteric Council. Goes into the reality of the sacraments.


316 Priest’s Responsibility (CD 42)
Father Paul 8/18/73, 28 minutes (Priest / Minister)
Shows Priest’s function as examples in the Order and the power available through this. Reveals the true spiritual responsibility of the Priest’s office.


317 Conforming to the Patterns of the Order (CD 45)
Father Paul 57 minutes (Priest / Minister)
Teaches the pattern of the Order and our status in it, the Priest’s role in bringing people into the illumination and gives the class various special exercises and meditations.


318 To Teachers and Priests (CD 40)
Father Paul 1/73, 39 minutes (Priest / Minister)
Covers the use of authority by Priests and Teachers and gets into understanding of the Priesthood. Gives some good examples of how the Priest should function.


319 Guidelines for Priests (not available)
Master Philip 1971, 35 minutes (Priest / Minister)
Teaches of the fulfillment of the Priesthood, work with the Teacher and the Apostle and students. Also deals with the administering of vows, etc.


320 Teaching: the New Approach (CD46)
Father Paul 3/23/70, 53 minutes (Priest / Minister)
Reveals the way of teaching in this New Age and in the Holy Order of MANS through the use of the Self, mystical problems, etc.


321 Teaching Jesus Christ: Delivering the Word (CD 47)
Father Paul 43 minutes (Life-vowed)
Basically this class teaches how you should teach the truths of Creation and Jesus Christ as channels. Also the Order’s work of teaching and many other things are covered.


322 Preaching CD 48)
Father Paul 5/25/70, 48 minutes (Life-vowed)
Brings out the importance of real Communication. Covers the fundamentals of preaching, missionary work; how to work with people and make that work live in them, etc.


323a Keepers of the Earth (CD 42)
Father Paul 6/6/71, 23 minutes (Minister / Priest)
Portrays the function and responsibility of the New Age Christian to the bringing of the Cosmic down to earth.


323b The Body of Christ (CD 42)
Father Paul 7/1/71, 36 minutes (Priest / Minister)
Tells all about the mystical body of Christ and our place in it.


324 You Are What You Believe and Know (CD 49)
Father Paul 6/29/71, 60 minutes (Priest / Minister)
Teaches about the extension of consciousness, the position of the Priesthood in the earth and the reality of Jesus Christ’s descent into the earth.


325 Saving Souls (CD 51)
Father Paul 10/18/71, 59 minutes (Priest / Minister)
Gets into the reality of saving souls. Teaches the love of God and Jesus Christ, realities of spiritual experience and development.


326 Symbols (CD 50 and CD 51)
Father Paul 6/21/71, 83 minutes (Priest / Minister)
A thorough study in the practice of symbolism, dealing with its application, use in alchemy, function and responsibility of Priests, reality of Word, etc.


327 Counseling (CD 52)
Father Paul 8/4/71, 58 minutes (Priest / Minister)
Thoroughly covers the mechanics of spiritual counseling. Includes various methods, techniques, causes of peoples’ problems, etc. Also gives some material on the healing aspect in counseling.


328 The Awakening of Man (CD 53)
Father Paul 3/31/70, 44 minutes (Life-vowed)
Teaches the reality of our work in bringing people into Illumination, Awakening, and working with the Light in ourselves. Also goes into the rebirth, spiritual work, etc.


329 Work in the Field (CD 54)
Father Paul 7/26/70, 35 minutes (Life-vowed)
Teaches the responsibility and work of the Priesthood. Draws from many Book of Activity quotes and explains them in relation to the work of the Priesthood.


330 Potpourri (CD 55)
Father Paul 3/2/70, 66 minutes (Priest / Minister)
A comparative view of the sacraments and reality of Jesus Christ and how we have to work with people of other churches. Goes through the ‘Code of Words’.


331 Chastity and Miscellaneous (CD 56)
Father Paul 52 minutes (Life-vowed)
Talks about Easter and initiation; physical body types; our relationship to politics; use of the Law, vow of chastity, etc.


332 Office, Education Dept., Communion, Counseling, and Baptism (CD 57)
Father Paul 60 minutes (Life-vowed)
Discussion about various Order procedures pertaining to the physical running of the Order. Father then gets into some work on the Communion and Baptism.


333 Priesthood and the Grail (CD 58)
Father Paul 30 minutes (Life-vowed)
Gives some material on the administering of the vows, power that is in the Priesthood. Defines the sacraments and tells a few things about the nature of the Holy Grail and the Spirit. Takes readings from Tennyson’s “Idylls of the King”.


334 Apostolic Succession and the Church (CD 59)
Father Paul 3/17/70, 60 minutes (Life-vowed)
Teaches the reality of the Apostolic Succession bringing in the 12 Apostles, St. Paul, revelation, and Bible references in relation to this.


335 Apostolic Succession and Roman Theology (CD 53)
Father Paul 3/1/70, 23 minutes (Life-vowed)
Gives a comparative study of Apostolic Succession and the theological ideas concerning it. Also shows the unity of Priesthood, workings of the Spirit, reality of the Order and Jesus Christ.


336a Opening Address: The New Priesthood 1972 (CD 54)
Father Paul 36 minutes (Life-vowed)
This is the opening of the Priest’s Seminar of ’72. Father Paul and Mother Ruth give some guidance and a theme is chosen.


336b Closing Address: The New Priesthood 1972 (CD 56)
Father Paul 18 minutes (Life-Vowed)


337a Address to Priests (CD 59)
Father Paul 46 minutes (Life-Vowed)


337b Concerning Formation of the Privy Council (CD 57)
Father Paul 11 minutes (Life-Vowed)


338 The Practical Approach (CD 58)
Father Paul 42 minutes (Life-vowed)
Shows the reality of the laws, tools, etc. relating to our spiritual lives, how we can help others with our teachings, the responsibility in the Priesthood and throughout the Order.


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