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Revelations (100 series)

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101 Revelation of 12/27/69 (CD 17) and Revelation – undated (CD 17)

Father Paul 26 minutes (Life-vowed)

Revelation of 12/27 reveals the coming of the Light in this new day. Gives guidance of things pertaining to our function. Book of Man, Chapter 4 is also given. “Revelation” begins with, “I come this evening with instructions for the next 3 months…”, then outlines the growth and direction of the Order.


102 Revelation of 1/22/70 (CD 18) and Important Message of 1/29/70 (CD 18)

Father Paul 48 minutes (Life-vowed)

Begins with Revelation of 1/22 which includes Chapter 10 of the Book of Activity and some instructions for the Order’s growth. After the Revelation, Father gives a message relating to that Revelation along with the current state of affairs in the Order, etc.


103 Revelation of 4/29/71 and Revelation Concerning Sub-Orders (CD 17)

Father Paul 39 minutes (Life-vowed)

First Revelation gives most of Chapter 5 in the Book of God. The next one gives a lot of guidance for the work of the Order. Mary then gives a revelation which outlines the forming of the Immaculate Heart Sisters of Mary (IHSM) and how it should be run, etc.


104 Message from the Master 3/3/70 (CD 18) and Revelation: Holy Orders – undated (CD 19)

Father Paul 45 minutes (Life-vowed)

Message from Master comes in middle of a class. Jesus tells of things he sees and feels and tells of the many things we will experience, etc. “Holy Orders” gives the way in which a Holy Order should be run in this New Age; including some things on running this one.


105 Revelation of 6/30/70 (CD 19) and Revelation of 6/30/72 (CD 17)

Father Paul 19 minutes (Life-vowed)

Deals with new developments in the Order and gives a lot of guidance in many areas of the Brotherhood and Priesthood. In the Revelation of 6/72 there is some specific guidance given to a few individuals and some things for the Order.


106 Revelation of 4/71 (CD 19) and Revelation of 8/24/72 (CD 19)

Father Paul 21 minutes (Life-vowed)

The first one contains guidance for the Order’s Priests and Teachers and some things to come. The second one gives Father Paul some specific guidance and direction as well as several things for the Order.


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