Audio Catalog: The Way: Light, Illumination, and Initiation

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The Way: Light, Illumination, and Initiation (800 series)

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801a The Way I (CD 133)

Father Paul 1/5/70, 38 minutes (Students)

Reveals the True Way through the ancient mystery teachings; man’s evolution; teaching the Truths openly to all in preparation for the Coming of the Light. The Realization of Self.


801b The Way II (CD 133)

Father Paul 1/6/70, 37 minutes (Students)

Teaches the experience of the Way and the Path of Initiation; letting go of the earth; the states of mind that come into play and the attaining of the Illumination and Realization.


802 This is the Way HOOM (CD 134)

Father Paul 1/21/73, 55 minutes (Novices)

Teaches the Way as a tangible reality. How the Order follows that Way and teaches it to others. Putting the Father first. Jesus Christ as the true Way. Transcription only.


803 Seeking and Seeing the Truth (CD 135)

Father Paul 11/22/68, 46 minutes (Novices)

Unveils the mysteries of symbolism and the realities of Creation; the coming of the New Heaven and New Earth; the simplicity of gaining the Reality.


804 Acceptance of the Teachings of our Lord (CD 136)

Father Paul 5/23/71, 41 minutes (Novices)

“I am Paul and I have come back to bring the churches…” Father reads the Strivings of the Brothers and explains the standpoint of the Order and Jesus’ teachings, our Apostolic Succession, our work of teaching people the Truths of Creation. Goes into use of the Law and confidence and faith in Jesus Christ.


805 Obedience through Love of Jesus: Charity (CD 137)

Father Paul 1972, 55 minutes (Life-Vowed)

Teaches the use of authority and the application of charity in this, as well as the work of the Priest with all people alike. Shows the Master’s example of charity and gets into just how this must be a part of our lives.


806 The Way (CD 138)

Father Paul 11/11/70, 40 minutes (Priest/Minister)

Talks about the reality of the One Way; the Path of Solar Initiation; working with the Realization; reality of humility, etc.


807 Renunciation (CD 139)

Father Paul 11/19/68, 51 minutes (Students)

Talks about what renunciation is and how it relates to spiritual growth; the Realization of the Self. Goes into use of meditation; teaches how to know God.


808 The Awakening (CD 140)

Father Paul 10/29/68, 40 minutes (Life-Vowed)

Teaches the reality of and attainment of the Awakening through the Path of Initiation; the coming of the New Age; use of concentration as a tool, etc.


809 Bible Class on Light (CD 140 and 141)

Father Paul 9/15/69, 82 minutes (Students)

Begins with a point of the Communion and the altar; then goes through Bible references on Light. Covers a lot of the principles in symbolism, the Law, etc.

CD 141:


810 Light (CD 142)

Father Paul 6/10/69, 47 minutes (Students)

This minister’s class teaches the reality of selflessness; real listening; how to convey the teachings to the people of the world; working with the Light, etc.


811 The Way of Illumination (CD 143)

Father Paul 7/5/69, 65 minutes (Novices)

Gives the tools needed in gaining the Light and attainment including concentration, visualization, and meditation with exercises, etc. Reveals the Way through the Path of Initiation now and as in ancient times, etc.


812 The Third Degree (CD 144)

Father Paul (undated), 70 minutes (Life-Vowed)

Teaches the principles of Initiation; life in all things; cosmic consciousness pervading all things; spiritual sight; White Brotherhood; evolution of the earth; effects of radiation on people and the planet.


813 Initiation (CD 145 and 146)

Father Paul (undated), 80 minutes (Students)

Gives a good foundation in the understanding of Initiation. The giving over of the will; race characteristics; tools of initiation in churches today; the processes of initiation and outlines the various initiations.


814 Initiation and Rituals (CD 146-2)

Father Paul (undated), 65 minutes (Students)

Teaches the way of initiation in relation to man’s life. Shows the use of initiation in mystery schools, orders, etc.


815 Self: Assumption, Comprehension, Realization (CD 147)

Father Paul 8/13/68, 65 minutes (Life-Vowed)

Speaks about man’s place in Creation; his use of the natural laws in running his life; the workings of love; power available to man and forces in the body. Using these in healing; eyes and seeing.


816 God Realization (CD 148)

Father Paul (undated), 29 minutes (Life-Vowed)

Gives the mystical principles associated with the attainment of the God Realization and the various experiences involved in the Path of Initiation.


817 Ascension and Man (CD 149)

Father Paul (undated), 50 minutes (Life-Vowed)

Talks about the preparation for the Ascension; building of new body; mind control/spiritual development; matter, spirit and atomic structure; rhythm and harmony; etc.


818a Ascension (CD 148)

Father Paul (undated), 30 minutes (Life-Vowed)

Tells of the Master’s ascension and his work with the Apostles then; their receiving of the Holy Spirit; gives several other facets of Jesus’ life, mission, etc.


818b Celebration of the Ascension (CD 150)

Father Paul (undated), 18 minutes (Life-Vowed)

This service dedicates the memory of our Lord as he ascends.


819a Martinist Order (CD 148)

Father Paul 4/10/70, 8 minutes (Life-Vowed)

Goes into founding of Martinist Order and background of Spanish mystic Martinez Pasquale, its founder. Gives background of initiation through the ancient mystery schools. Jesuss’ Disciples up through the present-day work in the Holy Order of MANS.


819b Teaching and Initiation (CD 150)

Father Paul (undated), 56 minutes (Priest)

This portion of a class for priests covers the mission of life for an incarnation, methods of teaching students and some advise in the administration of initiations.


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