Arise and Take the Child

27 Jul

Arise and Take the Child

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December 21, 1969 (tape 211, CD 21)
Sermon – Fourth Sunday in Advent

I go through this every Christmas, experiencing the sorrows that our Master experiences. I take my text today out of the 2nd chapter of Matthew and the 20th verse. As we are approaching that time of celebration of our Lord we today also are approaching the reality of this. For the new heaven and the new earth is being born.

Out of the 2nd chapter of Matthew, 20) “Saying, Arise, and take the child and his mother, and go into the land of Israel: for they are dead which sought the young child’s life. And he arose and took the young child and his mother, and came into the land of Israel.”

These two verses are so appropriate today because we whom have sought the Way of Christ in the reality, not just a group of words, but the reality of it. And who take upon ourselves the spiritual cloak of one of his sons and daughters are being told that we are citizens of the Most High. And this is what we, in these two verses, also are being told in this time, to take those who will come, to arise and take the child. Take this spiritual being within the body that we look at and take it into Israel. That place, the promise, the reality, for we this day look all about us and see the many things which are going on in the world and we know we have seen, and we have watched the walking dead.

And this text not only speaks to us of the times of old of the celebration which we are celebrating now in the Advent as the approach of the birth of our Lord Jesus, through the Blessed Virgin, but it also speaks a great and powerful message to us for this too is our message from the Spirit. To arise and take the newborn reality, that which has been seeking to come out for 2,000 years into the people. To take the rebirth through the Illumination and the receiving the reality of the Christ, the Christos and the Light and to go into the land throughout the world.

For they whom sought to kill, to squelch, to hide and to keep away from God’s children the great truth of the true salvation of the complete giving of the body and the soul to God and how the transformation would take place. And we have seen this here and all around us we see where they have tried to kill the child. They have tried to squelch the words of Jesus Christ by interpretation. They have tried to tell and whisper into your ear and those whom have fallen are the ones that have listened to the things which are contrary to the teachings of Jesus and to the ancient sages. For the teachings of the ancient wisdoms and the ancient sages were not contrary to those of our Lord. And those whom have fallen away or whom have gone their way in an attempt to do it their way, they have listened.

And the child is not dead, he lives. And you whom have come into this Order or you whom have come here as visitors to our chapel service have come to where the child is revived. They may have sought to kill him but the words have lived on and the reality is here. We are citizens of that new race, that new world into which the Light shall spread.

And it shall be in accordance with the teachings of our Lord. Buddha tried, he tried too. But they defiled his teachings also, they try to. And there’s one of the old Teachers who comes here occasionally said that, “Why, the teachings that they are trying to teach are no more like his teachings as they were given.” Today it is just like they have tried to defile those teachings of our Lord Jesus.

So let us not consider ourselves as just someone who has accepted the word of the New Testament and teachings of our Lord Jesus or the teachings of Paul or John or Matthew. But let us know that we are the citizens of the new risen world, we are part of the heavenly reality. And as long as we stay that so will the regeneration and the rebirth of that reality within us take place. You are all parts of the great soul and mind of the Father. You have been given a piece of this great reality and what you do with it is up to you. Whether you live or whether you go like those whom sought the life of our Lord Jesus at his birth. And these too will die.

For you cannot destroy truth for they have tried it down through the ages and every time it is tried some suffer but the truth survives and the reality and the Spirit survive, and the power of creation and its reality lives on. I ask you a question: Shall the child be reborn in reality in you?

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.