Audio Catalog: Life in the Brotherhood and Missionaries

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Life in the Brotherhood and Missionaries (400 series)

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Note: Listed by original Tape#


401 Vows: Poverty and Service (CD 60)
Father Paul 34 minutes (Students)
Goes through the Vows explaining them and how they apply to the life of the Brother in the Order.


402 Beyond Obedience (CD 60)
Father Paul 12/72 30 minutes (Life-vowed)
Teaches the reality of obedience as the key to the other vows; also reveals the work of the Priesthood as a true spiritual profession that must be taken on with respect and reverence.


403 Brotherhood in the HOOM: I, II, III (CD 61)
Father Paul 68 minutes (Students)
Tells of the true Brotherhood of which we aspire to, bringing in the use of the spiritual tools and real love. Gives a comparative view of asceticism in times past and other cultures and how it applies now.


404 Man in the Service of Christ: True Love (CD 62)
Father Paul 10/9/69 53 minutes (Students)
Father tells the reality selfless love plays in the service of God. Includes some things on self-mastery, cosmic consciousness and insight into what it takes to be a Priest.


405 Man Knowing Himself: The Master Within (CD 63)
Father Paul 8/26/69 52 minutes (Students)
Focuses on physical man becoming conscious of the reality within through spiritual and material development of the child into the man.


406 Knowing the Master (not available)
Reverends Shaeffer 10/18/72 50 minutes (Novices)
Our manifestation of the Christian Way through the Order and the effects of our Brotherhood. Reveals the responsibility we need to take on in the Order through coming to know our Lord and Master more fully.


407 Lecture to Missionaries going out to the Field (CD 64)
Father Paul 7-25-70 64 minutes (Students)
This is a thorough description of what is expected of a Brother on mission. Outlines how to set up missionary stations, work with people, etc. Stresses the ‘shut-up’ technique.


408 Living Symbolism (CD 65)
Father Paul 5/15/70 49 minutes (Students)
Shows the reality and function of symbolism in the Order’s pattern. Also the use of it in our lives and shown as the reflection into the physical world.


409 Experience in the Field (CD 65)
Father Paul and Master Philip McCaffrey 5/26/71 20 minutes (Students)
Master Philip gives a talk concerning the missionary work and the importance of our relation go God in this. Father Paul then speaks about our relation to the Master.


410 Attitude Toward the Material World, Money and Finance (CD 66)
Father Paul 10/26/72 34 minutes (Students)
Father exhorts us to learn to appreciate the value of finances, etc. and shows the part this played in the formation and development of the Order.


411 It Must be Real (CD 67)
Father Paul 5/22/70 46 minutes (Life-vowed)
The Minister’s Test is recapitulated, covering the Law of Prayer, Spirit, Healing, Exorcism, Symbolism, and many other basic points in our Teachings.


412 Adeptship (CD 70)
Father Paul 9/68 45 minutes (Life-vowed)
The spiritual development of one who is on the Way, the experiences they must go through; the cycles of attainment and how we are to take on the adeptship.


415a Street Missionary Class (CD 68)
Father Paul 7/9/73 28 minutes (Students)
This is a short talk by Father describing the patrol work and how we should go about it, what its effects are, etc.


417 Marriage (CD 69)
Master Marthelia McCaffrey undated 39 minutes (Life-Vowed)
Goes into roles played by both partners in marriage and covers many aspects of counseling couples.


419 Living in the Order (CD 67)
Father Paul 9/8/73 19 minutes (Novices)
Living the way of the Order from the heart, rather than by rote; true obedience; real Brotherhood in the Order.


420 Discipline in the Order (CD 66)
Father 8/25/73 33 minutes (Novices)
Reveals the nature of the Order’s work in setting patterns for mankind, the alchemy of the Order, the work of bringing the teachings to people.


421 Lecture on Material Possessions (CD 68)
Father Paul 9/29/73 29 minutes (Novices)
Speaks about the ego; the falsehood of man’s ownership of things; the reality of possessing things, people, etc. and the effects involved. The creation of a false self-image and how to transcend this.


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