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Soul and Spirit (600 series)

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601a New Cosmic Consciousness: Lesson 1 (28 min) and 2 (29 min) CD 99
Father Paul 1/6/72, 58 minutes (Life-Vowed)
Lesson 1 goes into the Christhood of Jesus and how he used it to give us the Christ Light. Lesson 2 speaks of taking on a spiritual standpoint of life in order to realize cosmic consciousness.


601b New Cosmic Consciousness: Lesson 3 (CD 100)
Father Paul 1/6/72, 55 minutes (Life-Vowed)
Lesson 3 deals with the attuning of our consciousness with the Divine and tells of the state that can be gained through this.


601c New Cosmic Consciousness: Lesson 4 (CD 101)
Father Paul 1/6/72, 37 minutes (Life-Vowed)
Lesson 4 speaks of becoming attuned with the Cosmic Mind; the stages of development in the body, sense centers, etc.; use of concentration and “tricks” regarding methods of cosmic contact.


601d New Cosmic Consciousness: Lesson 5 (CD 102)
Father Paul 1/8/72, 47 minutes (Life-Vowed)
Gives a view of Jesus Christ from a spiritual standpoint revealing the nature of the Christ. Goes into our taking on the Christ consciousness.


601e New Cosmic Consciousness: Lesson 6 (CD 103)
Father Paul 1/8/72, 53 minutes (Life-Vowed)
Teaches use of the Cosmic and the Law of Prayer in everyday life. Speaks about evolution of philosophy through the ancient mystics, etc., and the realities of man’s soul, mind, spirit, etc.


601f New Cosmic Consciousness: Lesson 7 (CD 104)
Father Paul 1/8/72, 50 minutes (Life-Vowed)
Speaks of man’s spiritual and physical evolution and the role of Jesus Christ, leaders, teachers, experience, etc. in this. Goes into the reality of peace and its manifestation.


601g New Cosmic Consciousness: Lesson 8 (CD 105)
Father Paul 1/9/72, 41 minutes (Life-Vowed)
Teaches Christ’s function in man’s achievement of cosmic consciousness and peace on earth. Looks at world history, coming of Light and New Age; overcoming sin and temptation; etc.


601h New Cosmic Consciousness: Lesson 9 (CD101)
Father Paul 1/11/72, 35 minutes (Life-Vowed)
Explains how to attain cosmic consciousness through use of the physical body, soul, meditation, spiritual experience, etc. as tools for growth and development.


601i New Cosmic Consciousness: Lesson 10 (CD 106)
Father Paul 1/19/72, 57 minutes (Life-Vowed)
Shows the reality of our Lord Jesus’ willingness in his great mission to mankind. Reveals the gifts he brought — his blood, rending the veil, redemption of the universe. Goes into our work of bringing the Light to man.


602a Old Cosmic Consciousness: Lesson 1 (CD 107)
Father Paul 10/13/69, 50 minutes (Life-Vowed)
Gives an introduction to Cosmic Consciousness; the intelligence in the Cosmic and its manifestation in man including some of the effects of this.


602b Old Cosmic Consciousness: Lesson 2 (CD 108)
Father Paul 10/14/69, 36 minutes (Life-Vowed)
Concerns the use of the Cosmic Law for everyday life; the reality of experience and the gaining of the awareness and working understanding of spiritual experience.


602c Old Cosmic Consciousness: Lesson 3 (CD 109)
Father Paul 10/15/69, 55 minutes (Life-Vowed)
Reveals the true nature of the Mind, experience, memory, through various examples and experiments. Uncovers the reality of Cosmic Consciousness working through man.


602d Old Cosmic Consciousness: Lesson 4 (CD 107)
Father Paul 10/16/69, 21 minutes (Life-Vowed)
Speaks of the reality of Truth as experience from within; forms of consciousness within man’s body and the consciousness of God in all cells of the body.


602e Old Cosmic Consciousness: Lesson 5 (CD 110)
Father Paul 10/17/69, 39 minutes (Life-Vowed)
Looks into the creation of man and gives a thorough account of the function of man’s physical body and how the Divine Consciousness works through it.


602f Old Cosmic Consciousness: Lesson 6 (CD 111)
Father Paul 10/18/69, 48 minutes (Life-Vowed)
Teaches the nature of consciousness in the individual; the use of true thinking; nature of the soul; body functions & cosmic attunement; letting go.


