Overcoming the Emotions

05 Sep

Overcoming the Emotions

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September 14, 1969 (tape 207, CD 20)

This morning I’m going to break a barrier, so to speak. I’m going to talk from Revelations for it is that time and it is time that we reveal certain things. Revelations of course is a book which many have tried to interpret but few have gone to the bother or the trouble to go back to the original Apocrypha and to gain the wisdom which comes from it.

Revelations was given not only as a prophecy but a description of this Age and the things that are about to happen and are happening. And so this morning I was prompted to give you this sermon from the text of the 20th Chapter of Revelations. And I will explain it; up on the wall we have a little chart that I put up which I usually don’t on Sunday morning but I put it up so that anyone should wish to after the sermon could take a look.

1.) “Then I saw an angel coming down from heaven, holding in his hand the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain. 2.) And he seized the dragon, the ancient serpent, who is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years. 3.) And threw him into the pit and shut it and sealed it over him, that he should deceive the nations no more until the thousand years were ended; after that he must be loosed for a little while. 4.) And I saw the thrones and seated on them were those whom judgment was committed; also I saw the souls whom had been beheaded for their testimony to Jesus and for the word of God and who had not worshipped the beast, or its image, and had not received its mark on their forehead.”

Many people have gone seeking, both in the clergy and in the laity, to understand these things. The Apocrypha, in its original version, was held for a thousand years in Rome and was not deciphered and given. This has been released, of course. While we are not Roman we also honor the clergy and the priesthood of all churches of all nations. And out of this, I have found, out of the old scripts, the reality of what this scripture meant.

One of the things that has always been a mystery was this talk, so much, of the dragon. And then we go into the eastern philosophies and we see that it is present here. Well, one of the great things which was also brought forth in some of the ancient lore, the story of one of the knights of the round table that went forth to slay the dragon.

Whether we realize it or not, many of the old tales of folk lore and the tales of the round table are all great spiritual revelations. For there is more truth in folklore than there is in those things which have been written of recent years because they were a way of preserving something, a great truth, without man getting his sticky fingers into it and changing it.

And it being symbology and connected with that of the holy scriptures, between them they could be revealed and understood, especially by those whom look into the reality and the mind of creation for their source and for the origin of their truth and not taking their own physical opinions. For there is more to the unseen than there is the seen. And as we teach and bring people into this way of truth, we see more and more each day the reality of the statements that came out of the Apocrypha that the dragon was actually the emotions of people.

For it is necessary, as it has always been taught, that before the true Light of Christ can be known and seen and realized one must conquer their emotional outer being. That has nothing to do with the feelings of love, of truth, pathos, consideration, all of these other things. These are attributes which stand but the emotions are the things which have always brought man to his downfall. And they are the dragon just as it was stated in the Apocrypha; and this is out of the old, great version.

And the key, of course, to the pit, the chains, which were there, the key is in the Apocrypha, it is in the holy scripture, it is in the testament, the four gospels, because the key to spirituality and the true Illumination of the Christ in man is his control over his mind. And all the way through Revelations it constantly speaks of the slaying and the sacrifice of the lamb which of course is the mortal mind of man. And the interesting part of this particular scripture and this text, it speaks of it as the ancient serpent and dragon, and man for many years has held forth and created his own form of devil.

There is a lack of light in places and in creation, for where there is light there must be darkness. But the light shall fill the darkness and the darkness shall be no more. But mans concept of the absence of Christ, the Christos, through our Lord Jesus Christ is his own creation, his own concept and his own images for they came in many forms and all through the ancient Chaldean mysteries these have taken many forms that people look to and use.

But the message that is important in this complete text is the fact that it is now that time. The emotions of man are starting to be chained and be confined. For slowly but surely he is starting to learn to his mind. He is starting to learn what true discipline is. Slowly, it may not be shown so strong always from the outside, but underneath, the churches, the great orders of the earth are slowly coming forward. Some of the churches may have to sort of slide down that one side of the cycle to a place where they may feel the pangs of, somewhat, decay, but out of it will come the true knowing of this existence. For this is the day of Christ.

This is the new age. This is the Aquarian Age. This is the age in which the Light shall come and this is what this particular 20th chapter of Revelations has given to us. And it speaks about those whom had sacrificed for the word of Jesus Christ our Lord and God the Creator, the Father. And it also speaks about those whom had been beheaded, or had stood in judgement before many and the life and the reign with Christ for a thousand years. Now this is not a fallacy or somebody’s imagination – this is a prophecy — and it is upon us. Because the foundation of this Order alone is for that purpose: To bring the true Light — not understanding — the reality of the Christ and the Light thereof.

Somehow through the ages many of the churches and many people have lost the great reality of the living, existing Christ, the great Light within.

You see here they say in the 20th chapter, they would be chained and thrown into the darkness. Now man’s outer being is sealed and we look within for that Light in our own Temple. Not in some building of man but in our own temple. And these are the things that will change the world. Not force of arms, not money, but the control of our own mind and the discipline of our own action in the giving to others. The working with them, the sharing of our knowledge of the true Christos through our Lord Jesus Christ. The reality of this is to go out into the world and to see and observe those whom have the Light within. They are happy people because they know not darkness. They are happy people because they have had their eyes opened by the Light of the Spirit itself. They didn’t have to sit in a dark room or in a circle or in any other sort of thing. It is the gift of the spirit, it is the gift of Light.

Jesus said it when He was in the upper room: “Of all these things that I do, so shall ye do also and greater than these.” And we here, in this Order, have a peculiar habit which is probably very foreign to many people these days. We have a peculiar habit of taking exactly what the Master said and believing and knowing and proving that he meant what he said and not something that is our opinion. Personally, I do not believe that there is a man alive today that might stand in the Master’s shoes, totally, to be able to say, ‘He meant this.’ No, he meant what he said. Not something that I want to accept because it hits too hard – but what he did say.

And not because it requires a sacrifice of our own stuffy egos and our own emotional beings. That we can’t go off on our temper tantrums and still entertain the Christ within. This is why we have had the interpretations of the testament because they didn’t fit the liking of some men; and I am sorry but I have to admit it even though it be someone who has taken the final vows of the priesthood, regardless of where or what church. Because the priesthood is not a place that has to do with a church. It is a greater order above any human church in existence. It is a reality. And this is a violation in itself. Man is not perfect, quite true. But this is not excusable and we do not tolerate it here. We take it, what it says. We stand by it and it works, for our Lord Jesus gave it to us and we know it’s true.

And until we realize that this is the day, the chaining of the emotions and casting them into the pit, and this is just what we do. We cast them into the outer darkness because they are not of us and they are of no use to us when once we receive, truly, the Light of Christ. It is the first-born son of the Father. Let us know, when we leave here, that if we wish the gifts of the Almighty, that which our Lord and Master has promised us, we only have to follow this. Seek and accept the reality of that Light. And if you don’t believe it, look about you, your brothers and those whom are guests here, look about and see the young men and women whom have truly received that Light. Who just a year ago, some not even that, were out there on the road. They will tell you. There is nothing like the demonstration of the word of God as a proof.

So let His Words be with you and take it with you in His Peace. In the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit, let it be done.