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Other (Miscellaneous, 1200 series)

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1201 Three Tidbits from Father Paul (CD 178)
Father Paul (undated), 13 minutes (Novices)
Talks about joy and how it is attained; gives several other ‘spiritual tips’ on living life.


1202 Holy Season (CD 179)
Father Paul 10/13/73, 26 minutes (Novices)
Father gives the guidelines for the coming Holy Season; from Advent through Ascension; taking on inner discipline; working with people, etc.


1203 Among the Adepts (CD 178)
Father Paul 8/29/68, 47 minutes (Life-Vowed)
A treatise pertaining to the adepts, their abilities and powers, etc. Alchemy and the Philosopher’s Stone. Also the lives of some of the famous adepts are examined.


1204 Angels (CD 180)
Father Paul (undated), 51 minutes (Students)
Shows the principles of growth from lower to a higher level. Tells of the reality of angels; their nature and function; orders of angels. Gives some things on the nature of the Christ, work of the archangels and contacting higher beings.


1205 Ordination of a Teacher: Rt. Rev. John McCaffery (CD 179)
Father Paul 1970, 28 minutes (Life-Vowed)
Master Philip is ordained by Father


1206 Vows of a Sister Teacher: Rev. Josephine Shaffer, S.T. (CD 180)
Father Paul (undated), 14 minutes (Life-Vowed)
Father gives the Sr. Teacher Vows to Rev. Josephine.


1212 Address to Dr. Sam’s Group (Sufis) (CD 179)
Father Paul (undated), 16 minutes (Life-Vowed)
Father Paul speaks of his friendship with Dr. Sam and of his life and work. He stresses the recognition of the Christ Light as a universal reality and urged all to take it on.


1213A Lecture 1: I Corinthians 13 and 14, Love (CD 181)
Dr. Sam Lewis 7/18/70, 54 minutes (Life-Vowed)
This lecture shows how you get what you ask for. Goes through the Scripture in Corinthians and explains them with many insights; including some comments about the world situation, etc.


1213B Lecture 2: I Corinthians, Being of One Mind (CD 182)
Dr. Sam Lewis 7/25/70, 53 minutes (Life-Vowed)
Dr. Sam delivers a commentary on the problems in society and finding Christ. Then goes into teaching St. Paul as a sort of physician to the early Churches. Includes teachings on several other subjects.


1213C Lecture 3: I Corinthians 2, The Testimony of God (CD 183)
Dr. Sam Lewis 8/1/70, 49 minutes (Life-Vowed)
Teaches how St. Paul taught the higher levels, Spirit/pneuma, and the three bodies in man; that man has the Mind of Christ.


1213D Lecture 4: I Corinthians 2-3, Having the Mind of Christ (CD 184)
Dr. Sam Lewis 8/8/70, 52 minutes (Life-Vowed)
Talks about taking on the Mind of Christ; real communication; true peace and how to achieve it; meditation and prayer, etc.


1213E Lecture 5: I Corinthians 10-12, Be Ye followers of Me (CD 185)
Dr. Sam Lewis 8/15/70, 42 minutes (Life-Vowed)
Teaches Corinthians from the standpoint of Indian philosophy; the Kabala; the Greek, etc. Shows these things in application to world problems. The role of women and function of compassion.


1213F Lecture 6: I Corinthians 12-13, Service and Spiritual Gifts (CD 186)
Dr. Sam Lewis 8/22/70, 61 minutes (Life-Vowed)
Brings out what a true spiritual person is; service and spiritual gifts are shown through wisdom, spiritual experience, etc. Talks about saints; the One Body of Christ, etc.


1213G Lecture 7: I Corinthians 13, Love (CD 187)
Dr. Sam Lewis 8/29/70, 55 minutes (Life-Vowed)
Dr. Sam speaks out on the reality of universal love and St. Paul’s Epistles to the Corinthians on love. Shows how this is becoming manifest in the world; in us; Light in man; the betrayal of Jesus; temptation, prayer, etc.


1213H Lecture 8: I Corinthians 15-16, I Die Daily (CD 188)
Dr. Sam Lewis 9/5/70, 38 minutes (Life-Vowed)
Drawing from the Corinthians, Dr. Sam teaches the experience of Christ and God; the higher realms; Christ’s resurrection; etc.


1213I Lecture 9: I Corinthians 15 (CD 189)
Dr. Sam Lewis 9/12/70, 45 minutes (Life-Vowed)
Taking on the Mind of Christ and what that truly is; the Soul and the higher planes available to man; resurrection of the body; etc.


1213J Lecture 10: I Corinthians 15-16, Victory Over Death (CD 188)
Dr. Sam Lewis 9/19/70, 30 minutes (Life-Vowed)
Shows the Glory of God and man; man’s resurrection; New Age Brotherhood, etc.


1215 On This Holy Season (CD 190)
Father Paul 1/12/74, 25 minutes (Novices)
More on the Holy Season; the reality of Jesus Christ’s experience and work now; how to contact the Master; preparation for Easter.


1216 Revelation of You (CD 190)
Father Paul 3/9/74, 22 minutes (Novices)
Spiritual development and use of the word correctly; preparation for the Lenten Season.


1217 Evolution of the Church (not available)
Rt. Rev. Ofeish (Eastern Orthodox) 5/31/74, 84 minutes (Life-Vowed)
Gives brief rundown of the Old Testament filled with good insights as to how it evolved, etc. Goes through the formation and evolution of the Christian Church, start of the Orthodox Church, etc. Has a lot of material on world history and the Jewish race, too.


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