Audio Catalog: The Law: Prayer, Mind, and Word

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The Law: Prayer, Mind, and Word (700 series)

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701 Use and Understanding of the Law (CD 123)

Father Paul 7/3/69 62 minutes (Life-Vowed)

Speaks of the use of the Law and Prayer as a working reality; its becoming integrated into our lives; letting God manifest through us; healing; using right action; forms of prayer, blessing, etc.


702 Law: Lesson 5 — Parts 2 and 3 (CD 125)

Father Paul (undated) 26 minutes (Life-Vowed)

Teaches the Law working through the Spirit, Word, Prayer, Mind, and the use of it. Use of Mind, Law, Word in healing, atmosphere; unity of perfection in creation, etc.


703 Confidence in the Law (CD 124 and CD 125)

Father Paul (undated) 80 minutes (Life-Vowed)

Speaks about the reality and use of Faith; gives Truth about alchemy; use of confidence and the Law. Our use and power of the Word and its application in the use of the Law.


704 New Students and Letting Go (CD 126)

Father Paul 1/28/71 46 minutes (Life-Vowed)

Talks about the art of listening; power of observation and concentration; using Law of Prayer and getting results; the reality of letting to; etc.


705 Teaching the Law: Bits and Pieces (CD 125)

Father Paul (undated) 29 minutes (Priest-Minister)

Father gives some insights into teaching students. Looks at motivations of selfishness and altruism. Teaches the proper use of the Law. Gives an excellent example of the use of the Law and the responsibility in this and how and why it manifests.


706 The Mind (CD 127)

Father Paul 6/26/69 52 minutes (Students)

Teaches the working reality of the Mind and Word; our realization of God. Gives a good perspective of the Power available to the Order and our responsibility of taking it on. Appreciation of Communion, reality of listening.


707 ESP (CD 128)

Father Paul (undated) 55 minutes (Disciples)

Goes into the various faculties of clairvoyance, telepathy, psychometry, etc. Gives experiments in development of this; atomic structure and related principles; color, sense centers, music; psychic plane uniting with physical plane, etc.


708 Prayer and Mind Control (CD 129)

Father Paul (undated) 45 minutes (Life-Vowed)

Principles of mental law and healing are taught in this class. Also some things on using the Law of Prayer.


709 The Word (CD 130)

Father Paul 6/24/69 43 minutes (Students)

Gives the function and use of the Word; principles of Creation; Fiat of the Word; using the Last Rites and forgiveness of sins, etc.


710 The Word (CD 131)

Father Paul 12/10/68 45 minutes (Students)

Speaks of the evolution of Earth and man; some things on the Jewish people and races in general historically; teaches use and reality of the Word. Shows principles of world change, etc.


711 Heaven and Hell (CD 132)

Father Paul (undated) 64 minutes (Students)

Teaches the reality of the higher realms and our job of preparing people for transition; importance of mind control; attaining the kingdom of Heaven; Egyptian teachings of transition and afterlife, etc.


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