602g Old Cosmic Consciousness: Lesson 7 (CD 111)
Father Paul 10/19/69, 10 minutes (Life-Vowed)
This seventy lecture is the last of the old series. Despite some recording problems, there is some good material pertaining to the relationship of the physical body in spiritual development.


603a Soul I (CD 112)
Father Paul 6/16/69, 64 minutes (Life-Vowed)
This class gives a thorough study of the soul in all its functions and manifestations in man; our job of teaching the reality of this to people.


603b Soul II (CD 113)
Father Paul 6/17/69, 59 minutes (Life-Vowed)
Gives more in-depth study of Soul through mystical teachings, function and role of brain; reality of the Soul and transition, etc.


603c Soul III (CD 114)
Father Paul 6/19/69, 30 minutes (Life-Vowed)
Speaks of the life cycle and personality of man’s Soul; reincarnation; transition and individuality are all covered in this lecture of the Soul.


604 Human Body – Human Soul (CD 115)
Father Paul 7/21/69, 50 minutes (Life-Vowed)
Teaches the relationship of the Soul to the Personality, Spirit, physical body; the purpose and function of the Soul and the principles surrounding its existence.


605 Soul: Purpose and Experience (CD 114)
Father Paul 7/22/69, 42 minutes (Life-Vowed)
Goes into the real function and purpose of Soul in the evolution of man; consciousness of Soul; existence of reincarnation; function of Soul experience; reality of revelation; relevance of phenomena and our job of teaching people the Truths.


606 Soul Function (CD 116)
Father Paul 8/1/68, 73 minutes (Life-Vowed)
Reveals the relation of the Soul to the physical body, the chakras, spiritual body, etc. Goes into the development of the chakras and their functions; passing through transition.


607 Soul: Lesson I, 21 min., (CD 115) and Lesson II, 27 min., (CD 117)
Father Paul (undated), (Life-Vowed)
Teaches the nature of the Soul and the blood, the breath as it functions through the physical body. Also gives the mystical teachings of the Soul. Goes into Personality and individuality; Mind and Brain, etc.


608 Soul and Spirit (CD 117)
Father Paul (undated), 31 minutes (Life-Vowed)
Speaks of the purification of the Soul through the Baptism and Light of Christ. Service to Christ, reality of humility and its function, use of prayer in relation to Soul growth.


609 Fire of the Spirit (CD 118)
Father Paul 7/28/69, 52 minutes (Disciples)
Talks about the coming of the New Age; the preparation of mankind through revealing the Truths; function of the Spirit in the upliftment and nature of the Soul; awakening, meditation, prayer, etc.


610 The Spirit (CD 118)
Father Paul (undated), 18 minutes (Life-Vowed)
Goes into man’s spiritual life, his relation to God and service through man; a real look at spiritual development.


611 Fire of Life Speaks (CD 119)
Father Paul 6/30/69, 59 minutes (Life-Vowed)
Looks at the way the mysteries have been handled and how they should be revealed in this day. The workings of the Spirit in the purification of the Soul; Faith: Prayer; purpose and function of the Fire, etc.


612 Fire (CD 120)
Father Paul 7/28/69, 64 minutes (Life-Vowed)
Reveals the nature and function of the element Fire; its aspect of purification of the body; work in healing. Goes into the application of love in giving to man; in performing Communion, etc.


613 Cosmic Consciousness: The Reality of the Soul (CD 121)
Father Paul, Discipleship Convention 9/28/71, 40 minutes, (Disciples)
Teaches the nature, function and development of the Soul; its life cycles through reincarnation; structure of man’s bodies; nature of the Spirit and the Mind.


614 Soul Personality — Discipleship Convention (CD 122)
Father Paul 10/19/71, 46 minutes (Disciples)
Reveals the real nature of Personality; talks about magnetic personalities; the relation between Soul, Breath, Spirit and the manifestation of the Soul through man.


615 Cosmic Consciousness: The Reality of the Soul (CD 121)
Father Paul, Discipleship Convention, 10/24/71, 33 minutes (Disciples)
Talks about the Discipleship Program and Christian Communities briefly. Lecture on Soul teaches the nature and function of it; its relation to man’s spiritual development and the Spirit, etc.


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