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The Order (1000 series)

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1001 History of the HOOM (CD 168)
Father Paul 3/6/70 62 minutes (Life-Vowed)
Father goes back and tells the story of how the Order was formed; from the groundwork to the revelation and things to come; the acquiring of 20 Steiner; the acceptance of revelation; future of the Order; apostolic rights, etc.


1002 Foundation of the HOOM (CD 169)
Father Paul 3/12/70 38 minutes (Novices)
Father talks about the Order’s structure, foundation, etc. and the reality of Apostolic succession; Holy Orders, etc. Gives history of early church and the life and work of St. Paul.


1003a The Order and It’s Symbol (CD 169)
Father Paul 4/23/70 33 minutes (Life-Vowed)
Teaches from the old mystical works showing the Order’s foundation and symbol. Goes into some of the symbolism of candlelight, etc.


1003b Lesson on Brain (CD 170)
Father Paul 4/23/70 25 minutes (Life-Vowed)
Tells all about the structure and function of the brain.


1004 The Work of the Order and Discipleship: Discipleship Convention (CD 171)
Father Paul 10/29/71 56 minutes (Disciples)
A lecture to the Discipleship revealing the role they have in the bringing in of the New Age. Speaks of woman and her role; the work or the Order; forming of the Christian Communities.


1005 The Prayer of the Brothers (CD 170)
Father Paul 1969 33 minutes (Students)
Goes through the Prayer of the Brothers and explains all the parts of it as it applies to the individual Brother and the Laws of Creation. Talks about the work of the Christ and the Atonement, etc.


1007 The Holy Mysteries (CD 172)
Father Paul 3/24/70 27 minutes (Life-Vowed)
Gives a perspective of the rarity of the Order; goes into some of the mystical symbolism; the working of the Light and the Order’s foundation in Light.


1008 Introduction to Book of Order Classes (CD 172)
Father Paul and Rev. Josephine Shaeffer, S.T.
10/23/72 39 minutes (Novices)
Goes into the real purpose and function of the Order; the responsibility of the members taking it on and running it. Covers some of the parts of the Book of Order.


1009 Board of Directors Annual Meeting of Members (CD 173 and 174)
Father Paul & Order Memebers 10/23/73 76 minutes (Life-Vowed)
This meeting gives an excellent picture of the whole Order at this time. Each department head gives a report of their work and status, showing the growth in the Order since its founding.


1010 Dedication of Brown Brothers of the Holy Light and the Immaculate Heart Sisters of Mary (CD 174)
Father Paul & Others 7/29/73 67 minutes
This is the recording made on the day of the Sub-Orders’ dedication. Father Paul reads from the Revelation by the Mother Mary as to the pattern and function of the IHSM and BBHL. The installation of the Mother Superior and Abbot as well.


1012 About Master Teachers, 29 minutes, and Installation of Mother Ruth, 8 minutes (CD 175)
Father Paul 4/13/70 37 minutes (Life-Vowed)
Talks about the lines and channels of authority in the Order and their proper use; how the Teachers and Apostles fit into this. Gives some teachings concerning the work of the Teacher; reality of transition, etc. Gives Mother of the Order’s ordination ceremony.


1013 Holy Orders (CD 176)
Father Paul (undated) 55 minutes (Life-Vowed)
Outlines the basic structure and pattern of Holy Orders in general; their relation with the Church; some of the ancient mysteries of the Rosicrucians and other mystic Orders, etc.


1014 Easter Forgiveness (not available)
Father Paul & Master Philip (undated) 15 minutes (Novices)
Father extemds the opportunity for all those who have left the Order to re-enter during the Easter Season. Gives a good example of our manifesting the forgiveness and sharing the joy of our Lord.


1015 Message: Mission of Light (CD 175)
Father Paul (undated) 23 minutes (Life-Vowed)
In this message, Father Paul shows the Order’s work in bringing people to the Light and the members of the Order taking the Light on themselves too. Talks of the Illumination; Priest’s work in this; the Christ; the gift of our Lord Jesus; etc.


1016 Holy Orders and the Priesthood (CD 177)
Father Paul (undated) 62 minutes (Life-Vowed)
Shows the relationship of the patterns of Holy Orders in the past with the HOOM today; the development of the Priesthood; Order of Melchisedec; study of the Vows and the Ordination.


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