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Book of Activity (1300 series)

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1301A Book of Activity, Chapter 1: 1-7, Activity (CD 191)
Father Paul 5/13/73 56 minutes (Novices)
This first Book of Activity class teaches self-mastery; law of activity and prayer. Also the responsibility of using the Law in right action and the example we have to set. Principle of epigenesis.


1301D Book of Activity, Chapter 2: 11-13 (CD 192)
Father Paul 6/2/73 54 minutes (Novices)
Father talks about how to help man; what success really is; our receiving what we’ve earned or need; speaking in tongues; function and nature of the heart. Gives some of the reality and function of the Grail and the work of the Order.


1301E Book of Activity, Chapter 2: 14, Not Just Philosophy (CD 193)
Father Paul 6/9/73 23 minutes (Novices)
The New Heaven and the New Earth; the working of the Law and the Word. Contacting the Father first in prayer.


1301F Book of Activity, Chapter 2: 15-17, Order Striving (CD 193)
Father Paul 6/16/73 42 minutes (Novices)
Talks about the rarity of the Order as bearers of the Light. Working with the Light – becoming totally conscious of it and its effect on the world.


1301G Book of Activity, Chapter 2: 17-23, Thy Word (CD 194)
Father Paul 6/22/73 37 minutes (Novices)
Talks about using our Word and authority so that it stands and can’t be changed by others; those who come to the Order and the strength of the contact with the Order.


1301H Book of Activity, Chapter 3: 1-4, The Unseen Work (CD 194)
Father Paul 6/30/73 34 minutes (Disciples)
Using the tools we’re given; gives the reality of life and really living it. Use of prayer and manifesting the joy of life in all things.


1301i-1 Book of Activity, Chapter 3: 3-5 (CD 195)
Father Paul 7/7/73 26 minutes (Novices)
Reality of holiness in God’s Creation and our everyday life. The varieties of service and having the capability to serve in any capacity. Observation and testing things.


1301i-2 Revelation on Fasting (CD 195)
Father Paul 7/7/73 15 minutes (Novices)
Gives some information from a Revelation on fasting.


1301J Book of Activity, Chapter 3: 5-9, Lay Brothers (CD 196)
Father Paul 7/14/73 38 minutes (Novices)
Shows the role of the Christian Communities in bringing the teachings; working with the Self; marriage and service; what fear really is.


1301L Book of Activity, Chapter 4: 2-3, 6-10, Beatitudes (CD 197)
Father Paul 7/28/73 38 minutes (Novices)
Talks about the direction and purpose of the spiritual striving in the Order. What teaching is and how it works.


1301N Book of Activity, Chapter 6: 1-9, I am the Way (CD 195)
Father Paul 8/11/73 30 minutes (Novices)
Teaches Jesus Christ showing the Way; his ascension, or work in showing the Way as we travel it; the heaven world and transition – effects of your acceptance.


1301O Book of Activity, Chapter 5: 1-7 (CD 198)
Father Paul 9/1/73 36 minutes (Novices)
Being like the Master through real experience rather than other substitutes. Giving the teachings out in simplicity.


1301S Book of Activity, Chapter 8: 16-20 (CD 199)
Father Paul 9/22/73 37 minutes (Novices)
Teaches giving and receiving of the Word in simplicity as a key to communication and spiritual development. How to really know Jesus Christ; the real Brotherhood in the Order through Christ.


1301T Book of Activity, Chapter 2 (CD 200)
Mother Ruth 4/27/74 12 minutes (Novices)
Mother Ruth addresses the Order in this tape given shortly after Father Paul’s transition, giving the guidance and perspective needed at this time; the taking on of the Order and our spiritual responsibilities more fully.


1301U Book of Activity, Chapter 6: 1-2, Half Blind Eyes (not available)
Father Paul 10/6/73 17 minutes (Novices)
Following the Way of Jesus Christ; going through him to the Father; getting past earthly limitations; etc.


1301W Book of Activity, Chapter 8: 6-9, Brotherhood (CD 200)
Father Paul 10/20/73 34 minutes (Novices)
Talks about the spiritual parallel of eating and the use of discretion with whom we eat; shows true Brotherhood; working with the Light and Illumination.


1301X Book of Activity, Chapter 8: 10-19 (CD 201)
Father Paul 10/27/73 33 minutes (Novices)
Teaches the use and function of silence in seeking God; how we are the children of our Father; giving the teachings forth in simplicity and openness to all; working with the Light, etc.


1301Y Book of Activity, Chapter 10: 5-8 (CD 202)
Father Paul 11/3/73 35 minutes (Novices)
Shows how we must guard against those of the darkness and remove them when necessary; the reality and proper use of pride; and gives some of the things to come.


1301Z Book of God, Chapter 5 (CD 203)
Father Paul 11/16/73 25 minutes (Novices)
Reveals the experience of the darkness prior to receiving the Light; taking on responsibility for our own lives, not always putting the blame on God.


1301AA Book of Activity, Chapter 10: 10-11 (CD 196)
Father Paul 11/24/73 20 minutes (Novices)
Tells about the real work of giving the light forth and what is actually accomplished; love and giving, working together; etc.


1301AB Book of God, Chapter 4 (CD 197)
Father Paul 12/1/73 28 minutes (Novices)
Holy Days and their use and function; being receptive to the higher realms of function for direction and guidance; joy of the Spirit.


1301AC Book of God, Chapter 2: 1-6 (CD 198)
Father Paul 12/15/73 26 minutes (Novices)
Talks about the reality of karma and the grace of Jesus Christ which through our activity, removes all karma.


1301AD Book of Man, Chapter 3: 15-16 (CD 199)
Father Paul 1/5/74 29 minutes (Novices)
Holy Days and their use and function; being receptive to the higher realms of function for direction and guidance; joy of the Spirit.


1301AE Book of Activity, Chapter 10: 3, The Promise (CD 200)
Father Paul 3/16/74 24 minutes (Novices)
Talks about understanding the teachings we’ve got and not trying to get hold of all sorts of other ‘higher’ teachings we’re not ready for, eastern teachings we don’t understand, etc.


1301AF Book of Activity, Chapter 7: 7-9, Healing (not available)
Father Paul 1/19/74 16 minutes (Novices)
Shows how through our work of teaching, etc. we are healing people; but working with those who are willing; gives a little bit on exorcism.


1301AG Book of God, Chapter 1 (CD 201)
Father Paul 1/26/74 24 minutes (Novices)
Talks about the unity of Brotherhood; the reality of individuality and ego; spiritual attainment; recognizing God in one another.


1301AI Book of Judgement, Chapter 1: 11-13 (CD 202)
Father Paul 2/9/74 24 minutes (Novices)
The reality of self-judgement; individuality; stewardship of the earth; being ourselves; giving the teachings in their pure form without adding other things, etc.


1301AJ Book of Activity, Chapter 4: 1-7, Beatitudes (CD 204)
Father Paul 2/16/74 34 minutes (Novices)
Father tells a little bit about the Grail; goes into prayer and activity, real giving, value of silence, appreciation of spiritual gifts, and self-mastery.


1301AK Book of Woman, Chapter 1: 1-7 (CD 204)
Father Paul 2/23/74 23 minutes (Novices)
Father addresses the Sisters directly; talks about true beauty; gives insight into the female aspect and woman’s spiritual development.


1301AL Book of Man, Chapter 3: 1-3 (CD 203)
Father Paul 3/30/74 30 minutes (Novices)
Shows how man can truly be free by the Light of Christ, letting go of the past and spiritual development; taking on the Mind of Christ and the real brotherhood of the Holy Family.


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