Acceptance of Reality

21 Jul

Acceptance of Reality

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July 26, 1970 (Tape 204-B, CD 24)


We have with us this morning Sr. _______________ who just came in from the Midwest. And I’m sure you’ll all want to talk to her as she has a great deal to say that might be very interesting.

I take the text, apparently the right one, from the 16th chapter of Luke and the 13th verse. “If ye have not been faithful in that which is another man’s, who shall give you that which is your own. 13) No servant can serve two masters: for either he hates one and loves the other or he will hold to the one and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon too.” This is out of the 12th and 13th verses of the 6th chapter of Luke.

Somehow or other in the passing through our experiences on this earth and especially when we have attempted, and I say attempted, to answer the call from within, to seek the reality and to become that which you already are. We somehow start to fight the things within us because we have an inward knowing of the fact that we are going to become merely a channel for those on high to work through.

Some people feel or think that God through His great love and our Lord Jesus Christ through his giving of the atonement on Calvary never turns his head on anyone because we read that the door of reformation is always open. This might be true with man but like the owner and master of the great vineyard when he went out and saw the tree which bore not fruit and had for each year, for three years bore not fruit, he called the vineyard master. And he said, “Cut it down.” The vineyard master said to him, “Master, let me enrich it. Let me put manure around it. Let me work around it and then if it bears no fruit next year for you, then you may cut it down.”

The people, in this mornings paper, the people of one of the Asiatic countries, Japan , is realizing just that. That you cannot violate the laws of God and not pay its penance. Surely there is no sin in the Father’s world. Surely you can get rid of your karma, of your sins, of your errors call it by what name you wish. But Jesus also said “If they listen not to thy words turn thy head for they have turned their heads upon thee and therefore they turn their heads upon me and my Father in heaven.” This is a very dire sounding thing. But isn’t that what is happening? Now this is not a message of calamity. This is a message of reality, of truth. No man shall live that does not accept the Father and the Lord and Master Jesus Christ or another avatar so sent, beyond this period of transition. The Master said so many times throughout the Testament, gave them a warning of the things in this day and this age.

He has tried with his greatest efforts to prepare us that we might awaken to do the bidding of the Father. To follow the Way, to follow the laws of nature which our Father has created this wondrous universe of. To save not just the body but to save us sad experiences later on, some other place. When he said, “I shall come like a thief in the night and woe unto him who has not his cloak in readiness.” Well, isn’t that exactly what’s happening today in Japan? For he came like a thief in the night and there is trouble and many are suffering. And I don’t feel glad. I do feel compassionate for them. I feel the reality of what is happening and I feel that there is rising out of the Earth the angers, the viciousness, the selfishness and the stupidity and refusal and rebellion of the people who know not our Lord.

And it is rising out of the Earth as the Earth is expanding and taking on the consciousness and the Light of the Christ and it is choking them. It is affecting their breathing. They can’t get the life force within them. This is a very serious thing. And I feel great compassion for them. And if I could do anything by going there and bringing about a change with my presence or a dozen of us, it would be the first thing to do. But we can do as much here as we could there.

How many of you whom have started to seek our Lord and the will of our Father in heaven have had a choking and had a great rebellion within their physical body when the things which they had done previously and the aspects which they had taken on had started to rise. They’ve shut their ears, they’ve shut themselves off, they’ve said ‘No, I won’t give it a go, I won’t pay the penalty, I won’t work it out.’ And it rose up within them and they suffered greatly because they couldn’t let go of it and the redemption and the forgiveness which our Lord Jesus paid on Calvary would have removed it. But every knee shall bow to the Lord on this planet. To the east or west. How many of you today when you get out amongst people don’t try to go on and do these things yourself? You try to change them. Don’t you try to change them. You try to tell them, you try to lift them and pass them along.

Mother Ruth read something she gave to me and said, ‘I don’t know of course whether it says anything you’re interested in or not. It’s just something that came to me.’ And she said this is for the priests and the teachers. And it fit right in with the sermon and the text: “Don’t be a bottleneck in the channel to God. It is your mission to pass them through to him, not stop them at yourself.” This is a two way channel and it is up to you to pass down to them his love and his strength and compassion. To help lift them up through the channel.

And you know, as I read that first part of it I thought about the trained football players. You know, a football team would be pretty worthless if they didn’t have some good passers on it. And that’s the way the ball gets to the goal, is by passing it. Because when you start bucking the line, the heavy ones, you really have a lot of troubles and an awful lot of work to do to get down to that goal. But if you’ll just pass the ball it will get there quite easily and swiftly. And of course you’ve got to be ready to let go of that ball and not try to be the star performer. You’ve got to let go of the ball and put all of your strength back of it to get it there. Then you let go and somebody will catch the ball and make it the rest of the way. But you won’t be driving headlong into that main line of scrimmage. Those that are fighting and opposing. It will probably be an end run.

That’s what so many people do in the Christian church. They try to make that center goal, that center drive where all the resistance is. But Jesus took that away when he was crucified. He gave us the atonement. And all we’ve got to do is make the end run. We pass the ball. And we as students and Teachers, priests, have got to be the receivers and the passers. Because we of ourselves haven’t anything to give. All we have is the word and the teachings of Jesus Christ just as they are. Not purported upon our opinion or a dogmatic teaching or anything of the sort. Just as they are. And if you’ll pass these to the next fellow and give him a boost he’ll make it all the way. And if we try to buck the line and be the star performer, to break through that line to show our strength, we’re going to have a long fight down that field. That is where it sets and if we’re going to fight all the sins of the world which I don’t intend to because I’m going to pass them along. I’m going to make the end run. I’m not going to look for the resistance and I’m not going to have it.

You see that’s what we have done here in the Order. We’ve not going out for the glory, we’re going out to do the work and get it done. And if we will but just look at our brother and see what we have done and pass it to him and what we can receive, receive from the Master, and just keep quiet long enough and listen for the signals. And when we hear the signals, then act on them. And we will find the grace, and the grace and the peace of Jesus Christ will be with us all through the years.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and the Holy Spirit.