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Life of Jesus and Mary (000 series)

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001 (CD 1) Life of Jesus Christ: Geography and History

Father Paul, 7/28/69, 55 minutes  (Novices)

This lecture covers the actual geography around Palestine including some of the local customs and way of life. It is a helpful aid in Bible study and enriches the understanding of our Lord’s life.


002 (CD 2) Life of Jesus Christ: The Essenes

Father Paul, 7/29/69, 65 minutes (Students)

Background and history of the Essene Order. Detailed account of their structure and parallels to the Holy Order of MANS. Gives insight into conditions the Master came into. White Brotherhood and its work of world evolution.


003 (CD 3) Life of Jesus Christ: Reality of the Lord’s Teachings

Father Paul, 6/28/71, 57 minutes (Life-Vowed)

Reveals the purity of Jesus’ teachings. Brings in the aspect of true charity and our function of manifesting this to others. Shows our part in the Body of Christ, how to contact the Master, and goes into the function of the heart and how to use it.


004 (CD 4) Life of Jesus Christ: The Man of Galilee

Father Paul, 22 minutes (Students)

The mission of Jesus as world Saviour; and the returning of the Christ in this New Age. Goes into the purpose and function of the Order in this work and gives the relationship between Jesus and the Father.


005 (CD 5) Life of Jesus Christ: Ancient Religions and the Mystic

Father Paul, 7/31/69, 57 minutes (Novices)

Covers learning process and memory; use of Self. Then goes into symbolism, astrology, mythology in relation to mysticism and sciences. History and evolution of mythology and the rigin/background of mysticism up through Christian Church. Chronology and history.


006 (CD 6) Life of Jesus Christ: The Mystic’s Wisdom

Father Paul, 8/11/69, 73 minutes (Novices)

This tape deals with what is involved in becoming a mystic, the strivings and ideals; and how the Holy Order of MANS is set up to do this. Includes many phases of the mystic’s life including how to dispose of the body after transition, etc.


007 (CD 4) Life of Jesus Christ: The Crucifixion

Father Paul, 45 minutes  (Novices)

Goes into the life of German mystic Von Estenhauer, Mary and Joseph’s life. Outlines some of Jesus’ early life and St. Francis also. Reveals a very human side of them. Reveals the experience of crucifixion in relation to the Realization.


008 (CD 7) Life of Jesus Christ: Divinely Human Child

Father Paul, 2/14/70, 46 minutes (Novices)

An approach  to human divinity through life of Jesus Christ. Brings out vow of purity and its function in perspective. Outlines Holy Trinity and some of the function of the Word.


009 (CD 8) Jesus Christ and the Redemption of the Universe

Father Paul, 9/18/70, 73 minutes  (Students)

The Redemption of Jesus Christ is covered here in depth. Our relation to the planets, solar system and many other topics are discussed, including the Priest’s function in confession and forgiveness of sin.


010 (CD 9) Jesus Christ: The Perfect Priest

Father Paul, 4/6/70, 40 minutes (Life-vowed)

Jesus as First Priest – Head of our Priesthood. Also, His relationship with God and Creation; our acceptance of this reality and our status in Creation. Bringing the Light to our students.


011 (CD 9) Jesus Christ: Shower of the Way; Death and Transition

Father Paul, 29 minutes (Novices)

The Eternal Christ and how it  applies to man through Jesus manifesting of it. Our work of teaching the reality of transition. Discussion on planes of vibration, passing to the other side, etc.


012 (CD 10 and 12) The Actions of Jesus

Father Paul, 6/22/71, 81 minutes (Priest/Minister)

Brings out how Jesus demonstrated teachings through his actions. Our spiritual function and responsibility. The realities of the Christ and Divine Magnetism. Includes discussion with a lot of material dealing with Jesus’ life.

Part A:

Part B:


013 (CD 11 and 12) The Master

Father Paul, 82 minutes (Novices)

Path of Initiation including steps preceding Illumination, Resurrection, etc. Coming of the New Age and various related effects. In-depth look at the Ascension including actual accounts and background.

Part A:

Part B:


014 (CD 12) The Body of Christ

Father Paul,  5/70, 50 minutes (Life-vowed)

Link Between Master and the Order. Our individual relationship to the Body of Christ. Working with the Light and giving it to people in its purity. In-depth look at form and substance in Communion.


015 (CD 13) The Christos 1

Father Paul, 12/69, 31 minutes (Students)

A look at the Christos through the eyes of the ancients. Gives some of the universal symbolism of the Solar System without and within man. Includes the reality of the Sun and its various aspects and much more.


016 (CD 14) The Christos II

Father Paul, 8/15/68, 62 minutes (Students)

Reveals the nature and function of the Sun and its effects upon the earth. Goes deep into the mysteries of the Christos, Christ and Jesus and their work in the earth and Solar System.


017 (CD 13) Easter Message

Father Paul, 3/16/74, 25 minutes (Novices)

This is partly a summary of the current state of the Order, its growth, its work and then there are many of the aspects within the Order such as training, problems we’ve had, etc. Gives a closing prayer and blessing for the Order.


018 (CD 15 and 16) Receiving Jesus Christ

Father Paul, 4/9/70, 83 minutes (Students)

Tells the reality and position of our Lord Jesus Christ; some of his aspects and abilities. Points out our responsibility in taking on the Christ Light, our obedience to Jesus Christ and some discussion on use of Self, the will, etc.


019 Christianity (Discipleship Convention)  (not available)

Master Philip McCaffery, 10/4/71, 95 minutes (Disciples)

Defines our function as Christians and describes what a Christian really is. Goes into the forming of the early church and the work of St. Paul. Brings out the Atonement and the workings of grace. Includes questions covering several things.


020 To Be Chosen and Mary  (not available)

Master Joseph Brown, 28 minutes (Life-vowed)

Shows the Jews as chosen people and how we in the Order are likewise chosen by God. Speaks of Paul and goes into the life of Mary. Includes an in-depth look at Mary’s work with man – her pointing to her Son. 


021 (CD 16) The Third Letter of Mary  

Father Paul, 4/74, 18 minutes (Novices)

This is a very powerful statement on the reality of our Blessed Mary and the position of woman in these modern times. Shows how Mary is the example for woman to follow. Also gives some insight into the life and mission of Mary.


022 (CD 16) General Class on the Master  

Father Paul, 8/20/71, 23 minutes (Novices)

Talks on the reality of the spiritual life and the Master; our understanding of Him. Our job in this Order of bringing the light to people and our responsibility to the Body of Christ and its growth.


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