The Mystical Life of Jesus vs. Logic

22 Jul

The Mystical Life of Jesus vs. Logic

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November 2, 1969 (tape 203, CD 20)

You know, there are many going out into the field and certain things have arisen in our life, in our training. There are many who would seek to block the reality. I’m going to talk on the Mystic Jesus, the great reality as it really is.

One of the things that you are going to meet in the field of missionary work and the preaching, the talking, the teaching is that we find some of these great minds out here whom have the most wonderful logic in the world. I have many books in my personal library that are based on logic. Ouspenski, for instance, who has tremendous logic and tremendous wisdom; but it is logic. It is correct from a standpoint of logic.

One of the young seminarians presented me with a book called “The Mystery Man of the Bible.” It is a little book, well prepared, the English and everything is good in it, the logic is perfect in it but it is a stumbling block to any man that wishes to serve man. For two reasons: The man was a very learned man who wrote it from a literary standpoint. But he did not know or understand creation and he did not understand the mystic Jesus.

And this is why this morning I have taken the occasion by the pleasure of our good young preacher here, and priests, to bring out a few things which you are going to meet with in the field. To begin with, where any church, any order or any Christian who knows that Jesus Christ lived, that the Christos is a reality in this solar system and that there is a great intelligence which is at the foundation of it, give it what name you may, this matters not of its creation. If a power is in action and a force works, is produced, that work may be accomplished, we know it’s there. And this is the stumbling block of many of our brilliant people today whom are historians, so to speak, and many other very fine professors of English, History, Logistics and so forth.

They forget one thing: That the power of God does not need a system to work from outside of the original creative way in which the Father created it. That the infinite power and base of which everything is made may do, may correct and may heal, may bring into existence anything or any mission or missionary when it needs it.

And then they disregard one other thing: That there are those of us who have lived before and know it and there are those of us whom are willing to return into a flesh body to serve man and to bring about the things that are necessary for his good comfort and his good life in accordance with creation. They disregard this and they disregard the fact that there is a Host of Teachers that exist and come into this earth, into even dense form occasionally, that have lived before and have seen many of the things that happened during the time of our Master and when he lived here. Aside from that even, the fact that they can speak to us, those who have departed and who have been the great Teachers and Apostles of our Lord because there is life after transition and we know it. We don’t just believe it, we know it. And these people do not. And so they depend upon their logic to carry out their ideas.

And one of the things that our young missionaries will meet is just such things as are in this particular book which I very cheerfully and joyously always step aside for and let the other man deny himself. Because when we deny the Christ, when we deny Jesus, we deny ourselves. Because that power and that force, without it we have no life. I’m going to read just a few, one or two of these little excerpts without any long discourse, but I had to expose this thing because I know that these are abroad and I know that you are going to meet hundreds of these. I’ve got hundreds of them upstairs, around somewhere in this place, and I love to have them because they create dissension, in a sense, and this brings out the truth then.

So the very fact that this individual is trying to destroy the image of the Master whom did live and whom I have seen many times since, and not in any dream either, he is creating a stronger image of Him, through his negation because a negative power when it has spent itself becomes a more positive power than ever before.

(Excerpt from “The Mystery Man of the Bible”) “There is not a passage in the Jewish scripture declaring that a child should be born of a virgin. The word ‘virgin’ translated does not mean a virgin in the accepted literal sense of the term, and a fact that is stated in the Catholic Encyclopedia. It means a young woman whether married or not.”

This to me is a point of idiocy. Because medical history shows children born of woman who has had no physical intercourse with man. And this is no point of strength to deny the testament. I wouldn’t even give this any further acknowledgement because this is just plain stupidity. From the mystic standpoint of view it certainly is. If you are talking about a battle of words and letters then that is your business, and you can go along with it. But this is only the thing which has brought about the confusion in our world today. We have tried to battle words rather than trying to seek experience which we would know and I guarantee if you seek experience of the great Christ force you’ll know it when you’ve had it. You won’t have to ask any dictionary whether you’ve got it or not.

(Reading from “The Mystery Man of the Bible”): “Here the evidence is preserved and rendered plain that the Druids of Gaul, Germany, Britain, Ireland and Scandinavia had a trinity of which Thau, of the pre-Egyptian times which was the Supreme God. Thesis the human executor of the will of the First and Velanus the solar light and heat through which all life was delivered, was believed to have originated and to be preserved.”

If this man was a mystic he would know, in the first place, that there were no druids in Germany . There were great mystics that came there but they didn’t come from the druids. In fact, it was some of the Gaul people and also the people from Scandinavia whom were the great sailors of the sea and went out to conquer many things and many places and many people and they were a bloody lot, believe me, that went into northern England and were constantly attacking them. And this was one of the great problems that King Arthur had in his time even as late as that.

And he (the author) speaks here of Egypt and the name they had given to God. This was back before the times of Gaul even before the Gaelic people were organized. Because the time of the Egyptian origin as far as we can trace it back is better than 4,500 years ago. Because the Masonic Order started in its origin about 3,500 to 3,800 years ago in the original teachings. The organization now, that’s a different thing – but it’s the same thing projected but in it’s basic root and origin, this is when it started, when they started to lop off the heads of the mystics and they went underground and so the Masonic Order was then founded for the purpose of preserving the truth on the surface in a secret order. And this happened long years before Jesus was ever thought about except by the great mystics and except by the great Teachers. And so this man is way off base and knows nothing of history as far as the mystic records are concerned. He goes on to say in another place, and I’m just relating these things so that you can see what can happen from pure logic. “All literature of the first three centuries A.D. had to pass through the censorship and censorial hands of such Christian authorities as Pope Sylvester, Esibus and their co-adjusters successors who from the 4th century to the time of the art of printing ended it were engaged in interpolating and distorting and forging and mutilating and destroying all traces of evidence which were within their reach that might reveal the true origin and nature of Christianity.”

Here’s a very interesting thing. Christianity was here before Jesus was here. Many centuries, many centuries. Christianity didn’t start with Jesus and nobody ever said it did. Because the Christos was worshipped and worked with fully 2,000 years that we have record of. But you see, the author was not a mystic trained man. He had not been trained by the great Teachers, so he would not know that long before Jesus ever came to earth, the Essenes, the Rosicrucians, the orders of the Martinists, the orders of many others which I could dig up were here and were teaching Christ, the Christos. So I don’t think very well that these people down here four centuries A.D. had very much chance of destroying those records.

And just as an off-light on this, during World War II our adversary, Adolph Hitler, our presumed to be adversary, thought that he was going to destroy things too. I happen to know a little something about this; that’s why I mention it. He went through Germany and broke up all of the lodges that he could get his hands on. He destroyed 25 or 30 or better lodges of the Rosicrucians in France and in Germany . He burned every book he could get his hands on and he said, “Well, I’ve done the job, fine. That’s the end of that.” So the next year we took in fifteen tons of books into Germany and distributed them throughout the lodges that were meeting in the cellars. You can’t destroy truth that easy, you know. There’s no man can do it. There’s no man can do it. I know this happened.

This is the ridiculousness of people whom wish to make themselves well known. Now this man is an intelligent man but he has never gained his intelligence from the source of wisdom. He is an intellectual person with great schooling; this we give him credit for. But he is taking everything from a purely logical historic standpoint of view and has no access to the records and the realities which were very carefully preserved and always have been.

It is like an incident which happened right here. We had a young man who was going out into the world who has a special mission to perform. You’ll hear from him one of these days. And it was not in accordance with our laws of this Order that he should be ordained at a certain time because he hadn’t covered certain things. And one evening, the Master stepped in and said, “You ordain him. I’ll teach him.” We talked it over and we sat in Council for about twelve hours. Well, there was only one answer we could come up with, but we wanted to convince ourselves that we were doing the right thing. We weren’t out to convince somebody else. We had to convince ourselves that we weren’t wrong in this way. We did, and he was fully taken care of. Before he was ordained he met every requirement before he was given the revelations and the information and the things that were necessary for him to know and to be able to accomplish. This isn’t logical – it can’t happen – but it does.

And the longer you follow the path of the divine Way to Light and our Lord Jesus, or Buddha, it’s all right to love Buddha and read Buddha but you have to have acknowledged the Lord of this Earth. This is necessary. But the longer you follow the path of God and the Way of God the more you will eliminate from your language, from your dictionary, the word ‘impossible’. All things are possible. Because that’s the way the few Laws, and there are darn few, believe me. There are few, very few. And the simplicity with which they are built up, that all things are possible.

And we learn this: the longer we travel this route, and the longer we travel it the more we look at those whom deny us and smile, and say, ‘God love you, brother, because you’re going to travel the same route. If you don’t travel it this time you’ll travel it the next anyway’. Because when you get to one place then there’s only one path and that’s the path light, the path of wisdom and the path of Self. It is not Catholic, it is not Protestant, it is not Jewish, it is not Mohammedan, it is not Buddhist, it is not anything. It is just the Way of Life and we all reach it sometime or other no matter how we fight to keep away from it. But sometime or other we will reach it and it is the all encompassing brotherhood of man.

In the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.